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  1. We fell in love with the Maine coast after spending just a few hours in Bar Harbor on our 20th anniversary cruise. So for our 25th anniversary we booked a cottage in Camden, Maine and this time we spent a week traveling up and down the coast. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and the people are even friendlier than they are here in Tennessee. It’s been 2 years and I’m still dreaming about lobster rolls and quaint harbors. Guess I need to plan another trip soon!

  2. OP here, wow, didn't realize people were so passionate about pizza! So I'm sitting here reading all these replies looking at my low-carb fathead pizza crust sitting on the stove and dreaming about the four days in September when I get to ditch the diet and have me some gluten and carb filled white flour heaven...[emoji56][emoji56][emoji56] Sounds like it will be worth the wait!



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  3. Describe Carnival's pizza... thick or thin, crispy or chewy...? I've only cruised once before and it was on Princess. Their pizza was divine. I don't suppose since they are owned by the same company that perhaps they share recipes?



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  4. Worst case scenario.... What if your 14 year old misses the boat (with a parent) or is seriously injured, hospitalized and can't reboard? A birth certificate still enough to return days or -God forbid- weeks later? I ask because I too have a 14 year old and am considering my options....

  5. Having a reluctant husband also, I have found, on more than one occasion, that when I sincerely suggest vacations/purchases/etc. geared more toward things he enjoys doing, he will often turn it around to what I really want. After almost 24 years of marriage we are 'merging' in our interests and even when not, are more willing to give in without a fight. Makes life so much better when the person closest to you is happy. :)

  6. OP here.... Thanks for all the responses. Someone asked what my favorite is, but honestly, I posted this to learn from the experts. :) Have only been on one cruise (Canada/New England) so my experience is limited but in great need of increase. Have talked hubby into taking us on our 2nd cruise this fall so I'm getting there! :D.

  7. we moved our bed long ways, so the pink box turned in to a night stand..


    Ok, I was wondering if it was permissible to do our own furniture rearranging. Been looking at pics and thinking there were better ways to position the bed around that 'box'....

  8. We did on a 7 night Princess to Canada. Used their self serve laundry a couple of times, mixed and matched and also carried my husband a sport coat for formal nights. And when we were racing through the airport to catch the last flight to Nashville before the hurricane hit, we were VERY grateful we didn't have huge bags to deal with!:D

  9. Thinking about your poor omelet station cook and buffet wait staff. It seems too many people have watched the Titanic movie and somehow think that class distinctions are still applicable today. How anyone could be rude to someone who works so hard to make sure you have a wonderful vacation is beyond me. We all need a good dose of humility and compassion. :)

  10. Have you ever booked with an online TA and later wished you would have chosen a local agency instead? I've only been on one cruise - we booked online - and Hurricane Irene caused all NYC flights to be cancelled the last night of our cruise. A friend told us (after the fact) that we should have booked with someone local who could have helped us get another flight. Seeing that everyone's flights were cancelled, I don't see how ANY agent could have done anything for us in such a crazy situation. There were literally thousands of people at la Guardia that day, all needing to get out by noon. So anyway, we are looking at cruising again this fall and I'm just weighing my options before I book. Online rates are much better than what a local TA is quoting and I like making my own arrangements. Just don't want to get an "I told you so" again if something should go wrong.

  11. I've only cruised once several years ago on a more expensive line and haven't kept up with pricing trends. Now I'm looking at a five night out of New Orleans with rates less than $300 for an inside in September. Seems like a good deal, but do they ever go lower?

  12. We would be using only one pull down at the foot of the king bed for our teenage daughter. It looks like there is room between that berth and the bed for a curtain to hang to the floor, essentially dividing the room. Love how Disney has a curtain between their sofa area and bed. The sticky hook idea is good, thanks!

  13. ... Is there any way to hang a sheet around an upper berth (the older style on the Elation that fold down from the walls rather than the ceilings) to give everyone more privacy? I've looked at many pics trying to come up with an idea but I'm guessing it's not really feasible....?

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