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  1. Hello Everyone,

    This is the first time that we are going to Bermuda. What are some must-do things? I would like a tour and some beach time. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am up to both cruise and independent excursions and ideas!

    Thanks in advance!!:)

  2. You did the correct thing. We've done the same prior to our daughter becoming platinum. For 4-5 cruises prior when she took a friend we'd walk up to the cue with me walking with one of them and my wife the other. Zero problems, zero delays. If their cabin wasn't ready we'd put their carry-on luggage in ours.


    Their boarding cards were with ours in the priority lounge in Galveston for every cruise.


    Don't you just love the "no you can't and "why not wait" comments? Embarkation staff want to get every single passenger aboard ASAP and go home, the delay is 4-5 seconds for someone behind you or with FTTF. For those that are upset over this prepare to spend the next 3-7 days waiting for much of the activities on the ship and ashore.


    In the legendary words of Sgt Hulka, "lighten up Francis."



    Good news......Thank you so much!!!:):)

  3. They closed the credit card loophole quite a while ago. You'll find that Carnival employees that answer the phone oftentimes don't know their elbow from their nose and give straight up wrong info. This is one of those cases unfortunately.

    Ugh! We will have to see. I actually spoke with my PVP at Carnival....we have been using her for 12 years and she has never disappointed us...I hope she knows what she is talking about when she tells me it won't be an issue. Fingers crossed!

  4. Their boarding passes will not have priority on them, therefore you may have a problem with them boarding at the same time.


    What you could have done was put you in one cabin and your husband in the other and then all would have been priority. At this point it may be too late to switch.


    As priority, your "check-in" time (not boarding) is moot since you can check-in anytime.


    You don't specify what port or ship you are going on so I can't comment as to the late check-in.....What time does your ship sail?


    We are leaving August 6th out of Baltimore. I think the ship leaves around 4-5. We have been on this ship a number of times - but this time I just let this slip through the cracks.

  5. Hello Everyone,

    My husband and I are platinum but our girls( 22 and 20) are gold. They have the cabin that is adjoined to ours and our reservations are together. Will they be able to board with us at the same time with the platinum guest - I didn't think of booking FTTF for them? Also, our boarding passes say to board at 3:30.....I have never seen a time so late.....and my husband and I have been cruising for many years. Is this a new boarding time?

  6. Hello Everyone,

    We have been cruising for many years and many times but we never came across this. I guess now that our girls are older it was bound to happen. We booked connecting cabin with 2 in each room.....those great cabins, where a balcony cabin is connected to an interior cabin. Anyway, my one daughter can't make the cruise. What are my options? I want to keep both cabins (one cabin for my husband and me) and even though my older daughter will technically be by herself in the cabin....but we do keep the door open, so it is like one big cabin. Can I cancel my one daughter and pay the 150% for the other? Or is there something else I can do? We sale in August. Thanks!!

  7. Hello there....

    This will be our first time in Curacao and we are undecided as to whether we should book an excursion or see the island and a beach ourselves. Any suggestions??? We would like to see island highlights and also spend time on a beach. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!!:)

  8. We are also traveling there this summer and this will be our first time. I am just starting to investigate so I am glad I stumbled across this thread. I will be sure to look up the suggested places. Are there any "must sees" while we are on the island?? Thanks!!:)

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