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  1. Hey Beau!!!

    The Summiteers will not die off!!!:eek:

    Markshock started a roll call on the roll call page...yes, it is somewhere on this new board....:cool:

    I will look for you there!!!! Hopefully others will find us!!!:p

    Hey Beau -- I typed my message on the old board, THEN realized I needed to be here. So just went back to "boards" and searched for markshock! When I did, it automatically moved my post over here - SUCCESS!!

  2. Hi Beau - looks like you are you hanging onto this thread so it won't die -- can't let that happen. Back in the day, we had lots of messages and lots of pages! Hope that you and Kathie Lee are doing great:hearteyes::hearteyes:!:hearteyes: :hearteyes::hearteyes: Beau, I didn't put those happy faces in here -- at the end of the previous sentence, I ended it with just an exclamation mark and you can see it added 2 in front and 3 happy dudes after the exclamation mark. Didn't add them when I used the exclamation mark elsewhere in the post. Go figure!

    Where are Jill and Gary, Becki, Rob and Cheryll, Anne Maria and Jennifer & "what's his name" Paul Zerba?

    Dennis and I don't even have a cruise booked - our last one was in 2014 when we took our granddaughter and family on the Disney Dream - Disney is always first class, but boy are they expensive -- we had 2 oceanview cabins, which were lovely! That 4 day cruise ended up costing about $4,000 and we drove to Cape Canaveral. Anyhoo, it was worth it to experience a Disney sailing at least once !

    I told him that I'll take a 4-day Carnival sailing, just get me on the ocean! We've had a lot going on - we bought a small condo close to my son, DIL and precious granddaughter! So that cleaned out a few accounts - dang! At least when we had the townhouse in Boca Raton, the "travel to the port" expenses were nominal - now we both have to fly. We are 8 hours from Tampa and/or Port Canaveral, but I don't do car trips anymore!

    Then I have to have cataract surgery next month and the other eye the following month - more $$$

    Enough about me - what cruises do y'all have planned/booked? I will have to live vicariously through you for now!

    Take care and I'll check the board much more frequently to see if anyone else shows up! :-)

  3. My family of GF, GM, M, F, and 6 and 3 year old grandchildren enjoyed our 3 days on Disney Dream. We had done the on-line check-in and had our documents in order and entered the ship just before 12:00 p.m. We were boarding group 3 and they were boarding 1-17 at that time.


    Children's Program: Easy to sign up for, but you should do it on-line if possible to make sure your child gets into the program. Our 2 grandchildren used the program several times and enjoyed their time at the play area. They also enjoyed the pools and slides on deck 11.


    Disney still sets the Gold Standard in my mind for family cruising, especially if you have small children. Happy to answer questions if anyone has any. Happy Cruising.



    Thank you for the super detailed review. Since you had your 3 year old grandchild with you, I have a question -- we will have our 4 year old grand-daughter with us - her first cruise and our first Disney sailing. What kind of programs/activities do they have for the little ones?


    Now I need to pre-register online, as you did - just have to find the Disney link to start the process !


    Appreciate any additional details.

  4. I purchased one last week and have already booked the NLC Epic. It's a great deal and valid for four years.


    I also have future cruise credits with Princess.


    One of the big differences between the two future cruise credit offerings is that Princess wil refund your $100 if you do not use it within four years. NCL advised me that they do not offer refunds.


    That won't be a problem because I know I will book something, but it would be customer-friendly to offer the refund if you don't use it.


    Oh well ----- !

  5. After a bit of telephone "leg work", I would like to share the following:




    Chase Suite Hotel - (813) 281-5677

    "Ship & Shore" Package

    Studio $159/night

    2-Bedroom Suite $189/night (2 couples)

    Includes accommodations, parking car(s) for 7 days, shuttle to port


    Radisson Bay Harbor Hotel - (813) 281-8900

    "Cruise Away" Rate

    Standard Room $149/night

    Includes accommodations, parking car for 7 days, shuttle to port


    Courtyard Tampa Downtown - (813) 229-1100

    "Cruise Package"

    Standard Room $79/night

    Parking $8/day

    No shuttle to port - located one mile from port

    This one is a great rate is you are not driving your own car


    Sailport Resort - (800) 255-9599

    "Pre/Post Cruise Package"

    1 Bedroom Suite $119/night (for 2 people)

    Includes accommodations, parking car for 7 days, shuttle to port

    Located about 20 minutes from port

  6. cathyoo ....


    Thank you for the recommendation. I read conflicting reviews on www.tripadvisor.com about the Chase, but with your input I've decided that's where we are going to stay.


    I called them to make the reservation and they were great on the phone. We're getting the 2 bedwoom suite, parking for 2 cars for 7 days, and shuttle to port for $189!


    Just parking two cars at the port for the week would be $168!


    Thanks again .... your help is so appreciated.

  7. I have tried to read as many of the posts as possible. I have concluded that the Marriott Waterside is the best offering so far. However .....


    What I would like to know is: are there hotels that will let you park your car on their property while you're cruising for 7 days?


    We're driving to Tampa from Atlanta to sail on the Miracle, and dread paying $12 a day at the port if at all possible -- particularly since we'll be in 2 cars.


    Thanks to everyone -- especially Ken -- for all the info.

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