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  1. I have personally had that "brain fart" and forgot my ID (DH had his) in Nassau.  I realized it when I tried to get back into the terminal and was asked to step aside.  DH was smart enough not to leave me so he stood off to the side with me near the little "guard shack" there.  I was joined by another cruise passenger who had the similar situation.  We kinda kidded each other about being in the " naughty area". I told my DH to run on ahead and get my ID out of the safe and return with it.  But at that point, the security guard chose to compare our seapasses and my DH's ID and "released" us.  You only make that mistake once. :classic_blink:

  2. Just off "Escape" last week.    Bring a night light for the bathroom.   Also a lighted clock would be useful.  Howl at the Moon was an awesome venue.   Escape the Big Top is in the Supper Club and uses 10 teams of 10 at one time so standbys should get in.  (Hint: There are a few red herrings in there.  Also, Symbols are important.).  Do the ropes course early as it is closed in wet weather.  Go up up up to the almost empty hot tubs on the top decks.  The same lunch menu is used in the MDRs all week.  Breakfast in the MDRs is the best - food is made to order, fresh, and fast.  You can get more variety than on the buffet - just ask. The Seafood Buffet was disappointing - unless you like just shrimp and mussels.  And they ran out of shrimp and we had to wait about 7-8 minutes for some. We were disappointed with the Brazilian Steakhouse - buffet was so-so and the meat was not up to what we expected.  The Atrium was busy and packed - too many activities took place there with not enough room for participants and viewers.  Beware of the "pusher machines" in the casino - there are only one dollar bills in the middle of the folded paper money - if you lucky enough to get one.  Lol.   And you can make reservations for the shows, etc  at the large computer kiosks near the elevators.   Seems a lot of ppl make reservations and then don't show up so don't give up on the standby lines.  Doors open 1/2 hour before showtime to enter and standbys are let in 10 minutes before (but sometimes earlier).  If your roll call meet and mingle has a cabin crawl, check out the Haven area - Amazing!  

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  3. Among our cruising friends and family, we always taken a photo of our first lunch with our phones and send it to whomever is not with us, turn our phones off, and put them in the safe.


    If we're not cruising, it always brings a smile to our face to see their photos and know they are on the ship and starting their trip.

  4. Does it stay warm in the solarium even when it is cold outside? It has been really hot in western NY this summer and I was hoping even if it was to cool outside for some the solarium pool would be usable for someone like me who is always hot.


    They are able to control the temperature of the area with the venting, windows, etc. The "pool" is not really designed for swimming - it is more like a cool water cascading set of "hot tubs". Very pleasant to hang out in.

  5. Is it a lot less crowded on port days? So if we do something in port in the morning and return to the solarium in the early afternoon, would it be easier to get a chair than on other days? Again, we’re not picky about location at all, just want to have a lounger in there.


    Yes, it is less crowded on port days and easier to get a chair.

  6. We have always enjoyed the views from Gibbs Hill lighthouse. And Fort St. Catherine is interesting if you enjoy forts. The beach nearby is very nice too.


    Public transport is very economical. Best advice is to tell the bus driver where you are heading to and they will let you know when and where to get off.


    We also enjoyed strolling along the streets in the evenings and listening to the tree frogs.

  7. My flight arrangements have always been displayed on the Celebrity website and in the electronic documents (e-Ticket/booklet). I can't answer about transfers since I have never purchased any.


    Hmmm. Has that been since the updated website? I hear that a lot of things are missing or not showing since the changeover. I did call Choice Air and they gave me the record locator number for the airline so that's a plus and the airline has the flights showing. They (Choice Air) were supposed to email me a confirmation, but I still haven't received it. Guess I better call again tomorrow. Thanks!

  8. Last November, we did a GTY balcony and was assigned 9514 which is the most foreward balcony on the starboard side (and next to the corner cabin). We were a bit nervous about its location but it was for naught. It was a smooth ride and with very little hall traffic/noise. There was also very little wind movement due to the solid wall to the front. We were very pleasantly surprised and would not hesitate to book that location again.

  9. In the past, when we set up group cruises, our TA would also throw in a one hour group party with an open bar.


    You may want to remind him/her that you can set up more group cruises in the future depending how this one goes. <wink wink>

  10. We used to write down all health info/providers and their contact info as well as health insurance info along with the written permission. Also include any contact info for you - ship name, cabin number, itinerary, etc. I believe the ship contact info is in your cruise info packet.


    We also left similar info for our pets so that if there is an emergency there is no doubt who and where to call or go.


    Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!!!

  11. If you knew what to look for, you could see them stepping up the cleaning and sanitization in the evening on Day 2. It was the last day and a half when they stepped up the inconvenience-level precautions to passengers.


    ETA.... We received a letter about the norovirus on Day 4 in our cabin, November 7th. The letter is dated and I kept my copy.


    Just off the Anthem too. Our cabin steward supplied us with a letter dated 11/3/17 with the same info. He also warned us very distinctly about it when we first met him. Our bathroom reeked of a chemical smell as well as the floor was sticky from a spray. We wondered if someone from our cabin on the last cruise had been afflicted. :o


    P.S. We heeded the warnings and were okay.

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