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  1. I totally agree with you john39. We are booked on the Luminosa on the same repositioning trip departing Dubai on 21 March and I placed a similar post a week or so ago. I was surprised at some of the responses which fairly much said "tough". I got the distinct feeling that one of the respondents may have worked for Costa!


    We are going to Europe for two months and could organise our own travel plans if the cruise was cancelled - but we are waiting to see if this is even offered. We are very disappointed at Costa's response to this as far as compensation or refund is concerned. We are yet to even hear what the actual itinerary will be if unrest continues in Egypt. We are hoping that they add another day in Aqaba so that we can go to Petra one day and snorkel on the other. We booked only two months ago and Yemen was still being advertised at that point, which we were excited about, and now that Egypt too looks very unlikely, the cruise barely resembles what we actually booked two months ago.

  2. Can anyone advise whether there is an issue as far as safety is concerned on private tours. I see there is mention made on some sites about travelling in convoy under armed guard. We will be there in April and tossing up whether to book a private tour or go on the ships tour.

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