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  1. I did this excursion (through Princess) several years ago.  The catamaran doesn't dock on or near the beach.  When we went, the only way to get to the beach was to swim.  The water was deep where we anchored, so you wouldn't be able to walk.  Please note, this was a couple of years ago.  I don't know if the excursion has changed or not.  I believe the vendor that the cruise lines use is Castaway Girl.

  2. We are disembarking the Vision of the Seas at the Pan American Pier on Saturday 2/29.  Celebrity Summit will also be in port.  


    How difficult will it be to get a Taxi or Uber to take us to Old San Juan for a few hours.  Our flights aren't until after 3:00.  There are three of us.  We'd like to store our luggage at Barrachina and tour Old San Juan for a bit.


    Thank you!

  3. 23 hours ago, IJustWantToGo36 said:

    Doing repo to Brazil

    Have na aprtment there, so no rush heading back.

    Can we book w/ EZ-AIR after the cruise?

    You sure can. When my sister made her EZAir reservations for a sailing from NYC to Fort Lauderdale, she stayed in Florida another month.  Wasn't a problem booking her return for 30 days after her cruise ended.  Enjoy Brazil...it's an amazing country!

  4. 12 minutes ago, BarbinMich said:

    Natalie, I look forward to reading your blog, esp. your thoughts on the Sky.  We've been to Barcelona twice, 2003 on the old Regal (don't remember much about that visit) and again in Oct 2011 on a WB TA from Venice.  On that trip we used the HOHO bus to get around, plus walked Las Ramblas (as we had in 2003).  Enjoy!

    We are actually doing the HoHo bus on Saturday.  We have early tickets to see inside Sangrada Familia and then will take the bus.  I LOVED Barcelona when we were there in 2017 so I'm really looking forward to being back again!


    So funny about your shower in Copenhagen. We were there in 2016 and I SWEAR the shower in the hotel we stayed at was smaller than the one on the ship! 

  5. 3 minutes ago, georgiacat said:

    Tell me all about Hotel Lleo and Barcelona.  We are going there in May.

    Lucky you, a transAtlantic.

    We loved the Hotel Lleo two years ago.  The rooms were huge (by European standards). The bathroom had one of the biggest walk in showers I've ever seen in a hotel.  The rooms were clean, service is great and the prices is exellent.  It's only a couple of blocks off of Las Ramblas, so you don't have all of the noise, but you have the proximety.  And the breakfast buffet was amazing!


    Barcelona is such a great city.  So much beautiful architecture to see (Gaudi was something else).  Looking forward to seeing insde Sangrada Familia on this trip!

  6. 19 hours ago, SuzieQK said:

    We are sailing on the Sky Princess Baltic Cruise on April 25, 2020. It says that our ship gets into Copenhagen at the end of our cruise at 5am on May 6th. How accurate is that port time? And what is the earliest debarkation time we can get to get off the ship? Can we make a 9:30-9:40am flight?

    When we did this sailing on the Regal in 2016 Princess allowed a 9:30 AM flight departure through EZ Air.  We opted for the Princess transfer to the airport because I'd read that taxis may ocassionally be problematic at the port.  The early transfers were leaving by 6:00 AM. You'll should be fine with a 9:30 AM flight. Check and see what EZ Air allows!

  7. We are arriving in San Juan at 8:30 in the morning and are looking to do a short tour of Old San Juan prior to boarding the ship (Pan American Pier Vision of the Seas). Has anyone done this before? Do you have a tour company that you recommend?


    our other thought is dropping our bags off at the shop then taking a different taxi to Old San Juan. Just not sure how early they will take our bags.


    any help is greatly appreciated!

  8. Will be in Tortola in February for the third time.  Went to CGB the last two times and it's just too crowded. This time we'd like to try Brewers Beach.


    Can someone please advise the following:


    Cost of taxi from port to Brewers

    Availability and cost of loungers/umbrellas

    Availabiity of food and drink for purchase


    Thank you SO much!  Cheers and have a great day!

  9. I priced matched two excursions on a cruise to Hawaii a couple of years ago.  It was super simple. As it worked out, the one excursion was a total bust and we complained to the Shore Excursion desk upon our return (as did many others). Not only had we received the original refund (as OBC) we then received any additional 50% back (of the original cost). I wouldn't hesistate to price match again!

  10. Everytime I've sailed out of San Pedro I've always stayed at the Crown Plaza. It's clean, well kept and quiet. And super close to the port. I believe the shuttle is $5 per person (last time we opted to take an Uber). There is a Mexican restaurant right across the street where we had dinner and a dinner behind the hotel were we ate breakfast. Both good food and very good prices.  I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again!

  11. On 2/13/2019 at 7:44 AM, Markanddonna said:



    Cabin: We chose a SQUARE inside cabin on the 11th deck which had to be the nicest, most roomy inside cabin we ever experienced. Lots of storage and the bathroom was well designed- especially the shower stall and controls. The fan located in the shower helped to keep the steam off the mirrors.


    Look on the deck plans to find one of these square cabins. The square cabins also were placed within secluded interior corridors which meant very little traffic. The hallways seemed to be very quiet overall.


    Our attendant was also top notch.  If you love towel animals, you will be disappointed- not one, but that didn’t bother us at all.



    Loving your review! We sail next week and can't wait to try MSC for the first time. Can you please tell us what cabin number you had? Thank you SO much!

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