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  1. There are no "climb waterfalls with ropes and guides" tours in El Yunque National Forest. There are tours like that, typically full-day excursions, in and around other forests, rivers, and falls around the island, offered by numerous companies.


    Since I live here, CC rules don't permit me to name companies nor tour guides.


    Google some combination of "puerto rico river trekking waterfall rappel" and you'll find info.

  2. El Con Resort is on a cliff ... and as such does not have a beach. To get around that, they lease part of a private island for their guests to use. The resort provides complimentary transportation between the island and the resort. The island is for the use of El Con guests, only.


    There are snorkel tours that go to the uninhabited island of Icacos ... 2 islands up the chain from Palamino.


    Icacos is managed by the PR Dept of Natural Resources.

  3. Sunset in December is 5:45pm ... it doesn't vary much here ... sunset in summer is 7pm.


    El Yunque National Forest closes at 6pm, year-round.


    It takes about 1 hour to drive OSJ to El Yunque ... taxi won't work, they can't go into the Forest. So need to rent a car or take a tour.


    Recommend allowing at least 4 hours to "see" the forest (though a allowing a couple days is better). El Yunque is my backyard (literally), and in 13 years of living here we're still finding new things to see there!

  4. Do your research on the CDC web site. The specific mosquito that transmits zika (CHIKV and dengue) lives in urban areas, primarily snacks on humans, and bites during the day (not at night). Anywhere there is standing water, there is the possibility of a breeding ground. DEET is your best defense.

  5. There is only one company that goes into the Fajardo biobay (Laguna Grande) on Sunday. As a condition of their permit to run tours in the biobay, each company had to choose 1 night to not operate ... most chose to not work on Sunday.

  6. There is no company here called "West Wind Catamaran".

    The tour that was described (from Fajardo to Vieques and back in same night) is not currently (nor for the foreseeable future) being offered, due to permitting issues.

  7. EIE has been unable to renew their permits that allow them to dock their boat in Vieques ... that's why they are no longer offering the Vieques biobay tour. They have no idea when (or if) they will get the necessary permits.

    For now, the only way to visit Mosquito Bay in Vieques is to spend the night in Vieques.

    Back in the Fajardo biobay (laguna grande) there are 2 operators who offer electric boats.

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