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  1. On 9/13/2019 at 8:08 PM, sakigemcam said:

    Hi there - We're excited about this cruise to the ABCs plus Grand Cayman. I've been to some of these islands on land trips but this is the first time in a long time. We're actually delightful people but this is why we're difficult: 🤣

    • I'd like to snorkel at one of the stops but am really a fairly novice snorkeler, so guidance/instruction would be great - I've snorkeled on my own offshore and that's it. I'd love to learn more. 
    • I'm also not comfortable on long rides on small boats - I get seasick and although I wear the miraculous patch on cruises, haven't yet tested on small boats, so a shorter ride than longer would be great to start with.
    • Husband says he won't snorkel so he'd need to enjoy the boat experience - he's not that hard to please :classic_cool: but won't want to feel left out if he's not snorkeling.
    • Definitely not looking for a party boat but refreshments are welcome!
    • Also prefer no young kids (we've raised ours, thank you, older teens are cool)
    • For another excursion, an uncrowded beach paradise would be great 🌴 (with at least some bathrooms)
    • We usually do beaches but if there are key cultural sites to visit - like, very important to see - we'd like to know that 
    • We don't care about shopping unless it's something truly unique (i.e., special spices come to mind)
    • Are there any outstanding resort for a day options on any of the ABCs? We're also doing Grand Cayman.

    Excited to plan this and appreciate your help! Posting on the BC threads too. 

    Thank you!

    you can take a snorkeling excursion from the dock area without having to take a boat ride in Bonaire.grand caymen is also known for snorkeling.

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  2. We have taken MSC in the Caribbean 3 times. The Caribbean trips may be different than the ones in Europe. In the US we had no problems. We found found the food to be good. Others thought is was not so good. The entertainment staff was excellent and always trying to please. The shows were very good. The production shows especially were well done. Less entertainment where understanding the language was important. The Divina was a beautiful ship and mentioned before. I think that you should try MSC with the understanding that in Europe they may be catering to a different population than in the US.

  3. We enjoyed our tour to Kinsale and Charles Fort last fall. We took a private tour with a cab driver we found at the port. From what I've heard and read, Blarney Castle is very crowded, and we're not wild about crowds.

    When we went on a tour the stop at Blarney Castle was too short and the steps were crowded. Nice to see but don't plan on bending upside down and kissing a stone.

  4. My friend and I, 2 ladies in our mid-sixties, will be cruising Alaska for the first time on Norwegian Sun, early in September this year... PLEASE talk to us about spending our day in Icy Strait Point without going on an excursion ?? Our budget is busted due to the drastic weakening of our currency (SA Rand).


    I would also like to know the most cost effective way to encounter Sled Dogs...


    Our itinerary : Seward, Icy Strait Point, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan and Vancouver...


    We are SO excited and counting the days...


    Sincere thanks.





    We just returned from Alaska with a stop in Hoonah. We took a whale watching tour with Glacial Wind tours. Just 6 max on boat. This is owned by a local couple. They were friendly and we had a great trip. I would recommend this tour.


    In Juneau we did a summer dog sled adventure. They took us on land rather than flying to the glacier.


    In Ketchikan we took a sea plane flightseeing trip along with a crab lunch. Very enjoyable.



  5. We will be in Alaska in the beginning of June. The ships tours are quite expensive. Can I get some recommendations for tours in








    Thanks to all.

  6. We bought ours in 2011 for our first Alaska trip and got the longer raincoats when they were on sale. They worked well and kept us dry when it poured down. Some recent reviews are not as positive. This is one trip where I take removable hooks for by the cabin door to hang up our wet coats.

    I also have a Columbia Omni-dry jacket that is much older but only requires being tossed in the dryer to revitalize the waterproofing.


    Nice idea. Thanks to all.

  7. We sure didn't need a heavy coat when we went. It was in the 60s. This was July. Could have gone with just a T-shirt and a light jacket. The tour guide did not wear a coat at all. YMMV. What you should remember to bring are your sunglasses. They provide them but I was glad I had my own. It's bright up there on the glacier!


    OP: My solution for outerwear on the cruise was a lightweight Gore-Tex jacket with hood and a mid-weight fleece also with a hood. Those combined with gloves were good enough for Glacier Bay Day when we were out almost the entire day on the front of the ship exposed to wind. I think I may have worn my Gore-Tex pants that day too, just for wind protection, as it wasn't raining. (Pretty much no one came out where we were because of the cold and wind, I guess, so we had great views at the front all to ourselves!) I mostly just wore the waterproof jacket everywhere. Did not need the heavier fleece under it except for Glacier Bay. Probably did wear a lightweight fleece at times, though. I just don't remember temperature being much of a factor. It was always pretty comfortable.


    Our trip is scheduled for the first week in June so I expect that the high temperatures would be 55-60.

  8. We are scheduled to go from Seattle on May 29th to Alaska. In lieu of carrying liquor on board is there a way to purchase liquor once we land either at a store, the airport or terminal. We will be taking the O shuttle from airport to dock.

  9. When will you be in Bermuda? I am leaving next Saturday, and we have booked with Unique vacations. I spoke to Judith from there and she seems very nice. I usually book through the cruise , but my sister and I are taking my mother(80) and 4 aunts (70-80), so I wanted to have more control over where we go and for how long we stay. If you are leaving after me let me know and when I get back I let you know how the tour went. We are doing a 5 hour tour of the Island and the price is $75pp, which is actually cheaper than the ship's tour.


    We will be on the Vision of the Seas in June.

  10. Did you book with a Future Cruise Certificate, is there a C&A Saving Certificate discount on your room? I don't know the real reason but it seems like they deny shareholder credit as a default and then make you fight for it:rolleyes:


    I booked this cruise last week through the RCCL website and then transferred to my travel agent. I have no other OBC's that I know of.


    Will see if anyone else has a good explaination. Otherwise your statement could very well be correct.

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