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  1. Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas and thoughts.  I will look into private tours and the museum at the airport.  Also could just walk near the dock area for a couple of hours if Viking will let us leave luggage on board for a bit.  Thank you again for giving me some options to think about.


  2. We will be disembarking Viking cruise in Amsterdam in June.  Our flight leaves AMS 2:50 pm on day of disembarkation.  Are there any tour options that would let us see a bit of Amsterdam before flight time?  I've read that Viking does not offer any.

  3. We are new to Viking and also to smaller ship cruising. We have a Caribbean cruise this spring on Viking Sea category PV1 on hold and not sure what the best cabin selection would be. We currently have 5084 but wondering if there is any advantage to being on Deck 6 forward or aft. I read somewhere about differences in the windows or patio doors? Also wondering if motion would be more of a concern in one location or the other. Would appreciate any comments or recommendations.

  4. I just spoke to an Azamara representative to ask for details on booking the beverage package upgrade. Specifically I was asking about the statement on the website page regarding the upgrades that states: "You may also purchase packages onboard at any time during your voyage." I understood this to mean that half way through your cruise if you decided to upgrade you could do it. He said no, you either book it for the entire cruise or not at all. Just wanted to confirm his answer is correct.

  5. Thank you so much to everyone who responded. I am particularly thrilled to see the response stating one band would be effective. I am not especially prone to sea sickness, but have problems when seas get on the rough side, and the Sea Bands have always worked for me. I always have Dramamine, both formulas, as a back up, but prefer the non chemical means whenever possible. Placebo effect? Maybe, but they work for me like a charm and I will be happy to use them on one arm and report my, hopefully successful, results on return. Will look into the ginger capsules, as well. Again, thanks to all for your comments and suggestions. If you have ever been seasick it is something you never forget!

  6. Not sure if this is the right place to ask for more info on transfer time from Southampton to Heathrow, specifically wondering if traffic will be worse on a Saturday (Aug 2)? In southern CA I would tell someone to triple normal driving time on freeways on a Saturday due to all the tourist traffic in the summer season. We are looking at a 12:45 flight to Munich from LHR with Southampton disembarkation time of 8:00. Probably will book private car transfer. Oceania suggests no flights before noon, TA recommends nothing before 12:30, but 12:45 still sounds close to me. Any advice would be appreciated.

  7. We were in Taormina a few years ago with Azamara...don't remember if we docked or tendered. You have to take some type of transportation to get into the town, it is very high above the dock area, I would guess it was a 15 minute bus ride, all up hill. Azamara provided a shuttle for us, so not sure what type of transportation is available otherwise. The town was charming, wonderful shops and cafes to experience. A lot of walking. There is also an ancient Greek theater that was fascinating to explore. If there are no tours that interest you, you will have no trouble spending the day on your own in town. Hope this helps.

  8. We did the same itinerary last January and has no problems with our pre-packaged snacks. I did not try to take any into Chile at any of the port stops as did not want to incur any possible problems. At disembarkation in Valparaiso the bus drops you at the terminal and you go through food inspection before you can exit. I had leftover pre-packaged snacks and asked one of the officials while we were waiting in line. She said just show them the bag when it is your turn for inspection. I did, and they glanced at it and waved me through. I think as long as the snacks are in sealed packages you are OK. Side note, if you buy water at the airport after you have cleared security they still will not let you carry it onboard and will confiscate it at a second security inspection at the gate just before you board.

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