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  1. On 2/27/2021 at 9:56 AM, WisRiver said:

    In 2019 as part of a Botswana-South Africa trip, we spend four nights at the Victoria and Alfred Hotel on the waterfront.  An excellent hotel with a great breakfast.  It is walking distance to the Robben Island ferry.  We never felt unsafe in the evening.  There are dozens of excellent restaurants and lots of shopping.  Who knows what it will be like for post-Covid traveling.  If I were returning to SA next year I would check out the Victoria and Alfred.


  2. On 11/18/2023 at 9:41 AM, AnnaNicole said:

    PortsWood is very reasonable and in a great area.    We booked the nearby Queen Victoria Hotel.  Rates have varied greatly since our booking.


    What is your impression of the hotel?  I will be there the end of January.  How did you get there from the airport?  I'm looking into their shuttle price.

  3. Thank you--not having a personal driver--going on a group excursion and don't know how many other passengers will be in our group.  Maybe we can "gang" up on the tour guide who escorts us and make him stop at an ATM for all of us to get rupees.  It would be in his interest so that he can get a tip. 😉

  4. I'm not well versed on excursions. What did you mean by "Now with having to pay in advance for excursions..."? I thought we bought them after getting on board, thus can use the OBC. Are you implying there is a greater savings to buy shore excursions in advance of boarding?


    You have the choice of reserving excursions in advance online or getting them on the ship. Used to be if you reserved them in advance, you didn't have to pay for them until you got on the ship. Now, if you want to reserve excursions in advance (to make sure you get the ones you want and not be wait-listed), you have to pay for them in advance. NCL has been doing this for a while, so I guess Princess thought "a bird in the hand..." It was nice since you could change excursions, but now it will involve getting a refund of one excursion in order to book a new one.

  5. So, we suggest that those flying-in a day early either stay in Rome (this is reasonable if you arrive at FCO early in the morning and want a day/night to enjoy Rome) or simply go directly to Civitavecchia. While Civitavecchia is not paradise, it is actually an OK town with a waterfront promenade, some shops, and a reasonable selection of restaurants/cafes...within walking distance of most of the popular hotels. So rather then being stuck at a place like the airport Hilton where the dinner options are very expensive and limited....you will be able to enjoy a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant (some with sea views). And when you wake up on your embarkation day, you can relax, enjoy a nice breakfast, and head over to the port at your leisure. For those who decided to spend the night in Rome, they can either arrange for a private transfer to the port, take the train, or just grab a taxi.




    That's exactly what we are doing: staying at the Hotel Traghetto in Civitavecchia arriving on Oct 5 and leaving on a cruise on the 8th.;)

  6. It's a shame that it's not available on the Princess website like the application form for the military OBC program which in the USA is only required to be submitted once.


    Each year after the program is renewed I've called their booking support to get an emailed updated PDF copy of the form & post it on CC. The form is not required to submit a request however they tell me that it ensures accurate submissions which allows them to quickly process our requests. It should be available on the Princess website so it's easier to access it & not to just find it in a CC post.


    You shouldn't have to go to them for the updated form. Maybe it's their way of limiting the use of the benefit by making it more involved to get.


    It's very nice of you to post it for the rest of us--thanks. :)

  7. I just now put "carnival corporation shareholder benefit request form" (without the quotes even) into Google and the second link is to the pdf form. I don't understand how you could Google it for 30 minutes without finding it. :eek:


    Ah, well. At least you seem to have it now. The form isn't really necessary though. I've submitted my info without the form and it goes right through. I just put my name and voyage info on the same paper as the financial stuff and fax it in.


    Enjoy your cruise. :)


    Ahhh...but look closely:


    "This benefit is applicable on sailings through July 31, 2016. Reservations must be made by February 29, 2016"



    This is not the current version.

  8. Have a wonderful cruise. You have plenty of time to get a different cabin. It's pretty much a sure thing that someone will cancel between now and then.:D


    The one you have might be fine, but I prefer not to chance it if you don't have to.



    You've got that right, girl!!


    If it's the only room available, I would probably book it. Then I would keep checking to see if any other rooms become available. That's how I got our room changed on the Island.


    That's exactly what I did. <fingers crossed that I can change it>

  10. I thank all of you who replied. :) I'm the kind of person who, if it gets noisy, will certainly speak up to those causing the noise--complaining to the passenger services desk for sure if there are no hours of use posted. This will be on a 21-day cruise on the Pacific Princess.

  11. Moki is my cat...he's the one who sits by me while I type' date=' except when he decides to sit on my shoulder and "help."


    Yes, I've read that the Princess laundries are not 24/7, so my thinking is that you'll be fine at night. I'll let you know. We are very close on the next cruise.[/quote']


    OMG--what are the odds of 2 cats named Moki??


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