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  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and commentary, as always, Terry!
  2. We have heard nothing. I want a refund. This is dirty pool to cancel it as soon as their deadline ended. We are considering a class action lawsuit if they do not do the right thing and refund our money,
  3. So this is just too much. They made us decide by today whether we wanted to cancel to get FCC and port refund or lose everything by not wanting to sail into complete uncertainly (cruise to nowhere like Rob, potentially be quarantined, or get sick, and now - when it is too late because you had to cancel by today - they cancel. I am furious.
  4. Must only refer to the other ships because obviously Symphony is still cruising and I think so is Serenity
  5. Notthemonket - was this for a cruise cancelled by Crystal or by you?
  6. Just read an article in the Singapore Straitstimes that at least NCL and Princess are now giving full refunds for cancelled cruises. It also said Celebrity and Royal Caribbean are pulling out of Asia for the season, but it didn't mention the refund policy for them. When is Crystal going to do the right thing here and offer refunds?
  7. Notthemonkey - what do you mean they escalated? Are you still waiting for a call back? Can you please let me know what happens and what you said to get them to listen?
  8. Does anyone know how the fact that the cruise line offers a FCC affects trip insurance purchased separately? My doctor is advising and haas written a letter that I should not go to Singapore due to asthma and should not be around a respiratory virus. I did buy pre-existing condition insurance. But I am worried that the insurance will say the FCC somehow nullifies their responsibility to pay on a claim if I cancel the cruise. We likely will not be able to use the FCC within the time frame of April 2021.
  9. Hi Hawkesbay - well I need to wait till tomorrow to call my agent and see what else might be available. The suite is only important if we can bring our friend to the private dining room, and if we can get off earlier at ports. Those are the only perks that interest us. We really did not enjoy the buffet at all on our last Celebrity cruise, so we stuck to the private room for breakfast (and lunch on sea days).
  10. Thanks jelayne - no, I don't think any Aqua Class are available either. This was such a last minute decision, due to our Asia cruise changing final destinations 3 times so far, it has become a nightmare. Plus the ship we were supposed to be on there for a March 1 cruise has a spent the last 15 days looking for a port to dock at with no success. They have had 15 sea days. We are not interested in traveling all the way to Asia just to be at sea! So we have scrambled to find an alternative that fit our scheduled vacation time. I have always enjoyed Celebrity but just realized that trailing
  11. Psoque- yes, I agree if they made the credits good for 2 years, it would make things much more palatable. I had not even considered the fact that many cruises this year are already full - I had just looked at our own calendars and realized booking a different cruise would be very difficult. We are 2 trial lawyers plus our friend is a detective, so all of us have trials scheduled that can't be changed, which is why we book a year in advance.
  12. Oh yes, we will definitely eat in the specialty restaurants too - good idea. And in the main dining room. I was thinking of breakfast and lunch actually for a more regular thing. They don't have any more suites available - we got the last one - so he can't get one.
  13. We are just booking a South America cruise at the last minute, after having to cancel an Asian cruise. We are looking at a Sky Suite. When we were in a suite on Celebrity before, we really enjoyed the private dining room and the ability to get off the ship first at ports. This time we are traveling with a friend who will not be in a suite. I wondered if we will be able to have him join us in the private dining room. I know we had people join us there once on the last cruise for a fee, but I don't know if you can do that every day (for a fee of course)?
  14. Yes, thanks - that's what we are going to do.
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