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  1. It's ok if you don't read this....but....people can't ask questions....get opinions....throw around theories about anything else now?


    No one here is comparing an amenity or activity on a ship with a shooter. It's a shame you felt it was comparable to a simple cruising question. Smh


    I agree with you someone people just love to stir the pot with others. If you dont have a kid with the slid you dont understand so please watch what you say



  2. THe email that is posted in response to this from the boat is that the slide is closed and will remain close for the next and possible the 2 and 3rd one. I have a hard time believing they will not open it for the very expensive fare hike of Xmas. I am not happy about this but they will not do anything for us at all.


    So they said it can be closed for 2 or 3 more cruises



  3. Dennis, this is the number I called:



    I think if they get calls and complaints, it might light a fire under somebody's nether regions ;)


    Yes, Marion, of course we will all have a great time on our cruise no matter what. But actually we DO have some control -- we are paying customers, and two big features on the ship should be working, as they are advertised and included in our fare (as so many things aren't!)

    Nothing wrong with wanting everything that's been promised to you, no? ;)


    I 100% agree with you and its not being negative but if i pay for service i expect to get it no excuse


    thanks for see my side



  4. i really cant see why the water slide is not open..Its just not fair inspect the darn slide and open it up to people who pay good money to go on it and use it. Ncl dont care get your money and close and open stuff as they feel so but some people wait all year for this. Im leaving tomorrow on the Gem and my son which turns 11 wants to use the new slide as so do i since im a big kid at hart. I wish i knew who to call at ncl to get this opened




  5. Hello i have been following all the post and the pictures i will be on her 12/3/15 i was just curious pixiedustdawn how did you get all the photos do you work for NCL specially when it was in dry dock. we are very excited to get on a brand new ship and have some fun



  6. Our guide said that it would come back eventually through the tides; he did not give a timeframe.


    I'm done arguing about this. Believe it or don't believe it. I was there, I took the pictures on Sept. 24, 2015 and I'm just telling you what we were told about the runway.


    Im not saying i dont belive you trying to get some info on it hope beach comes back in 2 months but thanks



  7. Hey Seadog67


    I am going on the GEM in Dec and someone on my role call page stated that your on it now giving live updates. I read all 17 pages yesterday and want to say what a great job your doing for your fellow GEM sailors. I really feel like Im on vacation now. Thanks for all your time and effort of posting



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