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  1. I'm guessing it's only for Carnival passengers, for the reason you noted.  While we took the shuttle the last time we were there, my brother and his family just grabbed a cab outside the port because they only wanted to go to Margaritaville.  They didn't feel unsafe.  The only problem they had was that the driver said he'd be back to pick them up at a specific time and he didn't return.  So they had to get another cab for the way back.  If I recall, it was pretty expensive, so negotiate in advance and I'd say don't believe them when they say the amount is for both ways.

  2. On 3/13/2024 at 10:07 AM, Moondoggy51 said:

    Here's the problem from my perspective.  After getting a number of recommendations from folks here on Cruise Critic, I went out to Trip Advisor and viewed some of the 768 photos of Krazy Lobster and the attached is a representative photo of the area that I assumed we would find.  As you can see the water was crystal clear, plenty of beach area and lounge chairs with the dining tables in the background.  What we found was a beach in the second photo with no sandy beach or lounge chairs and rickety set of stairs as your access to the water.  The second picture was listed previously in this thread by 2021BoatCruiser (thank you) and we were seated even further away from the steps than what's pictured.  If you look at the pictures on Trip Advisor I don't recall seeing any picture that 2021BoatCruiser provided so people trying to make decisions can get a false impression of reality and had I seen a picture of a rocky shoreline with sandbags I may have made a different decision to go there.  Don't get me wrong, the food was very tasty and affordable and had the beach been as projected in the first photo I would have been very pleased.





    We almost didn't go to Krazy Lobster after I saw this but decided to do so anyway because the port area was so crowded.


    The beach area definitely looks like the second picture, but we were seated in an area with both a table/palapa and loungers right in front. I think it was kind of where the boats are above.  Drinks were a bit weak (as they usually are at these kinds of places), but we had a blast.  Lobster nachos were tasty, and the shade was perfect.


    We had only two complaints.  First, lobster nachos are actually not on the menu, so we asked how much they'd be.  We were told 25, but we were charged 30.  The server was apologetic but said his boss wouldn't fix it.


    Also, the bathrooms are downright disgusting.  As Ace Ventura would say, "Do NOT go in there."

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  3. I'd recommend the Fish Fry area, about 10-15 minutes past Junkanoo.  It's not a short walk but doable for those not mobility challenged.  There are a ton of restaurants down there.  We went to this one, which was featured on Food Network.



  4. On 2/13/2024 at 1:23 PM, pcvtmom said:

    With the recent travel advisory for Jamaica, from the US State Department, my husband is leery about the plans I had for our cruise visit to Montego Bay in April.  I planned to shuttle or taxi to Margaritaville (brief visit, we're Parrotheads 😉), and then go to Dr's Cave Beach for the day.  I cannot find any recent posts on travel sites about the shuttle from port to the Hip Strip, and I wondered if that is still an option.  If so, what's your experience? I believe he'd be more comfortable with a shuttle than a taxi. 


    Older posts (pre-pandemic) on Tripadvisor and other sites mentioned that Carnival offers a shuttle, but that isn't in our shore excursion list, so I guess it's been discontinued.  None of the Carnival shore excursions appeal to me.  The only excursion to Dr's Cave Beach involves a dolphin encounter, which we aren't really interested in doing.


    I appreciate any feedback you can provide!


    We were there about a year ago, and yes, they still have the shuttle.  There's a kiosk in the port where you pay.  I believe we paid with our sign and sail card, got a wristband and then boarded the bus.  You can hop on and off at any of the stops, and it includes Margaritaville and Doctor's Cave.  It ends and turns around at this little shopping area across from Rose Hall.


    You may get offered some pot, but we never felt unsafe at all.

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  5. We've been a few times and enjoy it.  I think June of 2022 was the last time, so the price may be different now, but it was $25 pp entry with a $12 food/beverage credit. You get wifi and use of snorkel gear for an hour.


    There's sand where the loungers are, but it's not a sandy beach.  There's a rocky staircase entry into the water.  Pool and facilities are all nice.  We found the food to be pretty solid but the drinks not very strong.

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  6. Yes, we went last week and were charged the 1-4 people rate for a couple, alone in a Nissan Versa.  It was $8.  On the way back (as posters have said, plenty of taxis available), we were quoted $10 but didn't argue.  Streets are all torn up for repair in a significant portion down there.

  7. On 10/20/2023 at 1:21 PM, MistyRo76 said:

    We liked the Red Frog Pub in the evenings when we sailed Vista several years ago. It wasn't usually too busy and service was quick. 



    We like it too.  Unfortunately, we were told by a bartender last week that it's going away in its current form.  They will be removing the brewery and converting it to a Guy's Pig & Anchor Smokehouse/Brewhouse.

  8. 18 hours ago, c-leg5 said:

    No not to snorkel but if you choose El Cid you have to have a pass to enter - it is a hotel. A long time ago we did just purchase food and drink but I don’t know if that is possible any more.



    We were there about a year ago, and the pass was $25 with a $12 food/beverage credit.  You get use of snorkel gear for an hour.

  9. We did this one last year...  URL says cave-tubing, but it's not.  Short sightseeing, then the ruins, then a lunch at a local restaurant on the way back.




    We weren't the first tender off and had to wait for another couple.  Never felt rushed, though, and we were back with plenty of time to spare.  I think they have a "back to cruise ship" guarantee.

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  10. On 9/21/2023 at 6:01 AM, Knights on the Beach said:

    I'm just happy there are chips & salsa - something that's been sadly lacking from my cruises in recent years. 


    It's more like pico.  I was looking forward to chips and salsa but was disappointed.  As noted by some others, pizza was horrible.  Nuggets were solid.

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  11. It's been a few years, but we used them and they were excellent. Victor was fast and thorough with email communication prior to the tour, making sure we understood all of the details.  Our guide was Francisco, and he was friendly and professional.  We felt safe everywhere he took us, all of the beautiful spots on the island, and he gave us tips on how to bargain with vendors and what to get to eat and drink.  We also enjoyed the interesting bits of information and history along the way.  You get to decide where you want to go and for how long.  The freedom worked out very well for us.  We had several photo stops and shopping before going to the monkey business. This was definitely the highlight of the trip.  A guide takes you through the various cages, and you can go in and interact with monkeys, parrots, a sloth and more.  It's really a one of a kind experience.

  12. We tried to do this about a month ago and were denied by multiple entities, including the PVP we've used for several bookings.  It was a casino offer, so we even tried with them, but were told that it was use it or lose it on the deposit. 

  13. It'll be interesting to see if it amounts to anything for the cruise itself.  The questions included stuff about incentives to get us into the casino more such as casino food and increased comps.  I'm not at the level to get a lot of comps (bottle of wine once and a steakhouse selection in the MDR), so we'll see if that changes.

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