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  1. hiya,

    I received a link to this thread after I posted a thread asking if wearing the kilt was suitable for a formal night.

    As a Scot, I don't think it matters one tiny bit where the wearer is from or what colour they are. Build is all important, tall slim men rarely look good in a kilt, I may be biased here but my hubby looks fab in his kilt, He is 6'2" and 16 stone ;)

    Choosing a tartan is very hit and miss also, even for Scots as most of us will find we are connected with more than one Clan so have a few different ones to choose from. I could choose from McKinnon or Farquharson and my hubby can have Campbell or McNaughton ( he chooses to wear ancient McNaughton ) but that is exactly what it is a CHOICE.

    At the moment there are hundreds of tartans, some are recognised some aren't. The Scottish Rugby team has its own tartan, as do Rangers and Celtic football clubs, there is also a very widely advertised company who sell a kilt which is blue with the saltire across the back.

    It personal choice and everyone has an opinion.


    I am pleased to learn that Dh will be ok to wear his kilt on the formal nights as he doesn't get the opportunity to wear it very often and he isn't too keen on wearing a regular dinner suit.


    Repsol Rod, I hope you do decide to wear the kilt and enjoy it

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