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  1. Host Clarea

    Carry On Soda and Water

    All luggage goes through scanners. If they see something on the scan that they cannot identify to their satisfaction, they will ask you to open the luggage so they can inspect.
  2. Host Clarea

    Adventure of the Seas questions

    They have charged for a table and chairs on the Royal Promenade during the NYE party. I think they might throw in some bubbly too.
  3. Host Clarea

    Ultimate Dining Package Questions

    No, the dining package excludes hibachi, no credit given.
  4. Host Clarea

    Majesty of the Seas

    There are no show reservations on Majesty. The only specialty restaurants are Chef's Table and Johnny Rockets.
  5. Host Clarea

    Disembark Quickly

    You get in the self-assist line with all your bags, and walk off the ship when directed. You will get a letter in your stateroom with details. If you are first in the self-assist line, you can be off the ship 5 minutes after they are cleared for disembarkation.
  6. Thanks for this Ken, I had not realized that group space could not be booked with the NRD option.
  7. Host Clarea

    On board credit as a gift

    This is too complicated, better to just call as suggested and have it done in one shot.
  8. Host Clarea

    Jewel Nov 5th TA

    It's still great fun! Where else would we find that there's a place called Perth in Scotland?
  9. My understanding was that were was an outlet near the bed in all Oasis class staterooms.
  10. Host Clarea

    Non-Refundable Deposit Question

    I thought I read that if the 3rd person cancels, their deposit gets added to the outstanding balance of the other guests.
  11. I know CC membership is their intended audience, but Royal's M&M sign up does not validate any of the info provided beyond names, ship & sailing date, and booking number.
  12. Host Clarea

    Early Flight from Ft.Lauderdale

  13. No refund, but you can still use your comp hours on board if you have more devices you would like to connect than your package allows.
  14. Host Clarea

    Royal Carribean Drink Package

    They may possibly let you get the soda package for your fiance once onboard, but that is not commonly done pre-cruise.
  15. Host Clarea

    Adventure of the Seas questions

    They will celebrate New Year's Eve / midnight on the Royal Promenade. They may even charge extra for chairs and a table.