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  1. I am excited about the cabin. There are three of us (me and my 65 year old parents) so I hope the sofa bed is comfortable. I have never cruised without a "bed". I have no back issues and I am only 42, so I am sure it will be just fine.


    Enjoy your Aug 16th cruise :)


    Tamara in Texas

  2. I leave in 14 days for my third cruise on POA. It is my favorite cruise. I do not like sea days, and I like a very port-intensive trip.


    You may very well find that you are hooked on this cruise like we are :)


    Tamara in Texas

  3. I am so excited that our room assignment was posted today :)


    We are in room 9582 on the POA. We are sailing in 15 days and I am trying to resist the urge to pack my suitcase.


    Does anybody have experience/information with this room? We booked a balcony guarantee.


    Thanks :)


    Tamara in Texas

  4. I will be on the POA in 20 days and I have everything booked and ready to go. My only hesitation is Hilo.


    This is my third time on the POA, but it is the first time for my parents. I want them to experience Volcano National Park via land and by helicopter. Right now, I have 2 back to back excursions booked through NCL. The timing works, but it just seems like a waste of time to go to Volcano National Park then return to the ship just to join the next excursion headed back to the park.


    Does anyone know of a private tour that will do a land and helicopter combination tour?




    Tamara in Texas

  5. We have done the NCL POA cruise twice with my husband, and I am heading back to do the cruise for a third time with my mom and dad in July! It is probably my favorite cruise. I like to be off of the ship and am not a huge fan of sea days, so this is the perfect trip for us.


    We use the POA as a floating hotel, but we still love the crew and all the amenities on the ship. I am not a high maintenance cruiser at all, and the crew has always been just right for us. I don't need a super attentive crew. I don't really like to be fussed over.


    Everyone working on the ship was very friendly and we really enjoyed seeing so many ports in a week.


    Give it a shot...you might just love it like we do :)


    Tamara in Texas

  6. The Hana Sky Trek tour through Temptation Tours? The last time we were on the POA, we did the Road to Hana tour that went all the way around. We enjoyed it, but it took a LONG time and my DH slept for a lot of the tour. This trip, we are taking the sky trek tour.


    The Sky Trek Takes you to Hana in the same limo van as the deluxe tour, but when you get to Hana, they take you on a helicopter tour of Haleakala and Hana and then land you back at the helicopter pad 10 minutes from the cruise ship. It is pricey, but you save half of a day by flying back.


    Hope this helps,



  7. Good morning from Texas,


    I am looking for an interactive map of the sights of Kauai that was previously posted. I searched for "Kauai Map" and "Kauai Guide" with no luck.


    If anyone is familiar with this guide/map, could you steer me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated.


    Thanks in advance,



    POA 07/12-07/19

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