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  1. We are going to be in Bermuda on Celebrity and on the 16th, there is a 5 hour tour "bermudaful Island tour" on Viator tht is 5 hrs with a nice itinerary.  There is a 9:30 departure but our ship leaves at 4:00 PM.  Has anyone taken this and does it really get back within the 5 hours?  I don't want to "miss the boat"!

  2. On 3/25/2022 at 9:27 PM, Hlitner said:

    We have been going to Arashi for many years (from cruises and when staying on the island) as we like it as a jump off point for snorkeling at an off-shore  reef area.  But the snorkel area is nearly 1/3 of a mile from the beach so this is not for everyone...and you do need your own equipment.  Arashi used to be a quiet beach with no facilities other then some picnic tables (often used by local families).  But there is now a small cafe and rest rooms.   Unless things have changed there is only one bus every hour that goes out to Arashi (which is within long walking distance to the Lighthouse).


    Most cruisers seem to prefer Palm since that area has lots of eating venue (off the beach) and shopping.  We think Eagle is probably the best beach on the island for those who simply want to relax on the beach, swim, and also have access to some rest rooms a bar and food.  Palm is too commercial for our taste.



    thanks, Hank.  Is it easy to get to Eagle?  I'm assuming that you rent lounge chairs and umbrellas there.


  3. Has anybody been to any of the Aruba beaches recently?  Looking at possibly Arashi beach, but I don't see anyone who has been to it recently.  We are going to be in port April 21 all day-- just looking for a place to rent lounge  chairs with an unbrella and dunk ourselves in some nice water.  Nothing adventurous.  How difficult is it to get cabs to and from the beaches or is there an easier way to get to/from?  Need rest rooms and a place to get some food and a snack/lunch.

  4. We are a group of 8 arriving on Thursday, July 6 on the Summit (8:00 AM). We are hoping to get a trolley (the 67) to arrive at the Breakers ASAP. Then we were going to purchase tickets and go into the mansion and if possible, get to Marble House afterwards via the trolley. Then we want to get to the Touro Synagogue for a tour at either 1:00 or 1:30. Does anyone know if this is possible? Also, if anyone knows what stops to get off at for this, I'd appreciate the information. Many thanks!

  5. Yes - the fare should be around 7-8 Euros.


    If you are Seniors don't forget to take some form of date ID to get a reduced admission charge at the Castle. You can also buy a combined ticket for both the Castle and the Alcazaba,


    We are planning on being in Malaga on July 5. We're a group of 6 young seniors. We want to see Castle, Alcazaba, Cathedral and Roman ruins. If we take a cab to the Castle, how do we get to the next places? I understand that the path from Castle to Alcaaba is pretty steep. After having recovered from a shattered ankle and having a lot of metal, I don't have the flexibility I used to, so I'm a bit nervous walking. Any suggestions?

  6. A LOT of things to consider with hotels in Venice...

    First off, think about where you want to be, the expense and difficulty of getting there and the convenience.


    I've been to Venice several times...and I've stayed in both of what I would consider the prime locations: 1) Piazza San Marco and 2) Piazzalle Roma...I'll quickly discuss those.


    P. San Marco is the square which contains the Cathedral, the Doge's Palace and other prime tourist attractions. Hotels in the area surrounding P. San Marco are convenient for sightseeing--once you get there. The difficulty is in getting from airport to hotel and hotel to ship with luggage. Your main choices are to either take an expensive water taxi to and fro, to take an Alilaguna or ATV shuttle boat or to get to P. Roma by bus and then try to navigate the Vaporetti (public bus/boats) with your luggage. And, to get to any specific hotel depends on the precise location--and may include some dragging your luggage up and down some small bridges.


    P. Roma is the main transportation hub of Venice. It is very easy and cheap to get to--You can catch a cheap public airport bus directly from the Airport to P. Roma...and, to get from P. Roma to the cruise terminal, there is an easy "Peoplemover" for 1 Euro per person (price last time we visited). It's a little less glamorous than P. San Marco, but, once you are there and checked in and your luggage is safely in your room, getting everywhere on the island is easy either by foot or by Vaporetti...


    There are a few reasonable hotels in the P. Roma area, including the BW Olimpia, the Santa Chiara and the Del Doge...Fairly close are a few slightly more expensive places--the Papadopoli and the Carlton (which also has the lower priced Capri off the Grand Canal--I've stayed in both)...


    If you'd prefer to stay in the P. San Marco area, there are some pricey places, but also some less pricey. Last time we stayed there, we were at the Anastasia--which was a nice little 17 room boutique hotel off on a side street...There is also the Violin d'Oro around the corner from it near the Gondola station which is supposed to be nice--and reasonable--as well...Again, my main problem with these were the logistics in getting to and from...


    Good luck...



    Haven't run into you in a while! Thanks so much for these suggestions! As always, you are a great source of information!


    Barbara (brandba)

  7. No, shops will be open, museums are open, etc. In fact, you may find that going into the cathedral and Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk might be interesting when a service takes place. Museums in Europe are generally closed on Monday.


    Actually I am not sure about the beer brewery but I would be surprised if they close on Sundays.

    Again, keep in mind that the old parts are more for tourists rather than for the locals to do their shopping.


    Strange... the last time we were in Bruges on a Sunday, nearly all of the shops were closed.

  8. Thanks for the information!! We bought ours two months ago for our upcoming cruise in November! Our Celebrity Rep told us that the prices would be going up soon at that time, but did not know when. I am assuming that the max price of the drinks will go up too??


    We're sailing on the Eclipse on July 2. Does anyone know the current price of a martini at the martini bar? I'm wondering if the Premium package covers that -- I suspect that the Classic would not.

  9. Wow, that's the first time I have seen anyone request this. Bus 55 goes by there (bus 55 toward Hjorthagen) or the long blue bus #4 (towards Radiohuset). I don't know exactly what stop to get off, but it is the large dark red brick stadium that passes by your window, you can't miss it unless you are asleep.


    Have fun,



    Thanks, Al! We have this obsession about olympic stadiums-- we try to see one if it is there in every city we visit. Are you subtly telling me that I should not go out of my way for this one? --Barbara

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