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  1. As I have gotten older, my interests have changed. I'm not interested in water slides, climbing walls etc. Due to a health issue, I can't stand in long lines. So, I'm more interested in cruise lines that cater to people with similar interests. That's what I expect to find in this forum.

  2. I think the key here is to discuss your menu with the restaurant manager ahead of time. They will tell you what they have available and will make sure that it is served to you. In fact, once the meal leaves the special kitchen, it is delivered directly to the passenger without changing hands.

  3. I think the biggest problem for you will be if you are listed in the ship manifest under your married name "Mary Smith", and your license shows your maiden name "Mary Jones". If that's the case, bring a copy of your marriage certificate with you.

  4. I've sailed on the Epic and it was just fine (although the bathroom was a tad cozy).


    This is one more reason to join your cruise's roll call and go to the M&G. The Hotel Director will be there, will give you a business card, and will encourage you to contact him if you have any problems.

  5. As one of the "older people", I have to respond. As you age, your ability to eat a lot at one sitting decreases, so you tend to eat more smaller meals. I am often unable to eat dessert after my meal, but know that I will want it a few hours later. What is wrong with my bringing a dessert back to my room?

  6. I can't comment on this particular problem, but I sailed on the Pearl a few years ago with a non-functioning azipod. It slowed us down sufficiently that we really never stopped in Vancouver on the Alaska Inside Passage cruise. Actually, we stopped long enough to clear customs (or whatever) but were not allowed to disembark.


    We were the last scheduled cruise in September. Immediately after our cruise, the ship went to dry dock for repair. My understanding is that emergency dry dock locations are scarce and the ship will go wherever it has to go to be repaired.

  7. Please don't surprise him! I have an irrational fear of heights and I would not appreciate being brought up in a plane and told to jump. You don't mention how old a teen he is, but if it's 16 or younger, you may do more harm to your relationship than good. Teens can be difficult, but the one thing that they need to count on is that they can trust their parents.

  8. Hi Everybody,


    We are travelling over to miami in a few days before we cruise out around the carribean.

    Please tell me the forecast im looking at is not correct, it is saying rain and thunderstorms at the back end of the week. Please tell me my phone is not working correctly. :D


    Is it as bad as im being told it is?


    A big thanks for any help from a worried cruiser who likes sun. :p:p


    Rain in Florida is "tropical". We often have rainstorms that last 15 - 30 minutes. This is not hurricane season, so I would not worry too much. Bring an umbrella and be prepared to stop for refreshments during the brief storms. You should be fine.


    NOTE: if thunderstorms occur, you do not want to be on the beach!

  9. I think your time estimates for travel are OK. Although you should be able to get from Port Canaveral to Disney in under an hour at midday, the return trip could take longer. It's amazing how many traffic problems we have in central Florida. I would ask the town car company where they feel the best drop off/pick up locations is based on traffic patterns.


    It won't affect you, but for others I will warn you that we are beginning a 20-mile upgrade of I-4 which will likely add considerable time to future trips through 2016.

  10. We did the skyride on our own. It is very close to the pier. I expect that the tour operator gets a group discount, so that might explain the lower price. The tour can't possibly take four hours, unless you ate lunch at the top (if memory serves me correctly, there were some refreshments available for purchase). My recollection is that our total time was about 1.5 hrs from the time we left the ship until our return.

  11. I'm so sorry this happened to you. We did a Caribbean cruise last year and this bizarre woman who was not on our roll call turned up at the M&G and also came along on our cabin crawl. First she claimed to be another poster here - someone I know, so I knew it was not her and I called her on it and then she claimed her CC name was something different - BS. Then she was raving over how bad her cabin was and that it was ruining her trip and angling to get people from our roll call to go with her to guest services to get a refund of cruise credit. On and on she raved about this. Next thing you know she was asking various people if they wanted someone to share a suite with them on future cruises. Uh...no and most definitely NOT her. It was obvious she had social, if not psychological issues, had been lurking our roll call and these boards and it was a huge turn off for our group. We were all just trying our best to ignore her. Most disturbingly, when we had the cabin crawl, she turned up for it and would not leave the Owner's Suite at the end of the cabin crawl when everyone else had left. I was so concerned about her behavior that after I got back to my cabin - right after the cabin crawl, I called the people in the Owner's Suite back immediately to make sure she was gone and they did not need me to call security for them. The husband in then Owner's Suite had literally had had to take her by the arm and escort her out of The Haven.


    There are strange people everywhere, but this situation was very worrisome and uncomfortable. It's made me think twice about ever participating in a cabin crawl again.


    When I ran the M&G, I printed name tags with both the CCname and the real first and last name (except for children who had first name only), so that we all knew who was who. If th person was a guest of the cc member, I listed that as well.

  12. I think the roll call interest is proportional to the excitement of the cruise. Certain destinations and new ships will generate more participation. The M&G for my cruise to Alaska on the Pearl was very active - an exciting destination and, at the time, a relatively new ship. The M&G for my last cruise on the Epic was also active - the ship was relatively new and we were enthralled with the entertainment and dining options. I expected a similar level of activity for my upcoming cruise on the Getaway, but that hasn't happened, yet. Admittedly, the Caribbean is not the most exciting destination for many experienced cruisers.


    Many CC members may not be familiar with the benefits of joining the M&G. On my Alaska cruise, one of the members got offered an upgrade to the owner's suite. She took it, and posted on the roll call that her aft balcony was available. I immediately called my TA and got her balcony! During the cruise, she hosted a cocktail party in her suite for those of us who had been active on the roll call and attended the M&G. As part of the M&G, we got to go bowling - definitely something to remember.

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