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  1. First I want to say that lots of groups & businesses charter ships and passengers are displaced. It is terrible for the passengers displaced but I do not think the lines will stop chartering anytime soon. I live in Cape Coral & this guy, not dealership, has helped this community in so many ways, not just to the city, but the state as well and several Charities. When he gave away cars people came from all over the state & they had to shut down Pine Island road. When I post something I want to be able to back it up. This is from newspapers after he first arrived here & he is still giving. They cannot all be lying. He is a business man doing wonderful things. He is doing just fine without advertising anywhere, especially here. He is paying back. So blast me if you want, I can take it:D



  2. When I used to fly, I would put the wine in really big zip locks, one each, then wrap each in a thick trash bag and duct tape it!! icon_eek.gif We flew often. Never had a problem. Now we drive over, but I still do it the same way. icon_smile.gif



    7 days on Star Princess 10/24









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