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  1. My wife and I will be stopping in Istanbul on a princess cruise in June. We will have most of the day there and would love to shop for carpets. Anyone have experienced doing this or have any recommendation for guides and or advice so we don’t walk blindly into the bazaar? I have no trouble haggling as I’ve done that around the world, even in the US… Lol but it might be nice to have somebody who knows the ropes, and knows some of the better stores. Thank you. 


  2. My wife and I are on the Koningsdam June 24 7 day Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver. We booked a Neptune suite thru our TA last September. (We missed our July cruise because of covid)

    We got an upgrade call/offer this past Saturday the 3rd…3 weeks before the sailing and we jumped on it. It came thru email to my TA who called me immediately. We are excited as this is our 1st Alaskan cruise and we’ve been waiting for several years to take it.

    Rick in Nashville 

  3. My wife and I were supposed to be on the Holland America Westerdam today. Both of us ended up testing positive for Covid, so we weren’t able to board the ship and had to cancel the cruise. We were in Yellowstone last week and we experienced some symptoms, got tested, and were able to cancel the cruise prior to going to Seattle. We flew home yesterday to Nashville and are recovering well with minimal symptoms.


    That said, we have been looking forward to this for the last three years… We are wondering if we should try to make another go at it this summer. How late is too late to take the cruise and still enjoy it? What time do things start to shut down in Alaska because it gets too cold? My schedule is pretty flexible so I can take a week off if I need to. we aren’t obligated to Holland America either… We will get credit which we can use on another cruise with them at a later date. From what I understand, they are overwhelmed and understaffed in that department right now and my future cruise credit might take 4 to 6 weeks. Any other recommendations for cruise lines? Ships? We are both 60… I’m an avid photographer and nature lover… We have booked and been refunded all of our own excursions… Not really into nightlife, we don’t drink, and definitely not into the party scene. 


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