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  1. Thank you all so much guys!


    I thought Pinel was a must see, should I just skip it then? I might then do Orient bay in the morning until Marigot stores are open, then go to Maho for a couple of hours and then philipsburg on our way back. That way we can have some spare time. Yeash I realize I was trying to do so much and I would only be looking at the clock to see if it was time to leave already..


    Thanks again!


    This alternate should by doable, if you rent a car. Must leave the beach by 11am at latest. The big planes hit Maho between 1:30pm and 3pm on most days.

  2. Nole0202 as a fellow Seminole I love your avatar! Thanks for the info on San Juan. We will be in port there in December - just after we go the the ACC championship game!



    Us too, on Monday 9 December with the same odd times as the OP.

    This has been a great Fall, hopefully you were able to attend one of the games.

    SJ is one of the best cities in the Americas. This will be our 3rd year going there.

    Let me know if you are looking for other options. There are many excellent restaurants. If you are willing to take a short taxi to the beach, try La Playita. It is one of the most romantic spots for lunch or dinner. It is small and sits out over the ocean.

  3. It might be out of the ordinary, but instead of getting a camera strap you can get a guitar strap, they come in cool designs and they're made to carry heavy guitars comfortably.


    Checkout Souldier Straps. Their main product is guitar straps for major bands and also have a line of camera straps.


    Souldier dot com

  4. from the website...


    Families traveling together in multiple staterooms

    Modified on: Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 6:16 AM


    The following are benefits of your photo package (digital or print):


    · When purchasing any size digital photo package, you will take home all the photos seen on your kiosk account and can choose which photos to keep from home.

    · Photos of your children aged 21 and under, who may be traveling in a separate stateroom are included.

    · Artistic borders and templates as seen on all printed photos are included.

    · Digital photos are in a size and resolution that allow for printing up to 8x10.

    · “Unlimited” photos means all the photos in your photo kiosk account and/or all the photo prints that YOU collect while adhering to these terms.


    The following is not included with your photo package (digital or print):

    · Photos of others in your party not staying in your stateroom.

    · Group photos, weddings, Quinces and other special occasion photography services.

    · Generic stock photos of the ship, characters, ports of call, etc.

    · Any special printing or retouching requests.


    For larger families traveling together across multiple staterooms, we offer a discount on Get the Picture! unlimited discs: Purchase Get the Picture! unlimited for one stateroom, and the second Get the Picture! unlimited disc is 50% off the onboard price.


    For pre-cruise purchases on MyCruisePhotos.com, you may purchase the first disc online and additional discs can be purchased on board for 50% off the onboard price*.


    The passenger manifest will be reviewed for all purchases, the Booking ID must match the purchasing cabins


    *This offer is only available on ships that offer Get the Picture! unlimited photo packages.




    I wonder what they consider a group photo? We have 2 other couples sailing with us I want to get pictures with.


    Yes, they are included....if you are in the photo with them.

  5. I'm giving the old 3100 to my daughter, so i'll be starting from scratch! Maybe I need to look at some quality glass and then decide on a body.


    When it was time to replace the D300 last year (due to no new quality construction DX body from Nikon), went with mirror-less. Bought a Fuji X100 and a Sony NEX 5. Both a great size with high quality images up to ISO3200.


    The X100 has become my take all the time camera and the Sony uses my old Nikon glass.


    Finally, ended up selling the D300 body.

  6. They generally have some TV service but on embarkation day I doubt they will carry the game. Celebrity isn't like Carnival where they have network TV, so if this game is on ABC, it won't be shown. Plus, noon is embarkation time and you won't have access to your cabin and all the bars and the casino are shut, so no TV there either.


    Dah....that's what I said. No TV at noon, the SJ departures are not until evening...

  7. We will be leaving on Celebrity Equinox in a few short weeks. I have heard they have a show called "Sin City" and that it is rather vulgar. Has anyone seen this show? I don't want to waist my time if it is a show that should be rated R. I have always thought of Celebrity as having decent family friendly shows. I hope that has not change. Any imput??


    Please note.

    Others may not like what you do.

    It would be a boring world if all of us were the same, think Stepford Wives.

  8. I really believe that all the moaning we get from canikon fanboys is just mere chest thumping in the 'which brand is better' debate. I have yet to see a photo where I can point to it and say definitively...that photo is bad because it was using a 5 year old sensor! This is especially true in the age of digital where almost anything can be adjusted in post.


    The original statement that I respectfully disagreed with suggested that 2 year old technology is not worth considering. I was contending that since nothing significant in dslr technology has changed in the past 5 or so years, buying a slightly older/used entry level camera is a very good option, especially if they want to pair an older body with better glass. Considering that the OP was looking at both the T3 and the D3100, I would guess that he/she is looking more at just dipping a toe into the DSLR game to test the waters without expending a great fortune. If this is the case, why not buy older/used?


    As far as which brand to buy, my advice....when I was considering my purchase, I was taking into account my history of selecting the off brand, hoping that they would be as good as the name brands. My prior selections included the likes of Intellivision, BetaMax, HD-DVD, Minidisc, and WebOS. All of which, I consider, technologies as good, if not better, than the more popular options. I was left with gear that became abandoned and unsupported. After WebOS failed, I vowed to learn my lesson and stick with the market leaders, if anything to get more value for my money. When selecting a camera, I looked into the history and the support (both company and user base) and felt that neither Canon nor Nikon are going away any time soon and that my investment in either of these companies will be a lasting one. I went with Canon because at the time, because the T2i was the best entry level camera on the market at my price point. My choice was justified in my mind when I discovered the Magic Lantern project...I don't believe that any of the 'off brands' would have the user support to drive such a wonderful project.


    Anyway, good luck in choosing! Its a good time to jump into the DSLR world. There are many choices out there and you really cant go wrong with whatever you choose!


    The primary gain from the new sensors (Nikon and Sony) are greatly improved high ISO capability.

  9. I have a DSLR but don't want to take this everywhere as it is just too big for certain situations. I 'm looking for a point and shoot that is better than my iPhone but compact (fits in your pocket) and afforable (costs about $200 or less).


    I've been looking and there are so many to choose from that I am now just confused!:confused::o:p


    Two that I am looking at are:


    1) Nikon Coolpix S6500 ($180 CAD)

    2) Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS ($200 CAD)


    Not sure if the model numbers would be different here in Canada.


    Can anyone help me choose between those or recommend another similar option that would be better?




    You will probably be disappointed with the P&S image quality and slow shutter action.


    Consider getting a small mirror-less outfit. They are same size as a large P&S or bridge camera, but with a DSLR APC sized sensor.


    The new Sony NEX 3N package can be found on eBay for under $400.

  10. We will be arriving in San Juan on Nov. 15th and should be getting to Embassy Suites at Isle Verda around 3PM. We are not fans of airport food so I'm sure we will be hungry and tired after getting up around 3AM for our flight. Can anyone recommend a casual restaurant close to Embassy Suites, not expensive where we can relax, eat and maybe have a drink? I've seen La Playita (sp?) recommended but it looks like it might be hard to find and a little expensive. Thanks for your help!


    La Playita is a 15-20 minute walk as it is located directly on (out over) the water. Most meals are $10-15 and very good.


    From ES, need to walk 2 blocks to the beach, and head to the right. It is located at the end of the beach.


    It could be the best location you eat at during your vacation....

  11. We are cruising in Dec. and snorkeling with turtles in Barbados. Our 9 and 11 year old Granddaughters would like underwater cameras for snorkeling. Any ideas on a camera that we could buy for each of the girls that won't break the bank?

    Thanks, Doxie


    Nikon has an S30 model you can find for around $60. It will be much less than the film cameras in the long run.

  12. Is it safe to say that for an active, able-body first time visitor the walking option is better to get to the bus route and bus to the airport runway area in that you get to see more and maybe create more of an adventure....oh, and that it's completely free? $5-$7 each way per person on yet another boat merely to save 10-15 min. doesn't sound like a bargain to me.


    The ship docks or tenders here??





    It is only a 15 min max walk from the pier to town. You will see many (100's) of people walking during the day in port.

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