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  1. Thanks everyone for your help!!  We will just wait to see what happens with the Australian government in regards to letting travelers in.  From what I have been reading it is not looking good for quite awhile.  As it is now, the Serenade was suppose to go from Honolulu to Sydney in September and that isn't happening.  Who knows when the ship will even be there!!!   The boarders are closed until mid Sept, and Qantas has pulled international travel until mid March.  

  2. Just now, RFerrington said:

    The only way to get 125% is to wait until Royal cancels your cruise and take the 125% FCC.  If you want to L&S, you can do it any time (before or after the cruise is actually cancelled....up until 30 Sept unless the L&S program is extended).  The price of your cruise is price protected but you can only L&S to a qualified future cruise, which could be a problem in your case.Finding a suitable and qualified cruise to which to L&S might not be too easy to find.  I would let your Travel Agent or Royal help me with this.

    I doubt we would do the lift and shift since they don't even have our cruises out.  Some say oh, they can post them still, but I highly doubt that.  Unless they bring another ship over for a short time, not going to happen!  But the 125% FCC only if you have paid in full?  Our balance is not even due until the middle and end of Nov, which by then we should know if Australia will even let us in!!

  3. We are booked on a 34 night B2B on the Serenade for Feb & March of 2021.  As of right now, it is not looking good that the Australian government will even open up the boarders before that.  We plan to go in 2022 if these are cancelled.  For the L&S, is it only for the same type of sailing, they are not listed for 2022 season.  Another thing is these are a 16 & 18 night cruise, We booked them while on the Navigator and got great ship board credits for doing it then.  If we have to change, I take it we have to book at least 12 night cruises to keep it.  We are looking at a 8, 9 and 13 night on the Ovation with an OS cabin.  I just don't want to get screwed out that much ship board credits!!  Sorry if this was posted prior, but I was unable to find anything under a search!!  Also, I take it that we have to do the L& S before they cancel the cruise in order to get the 125% credit.  Also hoping that they cancel before final payment because we are spending some big $$ and hate to tie that money up for such a long time!!  It was it was just a couple $1000, I could handle that but this is WAY more!!  thanks for your help!

  4. They posted on our cruise planner the photo packages, but didn't see a total digital package where you can get all the photos taken on a memory card or emailed to you.  All they had were a number of printed photos.  Since we are traveling to Australia (hopefully!), weight is going to be precious!!  

  5. Ok, we are going to do a circumnavigate cruise of Australia, Bali and NZ.  Normally we just cruise the caribbean, where you always stay on ship time.  So whatever port you leave out of, that is the time the ship stays on.  Usually you only change 1 time zone, but on this cruise we will be changing quite a few, going ahead a few hours and then back to Sydney (original port we are leaving from) and then behind  a couple hours in NZ.  Thanks for your help!!  Hope everyone is staying safe out there!!

  6. Another place you do not hear them tell to stay away from...casinos!!!  We stopped at one in Battle Creek on sunday, it was packed and I mean to the point that you had to walk around to try and find a machine to play!!  You have all these people in there, touching machines, money, dice, cards, poker chips, beverage stations, etc.  Not once did I notice anyone cleaning any of the machines!!  Plus they are warning the elderly to not go into crowds (cruises too!) and what do you see?  Elderly people with their walkers and some even pulling their oxygen tanks, even with people smoking all around them!!!  You can't tell me that place wasn't loaded with who knows what!!!!!  If they want to close down the cruise industry, then close the casinos...oh wait, the states want that free money that people are throwing away trying to win big!


  7. 1 hour ago, sippican said:


    Do you know which company the driver worked for? I would not have been happy. (Viator is a third party vendor who only resells the services of providers, after adding on their commission.) Were you compensated for the error?


    No I don't remember, but it all worked out in the end, he was able to get all our luggage in the car and we made it to the hotel with no problems!!  All was good!

  8. We did a private driver from Viator when we were over there 2 years ago.  Only downfall was we had told them several times that we would have 4 large suitcases, carry ones and backpacks (was going over for 5 weeks) and they sent a town car.  We made it work and our driver was really great.  We stayed in the Rocks also.  Sorry I don't remember the exact amount, but you can find it on their website.

  9. We have the same situation, but in Sydney.  Our flights home will not leave till late in the evening and since we will have 4 large suitcases, carry ons and backpacks, we have decided to just get a hotel room for the evening.  We will valet the luggage since we know we will not be able to get into a room.  Take off and explore some more and then later in the evening, will come back, get our luggage and go to the room.  We will be able to shower and change into something comfortable to wear for a 11 hour flight and then check out.  We will look for something that is very reasonable to pay since we won't need all the frills!!  Hope this helps!!

  10. 21 hours ago, Florida_cruisers said:

    Essentially the onboard booking won’t work for us since the sailing is not even available yet and it’s 2 years away. 

    We were on the Navigator the beginning of March.  I was looking to book a B2B in Australia for Feb/March 2021.  The cruise was not out yet, but yet we were able to book it for 2020 (same cruise, different year).  At that time we had 1 month from the day we got off the ship (which I see now has changed to 2 months).  As soon as our cruises came out we were able to switch to the dates we actually wanted.  It was well over a year!!  and had no problems at all!!  Also, we were given a cruise credit from the problems we had on the Navigator (we were on the 1st sailing after drydock) and according to the certificate when I got it, it said that the cruise needed to be taken within 1 year.  I called RCCL and they said no problem, that we could use it for the 2021 cruise, we just needed to have it booked within a year.  

  11. 7 hours ago, RFerrington said:

    I have found that if you are in a Suite and reach your milestone as a result of your double points, the LA will often not realize you are going to reach the milestone. I always go to see the LA to let them know that I should be entitled to a black anyway but when I’m in a suite and reach it I think it’s almost required.

    thanks for the heads up!!  will make it on our next cruise and since we are in a GS, getting double points, we will make it!!

  12. We were on the Voyager over in Australia when we reached our 140 night mark.  It was nice, they shipped it directly to our home.  Since we had to watch luggage weight, it was nice!!!  Only thing I was disappointed in was our friends who were on a different cruise and reached their 140 night mark also received a nice certificate!  I called C&A and she said they couldn't help us, that we would have to go back on that ship...well when it was over in Australia and we are in the States...NOT!!    Another call later on and they told me to just check with the LA on the ship to get one made.  So, I was on the Majesty and he wanted to give me one from that ship, explained that no, they had told me that he could get one from the Voyager made an emailed to him, which he ended up doing for us!!  That certificate now hangs proudly in our home!!  Next one we receive will be when we go back in 2021 and do the Serenade all the way around Australia and NZ!!!

  13. We are in a GS on the Serenade but are also Diamond Plus, is there a Concierge lounge for all of those in suites or just a Suite Lounge?  We have friends who will be in a balcony but are diamond plus and are hoping they will also be able to go into the CL.  BTW, I don't care about other ships!  We were just on the Navigator and the CL was only for suites,   just want to know about the Serenade!!

  14. 1 hour ago, njkruzer said:

    We're on the 2020 b2b circumnavigation.   If that us the one you're on. Welcome.   We're planning on sightseeing that day but haven't made plans yet. 

    no we are planning the 2021 trip!!  wish we could do next year, but just not in the budget since I retired!!  Plus we have friends from Australia who are also planning on joining us!!  Enjoy your trip!!

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