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  1. No junior suites do NOT qualify for the special queue for suites unfortunately --- and it did take us almost three hours for embarkation which was crazy!!  Passengers who had booked through tour itineraries were taken before the rest of us.

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  2. We did not do the dinner cruise but we did go on the cruise to Istanbul.  We took the included Bospherus River cruise and then had dinner on our own in town.  There are tons of excellent restaurants in Istanbul to choose from and we really wanted to try some really good local cuisine.  If we had done the included river cruise and then a dinner cruise it would have been too much for us.  

  3. We had a junior suite on the Crystal.  While the junior suite did not give any priority boarding or sparkling champagne or concierge service, we were very happy with our cabin.  It was definitely larger than the next grade down and we loved having a balcony especially as we sailed the Greek islands.  I also felt the location of our cabin was very good, easy to get to the dining areas and entertainment, yet quiet.  I hope this helps!!

  4. We were on the Crystal just a couple of months ago.  Our itinerary was the Eclectic Aegean with a stop in Istanbul. We were quite happy with our cruise.  We booked a junior suite which was the best thing we did.  The room was about the size of a balcony room on other ships, and we loved our balcony.  Do not expect endless buffets, but good enough food.  The itinerary is port intensive so try the local food.  We booked several private tours and we made sure we were ready early and got off the ship before the ships tours.  It was easy.  If you have any specific questions please do ask!

  5. We just sailed in October.  Once we docked it took about 1 1/2 hours to clear the ship and unload the luggage.  Once passengers were allowed to get off, we were one of the first.  They allow passengers off depending on where they are seated.  We were in the theater (sorry I can not remember the name) where the evening shows were held and that happened to be the first place the crew came to.  I guess we got lucky.  Once we got off it was very easy - no customs, just pick up your bags and walk out!  

  6. Hello, my husband and I are booked on the Celestyal Crystal October 21 for their Eclectic Aegean 7 day cruise.  I have a couple of questions.


    We are docking in Santorini from 7 AM to 1 PM and then sail to Mykonos and docking there at 7 PM the same day and departing at 2 AM that night heading to Athens.  I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a good chance we might dock earlier than 7 PM in Mykonos?  Also, I am disappointed that we will be in Mykonos only at night.  Will it be worth it for us to disembark there and spend the next day in Mykonos and return to Athens on our own the following evening?  Is this easy to do?  We were planning to stay in Athens for four nights after our cruise any way so we can easily do this if we wanted.  


    Thank you all for your help!

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