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  1. We leave in 26 days and we are also in an interior room. We opted for the 2 upper and 2 lower set up to try to make the best use of the floor space, we will see how that works out. I wish that big bulky box wasn't there...what a waste of space.


    Do you have any more pictures of the bathroom in regards to shelf space and sink area? Looks like I won't need my over the door shoe organizer. How many closets and drawers are there? I've got to cram 4 of us in this small room....I'm used to the larger ov rooms that are 220 sq ft. This will be the first time I'm doing my whole family of 4 in an int 185 sq ft room. I think I'll bring ALOT of hangers and hang most of our stuff. Any good tips on smoking areas or private/secret decks? Was the casino smoking still or have they changed that too? Thanks for all the help. We are cruising in 26 days and I have alot to do!! LOL

  2. My very first attempt at door decorating...Steelers won superbowl and Gators won BCS the same year!





    A little bit more details in this one!!





    This is my best one.....Tebow was playing in playoff game that weekend.



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