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  1. Funny, but I'm thinking they do it onboard. Some ships used to give high point cruisers crew badges.
  2. Most recent I can find: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2632346-allure-compasses-st-maarten-san-juan-labadee-jan-27-to-feb-2-2019
  3. Email the concierge yourself: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Pz4Im5qh4cqd1zE5A9srLm3wGd0_SNZwTdbLTa59EF4/edit#gid=0
  4. Yes, Royal has transfers from FLL to PortMiami. Cost is around $30 per person. Contact Royal for reservations.
  5. Not steal, just leave them on the beach. We were at St. Croix once, only ship docked there, with a beach right next to the dock. As we were leaving, we could see a sea of blue towels left on the beach. The Revenue manager said to us later that he had run through his annual budget for towels in 2 months. The pool towel fee was re-instituted a few months later.
  6. You can change / add reservations once onboard, pending space availability. You cannot make any specific restaruant reservations pre-cruise. If you must dine in a specific restaurant on a specific date/time, then you should pay full price for that restaurant so you can make your reservations pre-cruise. If you are flexible with your timing, and you go to a specialty restaurant as soon as you board to make reservations for the entire cruise, then you should be OK.
  7. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be Cruise Critic without it.
  8. Your meeting time and place will be on your excursion tickets. They will likely have you assemble someplace, like the main theater, and you will be escorted off.
  9. Cans of soda run around $4 (USD) including gratuity.
  10. You will get off the ship faster than most who are using the standard luggage service, but it will be after the self-assist people.
  11. My recollection was that it was mostly Serenade from Ft. Lauderdale, though Explorer did do that route a very few times from Port Canaveral. I'd also love to see those choices again.
  12. I could see tht might be the case if there were occasional IT issues, but Royal's IT issues are constant. I cannot figure out why they let this go on for so long. All I can come up with is that their website has defensive programming so automated bots cannot easily get prices, and the defensive programming is causing issues.
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