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  1. I've been to Amber Cove a few years ago so I don't remember, I only stayed at the pool.  Wondering if there is a beach where I could snorkel in the ocean?  If so, is it walking distance or would I have to get a taxi or excursion? 


  2. We were at Chankanaab late January 2020.  We were cruising with family and grandkids ages 4, 4, 7 & 10.  Loved Chankanaab.  Took the 7 & 10 snorkeling and they enjoyed it.  After that the parents and kids went to the pool while my husband and I had a few drinks at the beach.  At 1:00 was a sea lion show (free).  You can walk around a Mayan village among other things to do.  Adults were $23, kids $16?  Taxi was $24 for the 8 of us.  Would go again


  3. We just came back from Cozumel.  Had our grandkids ages 4, 4, 7, &10, along with their parents.  We went to Chanakaab. First time we've been there and Loved it.  Snorkeling from shore.  We took our 7 & 10 yr olds.  The others enjoyed the pool then we all went to the sea lion show (free).

  4. We are planning on going to Chankanaab while in Cozumel. I am able to find admission price on their website but no prices for things not included in the admission.  I'm wondering if anyone knows how much it costs to rent a locker.  Also is there a cost to use beach chairs?  I'm trying to decide whether to simply get general admission tickets or to go through ShoreExcursioner and buy a package which would include locker rental, chair, etc.


    Thank you

  5. I'm wondering if anyone would have any idea about how long it might take to get a shuttle from Miami port the the MIA airport?  I have to following scenerio and wondering if we could make a flight.    We would be leaving the cruise at Miami port and we have a rental booked.  The shuttle for the rental leaves from the port then goes to Miami Airport where we would pick up the car.  From there, I'm looking at a flight out of Ft. Meyers (RSW)  According to Google Maps, it's about a 2 hour drive from MIA to RSW.  The flight is at 2:30 p.m.  My concern is how long it might take to get the shuttle from port to MIA then the 2 hour drive from MIA. 

  6. 7 hours ago, ishap said:

    We are stopping there in October.  We will not be getting off the ship and just enjoying the empty pool during that time.

     From the posts lately, it looks like you will not be enjoying the empty ship pool.  I'm reading a lot of posts where others are saying that they will just stay on the ship  😥

  7. With all I'm hearing lately regarding Dominican, I'm a little leary of leaving the Amber Cove port area to take our Waterfalls Of Damajagua tour.  Perhaps someone who knows the Dominican can provide insight as to the safety of the area?   I did look on Google Maps and I could see that the area of the tourist deaths is quite far away from Amber Cove/Damajagua area so that makes me feel like I might still go on the tour but also still thinking of canceling it and just hanging around the port area.  Don't really like the idea of hanging around port because we were just there in January and because we had our grand kids all we did was stay at the port so they could swim.  This time it will just be hubby and me and we like to see and do things rather than just lay around.  

  8. We stayed at Holiday Inn Club Vacations when we were there this past January.  We could see the ships from our balcony.  We were there 2 days prior to leaving on our cruise.  There's mini golf, pool, can walk to the beach, there's a play place so there was lots for kids to do prior to the cruise.  We had 7 of us.

  9. So if I just did a general admission, can the kids go see the dolphins (not swim with them).  Would we get to use the swimming pool, see the Crocodiles and Sea lions?  




  10. Do you need to have advance reservations to Chankanaab?  I went to their website and tried to do a mock reservation and it came up that there was no availability for my date January 2020


  11. We’ve only cruised out of Ft. Lauderdale once that was 2011.  At that time we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on 17th street and I remember that there was a little shopping area just a about a block away and also there was a trolley that you could hop on that went all around the area.  Wondering if the trolley is still in existence?  If I stayed in Ft. Lauderdale, I would want to be able to get to a store to buy pop to take on the ship and I would also like to be able to visit the beach. We are flying into FLL again in January for a cruise out of Miami.  I’m thinking that I might not need a car if I stay in Ft. Lauderdale and use a shuttle to get from there to Miami port on the morning of the cruise.  Does anyone know if this idea would work?  Any additional info might help me .  Thank you

  12. We are looking for a condo or such which would have room for 8.  Price is a factor.  I'm trying to stay around $600-$650 for a 2 night stay.  We are cruising from Miami but will have a rental car so the place does not have to be right in Miami and actually since Miami is so busy with traffic, I would prefer to be outside.  Looking above Ft. Lauderdale and down toward Miami for area.  Having problems finding something though.  Anyone have suggestions?  We aren't cruising until January 2020.

  13. We were in St. Lucia November 2018 and took an island tour.  The bus stopped at a roadside place where we tasted various rums.  There was a banana cream rum that was really good but we did not buy anything.  We wish we had.  We will be in St. Lucia again this coming November and would like to find that rum but don't want to take the tour again just to get rum.  Anyone know if stores near port might sell?  I think it was Marigot Bay Banana Cream Rum

  14. After our cruise in late January, we will have 4 hours to kill before we would check in for our flight out of MCO. We have 3 yr old twins and a 6 yr old so we really don't want to just hang around the airport for those 4 hours. Really then the airport would be 6 hours because we will go through check in 2 hours ahead of our flight. It sometimes can take a long time to get through the lines. Any ideas on what we could do for those 4 hours? We probably will not want to spend a lot of money such as going to Crayola. I once heard that some hotels will let you rent a room for just a few hours but I don't know if that is true. I was also thinking a park where we could let the kids play and we could eat lunch but any other ideas would be appreciated.

  15. I am in the planning stage for an Alaska cruise. Wondering if there is a "better" time of year to go? Does a certain time of year allow for better wildlife viewing? I'm so new into the Alaska planning that I know nothing :o

  16. We've only gone on our own using the ferry. Are you are looking to get to the Baths by water rather than by ferry/taxi on your own? If so try Joe at Patouche. Otherwise just hop the ferry.

    We've only done a private tour our one time in Tortola. We loved the Baths and want to go back, I didn't know you can get there via ferry/taxi. Can you provide me detailed information on how to get to the ferry? Thank you

  17. About 4 years ago we were in Tortola and went to the Baths using a non-ship operator. Now I can't seem to find any. Wondering if anyone has been recently? I kind of wonder if 2017 hurricane put most out of business? We will be in Tortola November 13, 2018 and would like to go to the Baths again.

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