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  1. On 1/6/2019 at 10:18 AM, watson50 said:

    just read that Dru Pavlov is no longer with Royal. What happened? I know I posted this question before, but any new info would be helpful. Yes I am a fan of Dru and was with him during our b2b in Nov.Cruised again on Dec. 10 and no Dru. C'mon Royal. Tell us what happened. He will be missed. Thank you

    im also wondering about Dru, had him on Liberty and was suspose to have him on Anthem but he wasnt there

  2. Vision may well be a placeholder. Perhaps the itineraries have been decided but Brisbane port is still negotiating with Royal on the specific ship.

    I think the channel dredging in Cairns is relevant. Currently, tendering is required for ships larger than Vision class but once the channel dredging is done next year (assuming it does get done) they will be able to dock larger ships right in the city.

    Mind you, Royal doesn't need to try very hard given Carnival's offering for Brisbane.





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    Vision can very well be a placeholder


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  3. Perhaps it comes with from where you are arriving. We are in PA and Bayonne is a very easy port for us . They have recently completed roads that lead to the port that make it that much easier for us to leave our home in PA and get to the port within 2 hrs.


    Ships out of Bayonne are RCI and Celebrity. We are somewhat loyal to those brands so Bayonne helps us take another step up the ladder in terms of loyalty points.


    Summit.will probably continue Bermuda runs in the summer and NE/Canada cruises in the Fall.



    heard summit may be replaced by a solstice class summer 2020

  4. Hi All,


    I'm thinking about proposing to my gf on our upcoming sailing (July 2019) on Adventure of the Seas. im thinking about the perfect and cute place to propose, I'm currently thinking about under the "Royal Promenade" arch at the end of the Royal Promenade. I'd work to plan professional photos in that spot as well. Any place you may recommend better?

  5. Hi Cruisers,


    I currently have 95 nights with Royal and 25 more nights booked, im considering tring Celebrity for a change and maybe for the honeymoon. How would you compare Celebrity to Royal? Relaxing? id be looking at a caribbean on a solstice class or Summit to Bermuda

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