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  1. That's how many they did on our last TA. But I was wondering if the current TA's had done away with them like they have on other cruises :)
  2. Royal has recently in the last few months started doing away with formal nights. Has anyone in the last few months done a Trans Atlantic(TA) cruise and can shed some light on if they did any formal nights? Since royal just started doing away with the formal nights, if you sailed earlier this year (Jan-September 2019) it may or may not be the same experience since the changes are recent. Thanks in advance! Trey
  3. You are absolutely correct. My apologies! (no more late night postings for me! LOL)
  4. She is right now (10/29) in Dry Dock in Cadiz, Spain. for a two week nip and tuck. we are sailing her back to the united states on the transatlantic cruise. Trey
  5. That would be the installation team for the upgrading for the needed additional Wireless access points. This upgrade will allow the ship to be part of the Royal App. We saw the same work being done on one of our other cruises.
  6. Does anyone know what the plans are for Rhapsody's two week Dry-dock in Europe at the end of October 2019? It appears to be a two week Dry dock. I have not seen any announcements from Royal on the planned changes/Updates. Thanks in Advance! Trey
  7. we have gotten 40% off the Chef's table by asking the Chef's Table waitstaff for it.
  8. I can report that we had the exact same thoughts on or recent Sept sailing. The French onion tasted like water with some broth added and no onions or bread. The prime rib was way over cooked. The crime brûlée tasted more like a puddling and the sugars on top was not remotely crisp. We were highly disappointed.
  9. That was us! I can't believe we won! The crowd was fantastic and we all had a wonderful time! We had people coming up to us all over the ship congratulating us and telling us how much they enjoyed the show. We had a blast! Trey and Troy
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