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  1. I have no issues.


    Change is the hardest thing for people to cope with.


    There are going to be happy people.


    There are going to be people who don't care either way.


    There are going to be unhappy people.


    I can only imagine the challenges associate with Celebrity's decision making process around the changes.


    I work for a very large corporation who deals with big change.


    Celebrity - you're not perfect. But neither am I.


    Congratulation on making the decision to finally implement the changes that have been rumoured for a couple years now.



  2. Sad news:mad:


    When I was getting off the Eclipse on April 6th. Perry was also getting off to take some things to his home in Florida. We told him we loved his shows and wonderd if he would be on the Eclipse in Dec as we will be sailing again. He said that Celebrity does not want to renew his contract. He was pretty upset about it. He has been with the cruiseline for 10 years. He said that he has had three offers from other cruiselines.




    He was there there April 6-20. We did go one night early the first week, but didn't go back. Times change and yes, Celebrity has to mix things up and change as well. It's not about the people, it's about the business. Tough decisions I'm sure.


    Whatever he does, we wish him well.

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