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  1. Host Clarea

    Free laundry for diamond plus?

    You may not get the letter than mentions shorter cruises since yours is 7 nights.
  2. Host Clarea

    Changing to MTD

    I'd email rcldining@rccl.com about 3 weeks before the cruise to request your own table.
  3. Royal brought Empress back from Pulmantur to do the Cuba runs. Since it was going to sail from US ports, it had to comply with US Dept of Public Health standards. It had not been to the US in many years, so there was much work to do. They got into the kitchens and found them so badly infested that they ripped them out completely and redid them. Took a bunch of money away from the upgrades to Jewel and Majesty. Majesty lost Chops, Jewel lost the pub and Park Cafe. Beware the crunchy chocolate covered "Chef's Choice Amenity"!
  4. The problem is that ship's time cannot be reliably predicted pre-cruise. Captain makes that choice, which can be different cruise to cruise.
  5. Host Clarea

    Free laundry for diamond plus?

    You're welcome.
  6. Host Clarea

    Free laundry for diamond plus?

    Each D+ (and above) member gets one free wash& fold bag per cruise.
  7. Host Clarea

    Separate Check-In...

    Yes, just be sure each person has a copy of the SetSail pass.
  8. Host Clarea

    Royal Up Offers & Winners

    Not a bad deal for balcony to GS.
  9. Host Clarea

    Woo Hoo We made it...

    Yeah, water is the default choice. Alcoholic beverage choices are added at D+.
  10. Host Clarea

    Woo Hoo We made it...

    Soft drink in the stateroom when you arrive, that used to be selectable on Royal's website, but now must be selected by phone call since the last website improvement.
  11. Host Clarea

    Bags VIP

    If you will be retrieving your bags at the final destination airport, then I'd put on the cruise tags then. If this service retrieves your bags and sends them directly to the ship, then the cruise tags have to be on the bags before the flight.
  12. Host Clarea

    RCCL refresher!

    Not anymore.