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  1. I'm currently booked on a November 2022 8 day Carribean cruise and would love to hear about personal experiences at the spa.  I love the spa and spa services on HAL, RCL, X and Disney and blow most of my vacation budget on delightful spa treatments. 🙂 What are your thoughts about the Spa on Virgin?



  2. Hi! My spouse, myself and our two daughter, ages 6 and 9 are sailing for the first time on the Splendor out of Long Beach. We're treating ourselves for the first time to a Spa balcony as we love the spa and when our kids are in Camp Carnival, we take full advantage of the spa services. We've been on several cruises with different lines, but never on the Splendor. She looks like an older ship, which has me a bit concerned. My girls are huge swimmers and loved the Water Park area of the Vista and Dream. It doesn't seem like the Splendor has that type of water features, is that correct?


    Any tips or recommendations for enjoying the Splendor? 



  3. On 12/3/2018 at 10:29 AM, scottca075 said:


    The Residence Inn, Courtyard Downtown, Best Western Plus Convention Center and budget allowing, Hilton, Westin, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Centric (Pike) and Renaissance.



    Hi, Is the address for the Residence Inn the one on 600 Queensway Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802? There's another less expensive one further away from what looks like the port, but I'm traveling with two children and want to make sure we're in the tourist area. Thanks!

  4. Thanks everyone,


    We're still torn about which to choose, but will probably go for Paradise Beach as Mr. Sancho's seems to be often very crowded. I also doubt that we'll drink/eat $50 worth of food or beverages.

    The best thing, we really don't have to make a decision until the morning we pull into port! :)

  5. Just curious if anyone has bought any personal use medications at a Pharmacy in Cozumel that usually require a prescription in the US? Things like Latisse (eye lashes), antibiodics or other medications that are costly in the US.

    Any problems with the medications? Are they the actual meds or fake? Any problems bringing them through customs?



  6. Hi!

    Friends and I are debating between going to Mr. Sanchos or Paradise Beach on our own. We've never been to either. I've been reading lots of positives for both, but weighted towards more negatives for Mr. Sanchos. I've checked and there's going to be 6 ships in port that day, so we put down a reservation for Mr. Sanchos b/c it looks like its going to be super crowded. However, it's only $5 pp reservation, so we're willing to let that go if Paradise Beach is the better option for us.


    We're looking for:

    1. Safe and reasonable travel for 4 females

    2. A nice clean beach with lounge chairs & some shade

    3. Swim able water w/o too many rocks or seaweed in water

    4. Beach side restaurant for lunch

    5. Bar with good cold drinks

    6. Easy relaxing beach day


    So, what would you pick? Mr. Sanchos or Paradise Beach?


  7. When sailing' date=' any waves hitting the ship broadside will probably be felt, especially if seas are heavy.


    I had a few forward porthole cabins early in my cruise history and haven't gone back to one since. JMO, I prefer a more mid ship or aft cabin.[/quote']


    Thank you. I prefer midship as well, but this was what was available. I’m a bit concerned about sea sickness. I take Bonine on every cruise, hope it works this time!

  8. So true!

    This solo girl will take an inside cabin over sharing a cabin in a higher category every time!


    Absolutely!! I couldn’t agree more. I’m traveling solo for some Me Time & would rather have an inside, then the stress of sharing a higher catagory with someone other than my family.

  9. If it's a Conquest Class ship, it will be laid out like an OV or Balcony with the exception of the 1 twin bed instead of 2. My mom has stayed in these rooms before and liked it. Plenty of light and bigger than a standard inside with a sofa.


    I’m sailing on the Vista. Not sure what class that is.

    Good to know the portholes provide a good amount of light.

  10. I’m cruising solo soon & for the first time I’m staying in an inside cabin with a twin sized bed. Well, semi-inside as it has two porthole windows so I’ll have a little natural light. It’s at the bow of the ship, so I’m preparing for lots of anchor noises.

    Any tips for making an inside cabin as comfortable as possible? I spend most of my time sitting in the sun on deck, so I don’t think it will be toooo bad. It’s just a place to sleep, right?


  11. I suppose I should answer this myself! :D:DI absolutely drink more on a cruise and buy Cheers just for that reason.

    I live in California and have a glass of good wine with dinner 3-4x a week. Friday and Saturday evenings, I may have two.

    On a cruise, I'm a coffee with a shot of vanilla vodka in the morning, beer at lunch, couple mojitos or vodka tonics by the pool, couple glasses of wine with dinner and a martini or two at night. Total - 8'ish? Oddly, I never feel totally drunk, just content and knowing that I'm sooooo on vacation.

  12. Hello,

    We're booked for The Rio Chavon Special with Seavis Tours next month. It includes a Taxi ride to the River Chavon for a river boat ride to YucaYena, a riverside farm in the jungle with lunch, a canoe adventure, a fruit trail walk and a jacuzzi.


    Any recommendations or experiences would be very welcome.


  13. Hello,


    There are a couple excursions our family of 4 is interested in doing on our upcoming cruise, but they are sold out online. Because we have young kids (ages 5 & 8), we're reluctant to go with non-Carnival excursions, simply due to the (probably unnecessary) anxiety of making it back to the ship on time.


    Does anyone know if Carnival holds back some availability on their excursions for on board booking?


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