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  1. John Bull, Bob++ and everyone else.

    Thank-you for your help. Greenwich it is, and I think we

    Will go by river. I have done a lot of reading, and have suggested things to my husband. And it seems that the only thing he wants to see is the changing of the guard.

    Which he did about 40 years ago.

    But with your suggestions I know that we will have a fantastic time.

    Thanks for all the help.


  2. Hello I’m back. Thanks for the info. I should have mentioned that I will arrive on the 17th and am staying a half block from the Vand A museum.

    I have been to London a few times and always done the same things. Now I feel like venturing out.

    We always go to Portabello Rd. and will this time. But I was thinking about St Albans. On a Wednesday. Any thoughts about this? Also a visit to Kew gardens. And I will be going by bus.

    I don’t understand the bus system and different zones.

    (I have either walk, taken a taxi, or my daughters took care of things.)

    Thank-you for the information.

    My next post will be asking about horse racing.


  3. I have ALOT of questions.

    I am in the US. This is my first QM2 TA eb Cruise.

    We will be going in June.

    I am planning on using National Express coach to get into London. I was going to order my tickets on line.

    What time should I order them for?

    We aer staying around the V and A museum.

    Where do we get off the bus? The Victoria coach station?

    With the maps I have been using it could be a few blocks or a few miles.

    I can’t type for long because of surgery. So this is

    To be continued.

  4. Alf,

    Welcome to the Cunard forum.

    Although I have been on many cruises I have never been on Cunard. I find the people on this board so full of knowledge and they go out of their way to help you. You can ask questions that aren’t cruise related,and they do their best to give you options.

    One suggestion, write down some questions and answers on a piece of paper. They are easier to find, but then I am older.

    All the best,


  5. I was wondering if QM2 posts the dinner menu early in the day. If I would bring a bottle of wine to the dining room, I would know to bring red or white.

    Would I bring it earlier in the day or at dinner time?

    I would think dinner time might be a little hectic.



  6. I will be cruising TA in June 2018. Will still have a few 10 pound notes and 1 and 2 pound coins. Will I be able to use them? Do you have any idea when the new notes will be available in the US?



  7. I posted this on a different thread and was informed that maybe here would be better. Thanks Ray.

    Can any gentlemen recommend a barbershop in London? One where they have hot towels.

    He is VERY thin on top, and has a full beard.




    I forgot to mention that this is for my husband.

    I don't like to type.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I am from the US. I will be traveling on the QM2 and then spending a week in London.

    This question is for the gentlemen.

    After years of me being pampered, I would like to pamper my husband.

    Can anyone recommend a barber shop in London?

    One that offers hot towels, a good shave. He doesn't have much on top, but he does on the sides and back.

    Something that gives the extras.

    Thanks in advance,

    Take care,


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