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  1. 3 hours ago, shipgeeks said:

    Our TA has booked us on "Group" rates a number of times.  Good price, no further obligations.

    Did you get a confirmation from the TA?  Can you log in on MSC, using your booking number?

    Thanks for the info.   We have the TA's own confirmation but not from MSC - no booking number so I can't access my booking with MSC on their website.   It's the same with the airline.  I'm slightly worried because the balance is due shortly.  

  2. 7 hours ago, alyssamma said:

    Your TA should be able to send you the MSC booking confirmation.


    Of course, you need to weigh this against your Voyager discount...if it isn't worth it, have the TA remove you from the group.

    Thanks for the info.   No, he hasn't sent the MSC booking confirmation which is one of the things that I'm slightly worried about.   I think we probably have a better deal with the group booking than with our discount, but I was hoping MSC would apply it 🤣🤣

  3. Advice required please.  We have booked a 5 night cruise from Malaga to Barcelona via Morocco and Lisbon with a local independent travel agent for a good price with flights, transfers, tips and "Easy" drinks package included, leaving on 31 October 2021.


    I have the correct confirmation from the travel agent but that is it - nothing from MSC or Vueling 😌  When I queried it, this is the reply I received:   


    "You will not receive any paperwork from any other source until the tickets are issued between 15 and 30 days prior to departure"


    This can't be correct, can it?  Also, we have cruised with MSC quite a few times previously so I asked for my discount to be applied only to be told that it wasn't applicable because this is a "group booking" but we haven't actually booked as a group???  I find it all very odd.  I want to double-check my booking with MSC and Vueling - the agent has all our details surely he has passed them on?  Can anyone shed any light onto this for me?   


    Thanks for any help

  4. I have been looking at cruises from Barca for next Easter, can't go any other time due to working 7 days a week April to October and uni holidays.  We have to be home for Easter Sunday which is 4 April.  I looked a few weeks ago and there was only the Smeralda which we should have sailed on this April 😒  (I have credit to spend)  Now, there is the Pacifica and Firenze and I am torn between them both!


    Sardinia, Sicily, Rome, Florence and Marseille or

    Marseille, Genoa, Florence, Naples, Valencia (half day) 


    Ideally I would like to swap Rome (been 4 times) for Naples or Valencia 🤣


    But, my major reason for not actually booking, even though the prices are fantastic, is not Covid as such but the fact that we won't be allowed to wander around at will 😥


    I'm struggling to find a positive and I'm not even sure that our daughter will want to come with us anyway - she doesn't actually enjoy being on the ship (motion sickness) and the thought of being quarantined on one would "be a living hell" her words not mine!


    I am guessing that a lot of people have similar misgivings 🤷‍♀️

  5. Just as we were expecting Costa have cancelled our 6 April cruise on Smeralda from Barca.  Email received today from Logitravel - our agent ........


    Good morning,

    We are sorry to inform you that the cruise line has cancelled your cruise due to the current world pandemic situation under COVID-19.

    You will be contacted in the following weeks with information regarding cancellation conditions, however, the general procedure is the issue a Future Cruise Credit for the total amount paid.
    You will be notified as soon as we receive the official cancellation statement from the cruise line.

    Please be aware that we are receiving a high volume of requests and  it may take longer than usual to process yours.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  6. 7 hours ago, gerryuk said:

    I don't think so, I live on one of the Spanish islands and we are in lockdown. All the beaches are closed, all bars, restaurants and shops are closed. You can only go outside to get food or visit the pharmacy or doctors. All hotels have been ordered to close.

    There is not a cat in hells chance that any cruises will be sailing from April, no matter what Costa are saying on their website.  

    We live in Spain too and completely agree with your comment.  We have known for a few weeks that the Smeralda won't be sailing and don't understand why Costa can't be pro-active!   3 adults in a balcony cabin at Easter - it wasn't a cheap deal 🤨

  7. We are supposed to be going on Costa Smeralda 6th April from Barcelona.  Ryanair (outbound) and Vueling (inbound) have emailed today to say that my flights have been cancelled, which I was obviously expecting, both Ryanair and Vueling offered refunds or re-booking.  We can only holiday between mid November to early April so decided to ask for a refund because we want the flexibility to book what we want when we want.  The Ryanair email says that the refund should show in my account in the next 5 to 7 days.  


    But, when the confirmation email arrived from Vueling it states "If your request is for a refund, you will receive an email in the next 10 days, which will include a VOUCHER for the value of your booking to use on your next trip. The voucher is valid for all purchases via the Vueling website until 31 December 2020."   What?  Why can't I have my money back ??  Anyone else have this problem?


    I booked Costa through Logitravel and the only thing I hear from them is that they haven't heard anything from Costa - I have my fingers crossed that Costa cancel and I receive my full refund in cash.  We did look at re-booking (not that it is actually being offered to us) for next Easter but the Smeralda is not visiting La Spezia which is the main reason we picked this cruise line and ship.  Really wish Costa would just bite the bullet and get on with it!!!



  8. Thank you igthen for the stunning photos.  I was getting quite excited with regards to the food on offer but then I realised that you aren't in one of the normal restaurants - I'm assuming that different food is served to the "masses"  🙂


    Do you know if you are allowed off in Marseilles yet?  Thanks

  9. 1 hour ago, Tim-C said:

    I’m concerned - we fly to Barcelona on April 4th and board Costa Smeralda on 6th. There’s no margin if they extend the quarantine in Italy - cruise will be off.  I’d be less worried, but if it DOES go ahead, I’ll be worried about my wife who is asthmatic. I’d rather they just cancelled it now, to be honest. 

    We are in the exact same position as yourself!   We booked the cruise via Logitravel, but not the flights and 2 night hotel accommodation.  Our 18 year old daughter is refusing point blank to travel.  This is the reply from Logitravel today 

    Good morning,

    Thank you for your email.

    We, along with Costa Cruises, are closely monitoring the situation in order to keep passengers wellbeing and safety.

    At today's date we have not received any official information from Costa Cruises regarding change or cancellation of your cruise.

    If any information of any kind is received, you will be informed accordingly.

    Thank you.


    I will ring Costa direct tomorrow but they might just bat me back to Logitravel

  10. When are you supposed to be back in Savona? 


    This is taken from the Costa UK website

    Costa Smeralda

    The ship will arrive on 12/03 in Civitavecchia, on 13/03 in La Spezia, on 14/03 in Savona. In these ports only disembarkation operations are allowed . The ship will subsequently arrive in Marseille on 15/03 and in Barcelona on 16/03. Boarding operations will not be carried out in these ports, but other activities will be permitted. Cruises departing 14/3, 21/3 and 28/3 are cancelled. The ship will start again on 4/4 in Savona

    Costa Diadema

    The ship will arrive on 2/04 in Catania, on 3/04 in Naples. In these ports only passenger disembarkation operations will be carried out and excursions or any shore activity will not be allowed. The ship will start again the scheduled program on 4/04 from Civitavecchia.




    Unless anything changes!!

  11. 1 hour ago, Tripi23 said:

    Got through to Costa - wasn’t even on hold that long!  Have changed cruise free of charge to Costa Smeralda departing 2nd April 2021 from Rome!  So relieved to have it sorted.  Now to sort my fathers (who I booked through a travel agent who are impossible to get hold of 🤦‍♀️)

    Great news!  I hope you don't mind me asking and I know you say FOC but was there a difference in the cost of the old cruise and new cruise?   And do Costa get to hold on to all your money for another 12 months?  Thanks


  12. 17 minutes ago, Tripi23 said:

    Yes shame I booked last year and have paid £2500!! And am going to lose 25% of that because Costa have not put in place appropriate policies for their customers.  Most other cruise lines are allowing customers to change the date of their booking or cancel  

    We are booked with Logitravel on Smeralda out of Barcelona on 6 April but haven't heard anything from either Logitravel or Costa so I rung Logitravel who said the Costa will allow us to change the date/ship/region - I just have to pick which date etc etc and let Logitravel know who will then check with Costa.  Hope this helps

  13. 9 hours ago, dritan said:

    Glad you've reached your decision.  I've email UK Costa to see if there can be any refund as I'm over 30 days until the cruise.  We shall see what they say.

    Have you booked direct with Costa?  We are through Logitravel.  My daughter is point blank refusing to go - she loves cruising to all the different places but doesn't really enjoy being onboard the ship.  I am half-hoping that Costa will take away the decision and cancel the cruise.  Could you please let me know how Costa respond?  Thanks

  14. We are in a similar position in that we are flying into Barca on 4 April to board the Smeralda which is calliing and picking up in Savona, La Spezia and Civitavecchia, as well as Majorca and Marseille.  Really wishing we hadn't paid our balance but the virus hadn't hit Italy when we did.


    We own a small cafe so working at home isn't an option for us but I'm guessing that by the time we get back that the virus will have spread uncontrollably, if not before we go.


    They are saying on the BBC this morning that if it follows the pattern of normal flu then it might fizzle out in the warmer months - flu is seasonal which I didn't know, but it sounds like the experts didn't know much about the virus yet  

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