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  1. I don’t know the price of the internet package but I have heard it is quite high. Can you buy it day to day or is it an all or none package? And if we don’t want to purchase it, does anyone know if there are internet cafés near the ports in San Juan, St. Thomas and St.Maarten? . Would prefer to use cash in internet cafes. Will they take US Dollars? Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Does anyone have suggestions for private excursions? Being August, I would only want to go with an air-conditioned vehicle. Our ports are San Juan, St. Thomas and St.Maarten. In my experience, in some ports there are a line of taxi’s waiting when you disembark. Is this the case in any of these ports and if so, what are the thoughts about safety?

  3. We will be in Stockholm on July 4 from the Emerald Princess at the Stadsgarden docks. We arrive at 7 and sail away at 2. It is our last port. We will be tired and it will be our last chance to shop. My current thinking is to go to the NK and to the Stockholm IKEA. Any suggestions how I would best organize this? Any help is much appreciated.

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