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  1. The Captain has just announced the investigation is complete. He complimented the investigation team for their professionalism and the fact that it will prevent something like this happening again. We are sailing at 9pm NZ time. Obviously we will be late back into Sydney which may affect the next cruise and people getting early flights.

    There is a little talk on the ship that it may be equipment failure because the nitrogen tank which shot onto the wharf was minus the top bit (sorry I don't know what it's called). No doubt this will come out of the investigation at some point.

  2. We have been told to be all aboard at 5pm. Definitely no fiords. The Captain did say he doesn't expect us to be late into Sydney. I think we'll definitely get away today, there are three ships in tomorrow. The Captain said they are setting up a memorial fund for the crewman, a nice gesture I think. Needless to say they have organised shuttles so people can go ashore, all in all I think the situation has been dealt with in a very satisfactory way and the Captain is keeping us very well informed.

  3. We are currently on the ship. There is a quietness around the ship in respect for the crew member who lost their life. The explosion was like a bomb going off it was so loud. The reports are very accurate. We can't leave until all investigations are complete, which is obvious really. The Captain is keeping us informed as best he can and there is a sadness in his announcements. No idea if there is any damage as all the promanade deck is out of bounds. A sad day on a wonderful cruise.

  4. We got a call this Tuesday for overbooking on the 6th March SE Asia cruise. We bit their hand off after having a look for a couple of hours. We are now going next Feb to NZ in an mini suite upgrade from a balcony!! The money we spent on this cruise has been transferred over with a bit extra OBC to the value of $2500 and the cruise would have cost us £3000 more than the SE asia cruise. Luckily we are quite flexible. We're still going to SE Asia because the Singapore hotel and flights were already booked. We've added a week in Ko Samui and some days in Bangkok.

    Very generous of Princess I've got to say.

  5. If I book a eastern or western caribbean cruise, what is the chance of getting the following week at a good rate if the ship isn't full. On some of the cruises we've been on in recent years, a few days before the end of the cruise they've announced some really good deals for the following week. Is this normal practice?

  6. We are flying into Miami the day before our caribbean cruise in November and staying overnight in an airport hotel. we have booked transfers to the ship the following day. We have received an email from Princess advising us to meet a representative outside customs area D. Is that acessable when you have already left the airport? Also they never mentioned a time frame so advice about when to turn up would be good too! Thanks in advance

  7. Hello everyone, we are flying into MIA on 13th Nov and our cruise leaves Fort Lauderdale on the 14th Nov. We are going to stay in a Miami Airport hotel because we arrive quite late. We don't want to bring wine from the UK, would be our luck to have a spill!! Could anyone recommend a hotel which has a liquor store within walking distance so we can stock up before we head for the port. Thanks in advance for your help.

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