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  1. The TA got back to us with an agreeable solution or a full refund. We are going to go ahead with the booking. They said that P&O only informed them of the change 2 weeks ago...mmm...would P&O make the same mistake again?? Granted a bit further out this time...not sure who was at fault but it seems to be an ongoing issue.

    Thanks all..disappointed but looking forward to breaking my cruise drought in 2019.


  2. Sorry, I didn’t realise you have OBC and am not sure why it’s not letting you use it.


    You could ring Celebrity first thing tomorrow to see if they can apply your OBC (I’m assuming it’s Celebrity OBC, not travel agent credit).


    In saying that, when does the sale finish? The only evidence I can see of the sale when I log on, is the changed prices. No actual mention of a sale anywhere. I would be keen to know exactly when the 5 days finishes.




    I have a banner across the top of my cruise planner page that says it ends in 43hours, 19 minutes.




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  3. It will come off your credit card now, but you can cancel at a later date should you choose. After booking, recheck the prices every now and then. Based on the exchange rate and any specials, the costs can change - sometimes in your favour. If they go up though, you’ll be pleased you locked them in at a cheaper rate.


    We just cancelled and rebooked our excursions on Friday for a saving of nearly NZ$80. The only downside is that we had to pay for the excursions a second time and need to wait up to 10 business days for the original booking to be refunded.




    Thanks Oskar for the quick response - didn’t want to go crazy booking things and get a shock on the credit card. I did not appear to let me use OBC but before the sale I could, that seems different from other posts here - did I miss something?


    Thanks again.




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  4. Hi sailing on the Solstice from Australia in December 2019. When I log into my cruise planner, I do get the 20% discount, if I continue with the purchase until I can view the terms and conditions it states that I pay for these on my credit card, with Aus dollar (as opposed to seapass onboard) My question is...does this come off my credit card now at booking? Or when we sail? Can I cancel and get a refund if I change my mind closer to the time...it is a long time away.

    Thanks Cruisers,


  5. Oh no..and so it continues. We have had a bit of a cruise drought...just getting back into it now. We have booked Australia Day 2019 cruise to see the fireworks. I just stumbled upon this thread last night. The agent I have booked through had Eden docked until 10:30pm. After seeing this thread I checked P & O and the Port authority have Eden leaving at 5:30pm.


    I have written to the agent to see what their reponse is. We wouldn't have booked if we had known. Should the agent offer OBC (their website still indicates leaving at 10:30pm) and I purchased in good faith or do I need to just suck it up and/or cancel?

    Thanks cruisers - thoughts appreciated,


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