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  1. Jamieandsam - I got confused - - we are not on that cruise. We are on a Crystal cruise to Hong Kong on March 1. We are on Regent in September in Spain. Sorry we won't be on your cruise!
  2. We are on that cruise too, JamieandSam, and I have been worrying about that too. Hopefully it will settle down soon.
  3. HI DeepFreeze - we will look forward to meeting you - we are Maureen & Fred from the Denver area. We have heard from many people on our travels that this itinerary was their favorite cruise, and have never been to any of the places except London. We have been on Oceania and other lines but never Regent. I am getting very excited for this trip! We are spending 2 days in London first (where we have tickets to Mamma Mia the Party, a new interactive experience), then have private guides to Mt St Michel and in Bordeaux. We plan to take part of the Bilbao tour and then go on our own, and do the same in San Sebastian. Going to Santiago de Compostela. Then in Porto we will take the tub-tuk tour and hopefully be able to exit it in town and stay there on our own. I hired a private guide in Lisbon to be able to see more as our time is so short. Then taking the ship bus to Seville and trying (!) to see the Alcazar & Cathedral on our own in the 4 short hours we have there. We met people in Gibraltar on a prior cruise so are meeting them there - so fun to see people we know! I also hired a private guide in Algeria to take us to Cabo de Gata and have lunch there. In Majorca we are taking the ship tour on the train to Soller. We are staying 4 days in Barcelona and flying on our own back to London because I figured otherwise Regent would only put us on business class to the East Coast and I wanted to fly straight back to Denver and be able to sleep! Hopefully I have planned on enough time to not miss our Denver flight, knowing Heathrow can be a nightmare, but it's the same airline. Hope we all including your DW stay healthy for this trip!
  4. Thank you all for the responses. Yes we will of course tell the guide we are leaving early. I just wanted to make sure it would not cause a huge issue if we did that as I don't want to bother any other passengers.
  5. We will be on Explorer in Spain and Portugal in September. There are a few places where I would like to start on the excursion and then go off on our own and return to the ship on our own. For example, in Bilbao I would like to go with the excursion to the museum & then to the Old Town, and then stay there on our own. Does Regent let you do that? Thanks!
  6. I did think about that JB, and it would be a good idea but unfortunately we just don't have any more time for this trip as all of us are still working!
  7. Thanks JB - that is on my list to figure out about visas! And vaccinations. I usually do my research on destinations first & figure out what I want to see, and then book hotels and guides, then get to the more mundane things like visas!
  8. We just booked a cruise that looks awesome on Crystal. It leaves March 1st from Singapore to Hong Kong for 15 nights, and fares start at an amazing $4500 pp, which includes all drinks and tips too. It stops at Ko Samui (an island in Thailand), then Bangkok (port is apparently about 2 hours away) overnight, so we will stay in Bangkok that night. It then goes to Sihanoukville Cambodia, which is the kickoff to Angkor Wat but you have to fly (a 50 minute flight). Crystal wants a lot of money for the 2 night excursion so we will do it on our own. We will stay one night in Angkor Wat, where the hotels look awesome and cheap, then the second day we will fly in the afternoon to Saigon and stay one night in a hotel there so as to have more time there. The ship tour stays 2 nights at Angkor Wat and flies to Saigon the third day and takes you to the ship, but this really limits your time in Saigon where there is a lot to do. The 3 way flight seems to be about $350-400. I think we can have an afternoon and the next morning at Angkor Wat before flying out in the afternoon as the airport is close. Then the cruise continues through Vietnam, going to Danang (from which you can go to either Hoi An or Hue for the day), then overnight in Hongai, which they call Hanoi but is actually somewhere between 2 1/2 and 4 hours from Hanoi. It is right in Ha Long Bay though, but doesn't arrive till 1 pm and leaves the next evening. Hopefully the ship will have excursions that will include a boat trip through Ha Long Bay and a trip to Hanoi, because both seem difficult to do on your own with those time constraints. Finally it ends up in Hong Kong. There are several sea days, but you miss one if you go to Angkor Wat. Hope to see you there -we can't wait!
  9. Thanks for all the wonderful photos, Keith! Getting me excited for our visit there in September on a Regent Seven Seas cruise, sadly for only one short day.
  10. Those are different glowworm caves that are near the Bay of Islands, and supposedly not as good as the ones at Waitomo.
  11. Waitomo are the premiere glow worm caves from what I understand, but there are some other ones closer to Bay of Islands if that is on your itinerary,
  12. Is there a problem with the visas from the 3rd party website? I accidentally got my boyfriend's visa there before I realized it was not the official website - and it cost almost $100 instead of $20. I figured it out and got mine through the official website but is there something wrong with the one I got through the wrong website? We go in November but I don;t want any issues! Thanks.
  13. I prefer Celebrity and we are going on the Auckland to Sydney cruise with them in November. I went on one Holland America cruise (to Mexico) and felt the population was just so old and not diverse - we don't mind that but it was really overwhelming with many many people with wheelchairs and walkers and we felt out of place somewhat.
  14. I am like that too! We were staying in Budapest prior to the cruise, so we checked out at 11:00 and went to the ship, dropped out luggage and then went back out to the city. They had a free shuttle bus for that too.
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