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  1. If you can think of any questions let me know. Especially about Charleston. Since I live here I can give you some insights.


    Would love to have info re hotels in the historic area. We have never been to Charleston and are going to spend a couple of days pre cruise. Hotels in the historic area are very expensive but we would like to walk if possible to areas of interest.


    Also am trying to make air reservations and wonder how easy is to get to the airport, so we can decide how early we can book a flight after returning from the cruise.


    Loving this thread, thanks.

  2. My first cruise was aboard NCL's Song of Norway. A first cruise on a historical ship for the cruise industry.



    That was also our first cruise also. Was blown away and cried when thay told me I had to leave. What a wonderful ship and yes we were hooked.

  3. we booked a mediterrean cruise 6 mths in advance. after finding the cruise critic boards and reading about military discounts i called our travel agent and requested they check to see if we could get the discount. we were given a $1500 obc. i was shocked and even more shocked when we closed our on board account that were given a cash refund on the obc that was not used. we have never gotten that kind of discount since. i am guessing that we really were overpaid for that cruise. i always ask for the military discount but it has not been very much less, maybe $50 or less.

  4. i do not understand the purpose of using a ta. i have booked with a ta on every cruise and have had no problems. however, this time there were some issues that i had questions about. each time i called my ta, she could not answer my questions. she had to call carnival to get the answer. one issue regarding wether an obc that was given after final payment was not resolved to my satisfaction. it has been back and forth about wether it would be refundable if not used on the cruise. since the amount is quite large, i asked if the ta could get it in writing and she said she could not. why wouldn't i just deal with the cruise line and get answers on the spot?



  5. where will i find info on kimmers?


    i too have been on low carb. i have lost 20 pounds. it has taken a while, the first pounds came off slowly. i eat all the meat, eggs, cheese, salad and dressing i want. nothing "white" seems to be the rule (flour, sugar) or anything with white ingredients.


    the cheese cake idea is great. i will try that since the only carbs in cheese cake is the sugar.

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