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  1. Has anyone received a specialty dining credit (dinner for 2) from TA and used it towards the combined dining option (3 restaurant) and paid the difference?


    Not sure how the dining credit is actually applied (does it state dinner for 2 only) or just dining or just plain on-board credit?



    As the previous post mentioned and per the paper voucher that you should have received from your TA (see copy attached for reference), it's ONLY for dining in the specialty restaurant aboard the specific ship/ sailing (2 ppl, cover fee and gratuities included) and reservations CAN'T be made online or prior to actually boarding that ship.


    IF you do not use it, you loose it - no substitutes are available and typically can't be transferred because the specialty restaurant (i.e. Portofino or Chops) has a MEMO with ALL cabins entitled to this complimentary dinner for 2 people.


    It's always recommended (and helpful) to read the SMALL print on the voucher for terms and conditions.

    2013 New Dinner Voucher.pdf

  2. We've seen this particular video before our recent Fjords cruise aboard the "Vision of the Seas."



    Today, we came across another inspiring VIDEO of our own Fjords cruise (from Copenhagen, 7 nights to Norway)

    staring a wonderful Canadian couple... and with more emphasis on the ports of call visited

    (5 of them: Kristiansand, Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger and Bergen)

    than on the cruise ship itself.


    We remember this beautiful couple from the Gym : - ))


    If you took the Pulpit Rock cruise in Stavanger... or rented a car in Alesund...

    or took the morning (9:30am) bus to Mt. Dalsnibba in Geiranger... or the funicular in Bergen...

    or simply been on a Fjords cruise aboard the "Vision of the Seas" (or any other cruise sip for this matter)-- you will enjoy this review:



  3. The Zoo @ Kristiansand is a popular attraction and can be EASILY done on your own!


    Kristiansand Dyrepark/ Zoo, Certificate of Excellence 2013 - www.dyreparken.no



    During the SUMMER season, one will need to get into the 01 or M1 bus at the Bus Terminal close to the Pier

    (those buses are running every 15 min) and get off at the Quality Inn stop (20-30 min ride).


    Bus ticket price is 38 NOK each way.



    However, on our day in this port of call - a Sunday in September 2013 -

    those options are OUT as none of the two buses will be operating that day.


    Do not give up!


    There IS a bus that can take you directly to the Zoo - TIMEkspressen operates on weekends

    please see link below for details/ schedule:





    Note that the starting point for this bus is Kristiansand –

    TIMEkspressen bus departs from Rutebilstasjonen (which is the bus station).



    Entrance cost to Dyrepark (zoo only, NOT including the Water park) is 299 NOK/adult during the summer season.


    However, starting September 2nd 2013, the admission fee will be only 189 NOK/adult

    (Zoo only rather than the "combo package" with the water park that's more expensive):





    An interesting place to visit for foreign visitors is the Nordisk villmark (Nordic wildlife) where you walk on

    elevated walkways around the moose, wolves, lynx and wolverines.


    The zoo has presentations done daily in the different sections

    (lions at 12:15 and the Nordic wildlife at 1:00 p.m. to name a few).


    It is worth checking the timings of the presentations to make the most of your day there.


    The presentations may only be in Norwegian, so you might want to check that directly at the zoo.

  4. If you are planning more than 2 bus trips while in this port of call, please consider buying the 24 hour ticket (http://www.akt.no/english) –


    for 100 NOK the ticket allows you to travel unlimited ONLY around the Kristiansand region

    within a 24 hour range from when the ticket is validated.


    The ticket may be purchased on the bus, at the customer service center or in the online shop.



    However, this "day pass" can NOT be used to get you to Lillesand by bus!

  5. Kristiansand is a neat little town in a beautiful area along the southern coast of Norway. When we were there last summer we took a bus to Hollen and a one hour boat trip through some of the most scenic stretch of islands. We were back in Kristiansand by about noon where we spent some time shopping and sight seeing. Indeed there is a small beach, but keep in mind it is not like Hawaii.

    For details you might have a look at http://www.********.com/Norway2.html


    Any way you do it, you will enjoy this port. If you want more information you can contact the tourist office there. Let me know if you want details.





    Per your post and the local Tourism Info Bureau, this is the OPTION that we choose as the "core" of our day in this port of call


    (outside the obvious - exploring the town of Kristiansand by foot):



    Lillesand and Høllen are both lovely places to visit for the day.


    And they are both very representative of the region - as you will see the importance of the sea.



    *** Visiting Høllen on your own (from Kristiansand) ***


    Høllen is just under 20 kilometers west of Kristiansand.


    The *bus number 40* will take us to Høllen Brygge (Høllen pier).


    Bus ticket cost, one way = 50 NOK/pax


    The bus to Høllen departs from Kristiansand that Sunday at: 10:10, 11:10, 12:10, 14:10, and 15:10


    And back to Kristiansand from Høllen at: 12:51, 14:51, and 15:51


    (more buses after that... but you do not need those times IF you want to make the VOS ship, right?!)




    We will BE on the bus leaving Kristiansand at 10:10AM (approx. 25 min ride) to catch the 10:30AM ferry.



    On Sunday, September 8th 2013 this is the only boat ride/ ferry that we can take advantage of

    (next and last one leaves at 16:35PM and we do NOT want to miss the ship, ok?!)



    Note that the POC at the ferry company M/B Høllen confirmed, as per their website too, that

    the ferry will NOT leave until the passengers from the 10:10 bus from Kristiansand get off in Høllen:


    "To your information we always await for this bus from Kristiansand before departure, so you will make it.


    The bus stop is on the quay, and you will see the ferry boat from the bus."





    The ferry ride = 75 minutes trip; cost: 100 NOK/pax (only 50 NOK for senior citizens)



    Recommendation (received from few experienced locals):


    "My personal opinion is that the best option for you would be to go to Høllen by bus and

    then catch the ferry before returning by bus.


    The ferry ride in Høllen is lovely regardless of what day of the week it is.


    As I mentioned, there are seating indoor as well if the weather is not cooperating.



    There are lovely things to do in Høllen... don't miss a walk down Høllegata -

    a quaint street with picturesque white timber houses a stroll from the pier.


    There is also a gentleman selling fresh crabs from his boat at the dock -


    and again, a stroll with an ice cream in hand is always good.


    (It does seem strange I know, but Norwegians are actually one of the biggest consumers of ice cream in the world,

    only beaten by the Kiwis I think)"



    ***** Other times of the year, one can go to Lillesand by bus -- from Kristiansand (DIY)



    The bus runs approximately every hour, 5 minutes after the hour - from the Bus Terminal in Kristiansand

    (similar schedule for the return trip to Kristiansand).


    One bus ticket, one way, costs around 50 NOK/pax.


    The bus trip to Lillesand is around 35 minutes.


    However, please note that for the final destination Lillesand, you may need to change buses

    and take the connecting bus from the main road, E18 - kind of a Highway -

    down to the centre of Lillesand town) .



    Word of advice (received from an experienced local person):


    "Going to Lillesand on a Sunday in September is not the same as a Saturday in July,

    the shops will be closed and the Marina will not be bustling with people...


    Lillesand is a lovely, lovely town but best enjoyed at the height of summer on a day

    when the shops and galleries are open (in my opinion) ."

  6. I wonder if it is only HAL that goes to this little town.

    Frankly, I agree with you that to take a ship's tour here (especially a tour of the city) is a waste of time and money.

    One more note of caution: if the weather is nice it is pleasant to sit at one of the outdoor cafe/restaurants, but be ware of the food prices! Even a glass of beer was more than $15. We had lunch for, what came to about, $125.


    That's the first "warning" or "con" when visiting Norway: "it is expensive!"


    Check out this photo showing the MENU at a local, popular restaurant @ Kristiansand -


    to have a general idea about the local food & beverages PRICES:



  7. I don't see a way to PM users on this forum so here it goes...


    daliflor - Can i paypal you for your photobucket upgrade for one month? My sail date it Aug 1 and I want to see your pictures before I leave so I can plan accordingly for excursions before they are all booked up.


    I am sorry if I broke any rules. I read somewhere that some kind of donations were not allowed but I dont know if this is fall under those conditions.


    My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.



    I think those photo albums can provide a useful overview


    (despite being uploaded in a hurry and missing detailed captions):


    47a3d911b3127cce98557071d96100000088100Abs2rls5csmfA Jamaica (excursion) - drive from Montego Bay to Martha Brae


    Photo album: https://neworleans2012carnivacruiseparty.shutterfly.com/pictures/1478



    47a3d911b3127cce9855703fd92f00000088100Abs2rls5csmfA Jamaica (excursion) - bamboo rafting along Martha Brae River


    Photo album: https://neworleans2012carnivacruiseparty.shutterfly.com/pictures/1631



    47a3d911b3127cce9855709dd98d00000068100Abs2rls5csmfA Jamaica (excursion)- driving in Falmouth; seeing the RCI ship Allure of the Seas


    Photo album: https://neworleans2012carnivacruiseparty.shutterfly.com/pictures/1830



    47a3d911b3127cce9855716399eb00000068100Abs2rls5csmfA Jamaica (excursion)- driving to Montego Bay; lunch at "SCOTCHIES"


    Photo album: https://neworleans2012carnivacruiseparty.shutterfly.com/pictures/1873




    47a3d911b3127cce9855715199d900000068100Abs2rls5csmfA Jamaica (excursion) - Margaritaville, Montego Bay


    Photo album: https://neworleans2012carnivacruiseparty.shutterfly.com/pictures/1908




    Happy sailing & Calm Seas!

  8. Thanks for the update.


    Luckily I got to read through it once, before photobucket took too many hits...


    Went back to re-read and check out the incredible pictures more in depth.


    Was just giving it a snarky bump...


    Can't wait for the photos to go back up, because the photos were so in depth and so sharp.


    An amazing review once the photos return.




    I regret the inconvenience, Bill. Also, please note that your positive feedback is greatly appreciated.


    Usually, on the 20th of the month, the reset takes place and the images should be "visible" again -- at least for couple of days.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful photos of NOLA. It brings back the fantastic memories of our first trip there in March this year.


    Despite the relatively high hotel costs, we will make our next cruise a departure from New Orleans...it is a simply amazing city. It so different to anything else we have seen in the USA. And, oh the food!


    Indeed! The cuisine, the music, the Mississippi River, the ambiance... charming city, NOLA!


    Wonderful pictures. Great job. We go to NO in less than four months. Will look at the swamp tour you did.


    You'll have a great time! Thanks for the positive feedback too!

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