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  1. I worked at Fairbanks Princess for over a year, it's really nice and just had a new wing put on a few years ago. Bear is smaller but is also pretty new. Fairbanks Princess is where Princess prefers to put their guest so I'd concider it an upgrade. (Very famous people stay at Fairbanks Princess like August Beush (the owner of Budwiser, Seaworld, ect.) and Newt Gingrich stayed there while he was speaker of the house)!

    Anywho.. you'll love it. You really should get into downtown Fairbanks though or at least Pioneer Park, or something Fairbanks Princess is on the outskirts of town so if you just stay at the hotel you should not even really say you've seen Fairbanks.

  2. You can walk down the shore a bit from the hotel and fish right there, my brother in law get's bits all the time in the Chena. icon_smile.gif There are a lot of streams and river though close to town that you can fish in and they have fishing licences you can get that just last a few days. icon_smile.gif



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