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  1. I can't speak to DCL, but on my last RCCL, we had 4 cabins: Cabin 1: DW, DD, and myself; Cabin 2: my Wife's Mother and father; cabin 2: my mom and a friend; and Cabin 4: my aunt and uncle. On the CD, we ended up with so many (but not all) pictures from the other cabin because we were getting so many group shots that it faked the system out. a lot of the additional pictures did not include DW, DD or myself. I have a feeling it is the same company.

  2. As for setting the dice, I try to practice the technique talked about in one of the dice control books. I set the 3's in a V and hold them on the sides between my thumb and forefinger.

    Do you remember the books title that had this description on how to do this? Thanks
  3. I was on Liberty of the Seas. On other cruise ships, I did not go to the gym because equipment was never available. On this ship, despite a lot of people using the gym, there was always one or two pieces of equipment available.


    The view from the gym was unbelievable. On the days at seas, it was awesome working out and looking at the ocean ahead of us.


    I did not use any of the other features as I was there just to work out.

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