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  1. On 7/11/2023 at 8:34 PM, jdavid said:

    I do tours in Halifax and a Lunenburg day with Peggy’s Cove and Titanic visit is a full day without accounting for rental car pickup and return. There is a rental car agency at Westin close by (12 minute walk) but you would have to check when it opens. A direct a Lunenburg drive from Port is 1 hour 25 minutes (not the coastal route). So if doing this tour I suggest you  go direct to Lunenburg then return with a  Peggy’s visit followed by Titanic cemetery and a drive around citadel hill

    last. This route is taking you back toward the ship. The other thing about renting a car is you have to account for time in finding parking places. A tour could achieve what you want because your driver would pick you up and the take care of parking and know best routes. 



    On Sept. 29th, our ship doesn’t get there until 2:30. Do you know who will be able to accommodate a tour to Peggy’s Cove after our late arrival?

  2. We just returned from the Beyond yesterday. Captain Kate confirmed that the Ascent is identical to Beyond. Just minor tweaks (already mentioned), but no major design, appeal or wow factor changes. Book based on best itinerary and price for your Edge Villa (which we visited as well). You will be VERY HAPPY on either ship!!!

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  3. Hola! Has anyone had experience in being able to pay their tour in advance with a CC with a private company in Jamaica? Or, are payments CASH only once there?

    We are trying to take advantage of our bonus points with our Sapphire card (as well as not have to carry much CASH once in Jamaica), therefore, would prefer to pay in advance.


    Any specific company references appreciated. 

  4. On 12/14/2018 at 5:36 PM, cruisingschool said:

    We are leaving on our Royal Caribbean cruise in a week. We are in Havana for two days. We booked a ship excursion for the first day. We have nothing arranged for day 2 in Havana. Can we just walk around on our own?

    Absolutely - you may just walk around in town. Have fun!

  5. On 11/21/2018 at 3:46 PM, dd&mark said:

    Hello! I read your full review (beautiful website) which was great- thank you for sharing! I was wondering specifically about the cabaret show at the hotel nacional.

    - Since we are cruising to Cuba, do you think we will have trouble purchasing tickets the night of?

    - Do you know if it is possible to purchase in advance?

    - Did you eat dinner and then see the show?

    - Do you leave a tip for the drinks? How much?

    I heard taxis are inexpensive, so I am trying to determine how much money to exchange. We will be there all afternoon/evening, but will have booked a private tour and paid for before we arrive. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!

    Gosh - so sorry - just saw this!!! Thank you for all your compliments!


    1. You will not have trouble purchasing tickets the day of. Go there first though, just to make sure! 

    2. I recommend purchasing in advance on the hotel website. I posted link within my review. 

    3. We are dinner first at hotel grounds. Then the show. 

    4. A couple bucks for drink tips. 10% is customary in Cuba. 

    5. Taxi back to hotel for show, should be no more than 10 CUC each way. 


    Have fun!!!

  6. All great suggestions here and very busy thread. I just spent 3 days this past weekend - land based - and learned so much more than on our cruise last May! I am so much more in love with Cuba, and made many more friends and connections - if it helps any, I have written a FULL review with my 3 days itinerary, prices, recommendations, over 100 pictures and more! Check it out, and if any specific questions I can answer, please feel free to reach out!



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  7. 1 hour ago, o-state girl said:

    Our Blexie Tour was great.  We had Lauren as our tour guide and she spoke awesome English.  Most cars can fit 4 participants plus the driver and the guide for $130 CUCs.


    Yes. That is correct. They do advertise up to 3 people for comfort, however will take 4. Keep in mind, this 4th person will be squeezed between driver and guide in front seat. 

  8. 27 minutes ago, pizzalady1 said:

    I read your blog and looked at your pictures. Thank you for posting. Can you tell me more about :feria". Evidently this is not the same as Almacenes de San Jose, but from your directions it seems to be close. 


    I will upload my video of la Feria tomorrow. In the meantime, it is an extremely well organized covered hangar of sorts, it is air conditioned and you're able to find pretty much anything that will remind you of Cuba. 


    Hundreds of local artists 




  9. 29 minutes ago, momonmeds said:

    Has anyone used Old Car Tours?  I haven't seen many reviews for them.  I will be there in February with my husband and 14yo dd

    Have you already confirmed with OCT? If so, we were with them last May and highly recommend! I would further ask for driver Rolando and Luis as guide. 


    Otherwise, I have a full review with Blexie (last minute trip and OTC was unavailable), and they were amazing as well! Check out all details and pics here! It's a pristine Ford Fairlane! 




  10. First and foremost, I know how important it is to have full first hand accounts from members here. I have been a member for over 18 years, and have made many contributions, however, I am very excited (and SUPER PROUD) about this one.


    My hubby and I cruised to Cuba back this last May - I returned with my parents last weekend. We were there for 3 days. For pictures, recommendations, tour with Blexie, tips, map and so much more, check it out! REVIEW OF CUBA


    If any more questions, feel free to ask!

  11. OP - I'm from the area and am very familiar with this port/airport. In fact, I fly 48 weeks out of the year!


    FLL is one of my fave airports. Small, quicker than most and less required time to check in luggage (45 minutes prior to flight).


    With that said, it is a preferred airport during holidays - so, long weekends and holidays are busier. And yes, more ships at Port, lesser chance at transport.


    But, here's what you do. Prearrange pick up with a PRIVATE limo/van service company (about same price) and so worth it. I can recommend a company for you. Walk off with luggage, and they will be waiting for you to take you the 10 MINUTES away you'll be from airport. That's how close it is.


    Is it a chance - sure. But, more like an 80/20 that you WILL make it!

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