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  1. I was on Horizon june 25- july 3 cruise. I left my seat (deck 11) for 5 minutes (restrooms) and when i came back there was a sticker on my chair ! The attendant saw me and removed it. The best i have seen, same cruise, the attendant remove things from a chair, at least he is trying, the bag on the chair was lock with a chain !!!

  2. Background, we are a family of 3, i am 48, wife 52, son is 16. We have 116 days at sea (18 cruises) all with Carnival.


    Food : Buffet is good, best than other ships, love the new layout with the center station. Steakhouse is great , Seafood Shack, pizza and Cucina excellent. MDR excellent. We had YTD, never waited for a table, service was fast, out in 75 minutes.


    Entertainement : We saw Celestial things, WOW !!! The violonists are really, really good. Comedians, we saw 4 shows, all really good, Blanchard was the best.


    Room : Regular balcony, deck 6 above the liquid lounge, no noise or music disturbed us. Steward was very attentive and friendly.


    Elevators : I prefer this new system,but on day 1 it was a nightnare ! After day 1 everything was gooing smooth and fast.


    Chairs hogs : In full force ! At 7:15, no chairs available on deck 10, 11 or 12 midship and only 20-25 persons on site.


    One thing i observed... people were really loud on this cruise ! I could catch an entire conversation from 25 feet away !!!


    Great cruise, great ship, maybe or 2-3 best cruise out of 18.

  3. I didn't get it but wish I had. The smoking on the Vista is the worst. The casino bar is huge and round right in the middle of the casino. All the drunks, who are not gambling, sit there by the droves and yell at each other. Some idiot with a vape set off the sprinklers and the bar was closed for the next day for cleanup. I never saw such a huge cloud come out of one of these and he was aiming it at the sprinklers.


    Sprinklers usually triggers with heat...

  4. So do you think it is based on the citizenship of the person who won? Or maybe they have some kind of agreement with the US to report qualifying winnings? Also, if they issue a 1099-G, then would you still have to declare it through customs?


    I am canadian and won 2400$ on the Dream... they asked to see my passport before paying me. No paper issued.

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  5. I assume that it's based on category of room. That's usually how these things work. I have an interior porthole room. I bet that if I had a suite then it would have been the full amount.


    I have a interior porthole and got the 200$... it's a 7 day cruise and we are 3.

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