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  1. We were given a select drinks package when we purchased are up and coming cruise, as well as free parking, and grats. The parking and grats are exceptable but the drinks package is a waste of time for me, as I am not allowed to drink, and that includes soda. It is obvious on looking at the price we had to pay for the cruise that the price for these freebies was included anyway. Fair enough but I don't see why I should pay for someone else to drink. Yes I could have said no to the cruise but at the time every cruise by Royal Caribbean had these additions. Yes I could have gone one another crusie line but they didn't go where I wanted to go. Can we please get away from these freebies. Get back to a basic price and then if you need a drinks package purchase one with the savings you make on the price of the cruise.

    This is not fair.

    Have you cruised yet? We have just come off maiden voyage and were speaking to a couple who did not drink alcohol at all but the select package had been included in their fare, they went to Guest Services immediately upon boarding and explained situation, they were changed from select to Royal Replenish package and received the difference in cost of packages as OBC, they got approx 300 dollars which helped pay for all the posh teas and coffees and water that they did consume, might be worth an ask when you board...

  2. Thanks SausPud, we are August! The weird thing is that I was able to book our shows 120+ days out, I will keep checking back for ifly. For the Puzzle Room that you can book on the ship, was there an additional charge? Appreciate the confirmation that you queue for the other activities.


    No additional charge for Puzzle Break, sheets left out on desk in Seaplex to sign up, need minimum of 6 for a session to go ahead, when my OH did it there were around 14 people in and a waiting list of 7 who couldn't get in to that session

  3. Only if you have time can you find out on the three night cruise leaving southampton in May if Jamie Oliver restaurant is open for lunch the day we get on board please and if not if any paying/non buffet restaurants are. Thank you. :D


    Hi, I would be interested in this too, also what way do any of the pay restaurants that are open during the day work, Jamie's has an option for lunch but that is not bookable in advance as far as I can see, only dinner.

  4. As eroller mentioned also, I thought it was great seeing all the little problems that arose! More fun for me watching technicians trying to fix bionic bar than watching it work properly!

    Hilarious seeing the north star get stuck (and those that got stuck also enjoyed!), all these things I expected and most of them added to the sense of adventure on this new ship, made all the better by the great staff who fearlessly tried their best to cope while still smiling (even in the face of some rude and obnoxious passengers).

    One of my cherished memories on this great ship, and appreciated the acknowledgment by Royal in the form of $300.

    Great staff, great ship, great fun! How much more fun all the teething problems made it, and thrilled to have been part of it.

    Great food, great cabin staff, great barmen in the music hall!


    This is what I like to see, someone making the best of a situation! We are booked on Anthem on it's first cruise and the more I read reviews of Quantum the more I was dreading it but it's refreshing to see someone accepting the teething problems and getting on with it.

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