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  1. Just got off Princess web site, all Star sailings, at least through April 2019, are blocked on the web site. They have a note posted in red, saying to call TA or Princess 800 number.


    Anyone know what is going on? Did I miss something? Why is it just Star sailings?[/quote



    Disreguard! Star back on site and I don't know why??:o

  2. Just got off Princess web site, all Star sailings, at least through April 2019, are blocked on the web site. They have a note posted in red, saying to call TA or Princess 800 number.


    Anyone know what is going on? Did I miss something? Why is it just Star sailings?

  3. Where exactly are you staying at EWR? There's really not a lot to do there. You can price Dial7 and Carmellimo online - look around for coupons. Expect to pay in the $80-100+ range.


    Carol, thanks for the reply. We used to live in NJ, we are overnighting it to meet with friends and family before going home to NV.


    We have a hotel near the airport, was just curious to how much we could expect to pay, with the tolls and extra baggage.


    Thanks for the estimate!

  4. Correct, port security/terminal crews outside CBP/disembarkation at street level will direct all to keep walking & cross 12th Avenue @ W. 48th Street, to the yellow taxi stand and/or to get pickup up by car service, etc.


    Part of it is port security and to keep traffic moving, especially as the early/mid-morning progress, with upwards of 4,500 pax coming off a mega ship - and, if there are 2 or 3 ships docked on the same day, easily 10,000 pax arriving - staggered but, most of the other 10,000 coming off as early as 7:45 or 8 AM.


    If there's one "smaller" ship docking and you get off the ship early ahead of the crowd, you might be able to go back UPSTAIRS to arrival level (2/F or the elevated roadway) and get a taxi ... something we did a few years ago, but for the past 4 or 5 years - it's almost always a walk across the avenue.


    Our car service is happy in meeting us mid-block on 48th Street & the driver doesn't have to get "trapped" going upstairs - unless they are dropping off someone for embarkation - taxis & car service coming into the terminal area with an empty cab are discouraged if not simply turned away.



    Thank you for this information, I guess that we are on our own with 4 checked bags and 2 carry ons? Seems like this is some undertaking, crossing from the terminal?


    Any other input to my assumption? :eek:


    Thank you!

  5. The great thing about being the parent of a very well-behaved child on a cruise with few kids is that people (crew and paxs alike) fawn all over them. I was on the Royal TA last year to the Baltics and several times a day people came up to me to tell me what an adorable and well-behaved child I had. My daughter liked to dance in the piazza along with the string quartets, etc., and I had soooo many people stop in the halls, elevator, Horizon Court, etc., to tell me how much they liked having her around. Paxs even approached her with gifts!!!! The cabin steward treated her like a princess, leaving bags of chocolate for her and making her towel animals, etc. I didn't detect anybody who was displeased with her presence (except for one couple who thought they owned the entire piazza floor when they danced). It was a wonderful trip with wonderful paxs who couldn't see to get enough of my daughter. I guess if you raise them right, hopefully (not always), they'll act right.


    May my wife and I, add our compliments to you and your daughter! We always go out of way to say something nice to the parents, when we share a cruise with well behaved youngsters. They other ones, well......:mad:



    As we have learned the hard way over 30+ years of cruising, the OP has now experienced on of the times not book a cruise! The booking times to avoid are well mentioned in this thread. IMHO. :D

  6. Besides the much higher cost of insurance purchase not using Princess, all of the policies that we have purchased on own, had to be puchased and paid with-in two weeks of booking the cruise to get the any reason for cancellation coverage.


    With Princess, not untill the final payment. The coverage for cancellation after that date, is what is important at our age. Our premimums are $42.32 each, for the free upgrade policy. This is for a 7day, outside fare. We are in our early seventies.


    Granted our flights are not covered, but with SWA, we still maintain our price paid for a year after booking, which for us is less than $400.


    Also ALL medical coverage, for any insurance policy, starts After all other insureance coverage is applied. So, higher coverage limits are not always needed. IMHO.


    Just my 2 cents, for what its worth. :D

  7. Wow...lots of options to explore! Thanks very much for the link. It's a good thing we don't go til July...will give me time to make a decision. Yes, I thought $63 was a little high, although my sister is worth it!:)



    It is on the high side, but it is one of the things that has to be done, when visting Victoria! IMHO. :)


    We have been to tea there, four times over the years. Price years ago was under $30, the last time, it was $53. Still worth it , one time!

  8. Off the Eurodam Feb. 8, the slots were not very good! IMHO. We live in the Vegas area, and go to casinos a lot. :eek:


    There is NO easy way to 'tighten' up a slot machine. The motherboard, with random number generator and pay chip, need to be changed........not worth the effort.


    The slots on the Oosterdam two years ago, seemed to be more user friendly. I managed to hit a jackpot and play on their money for the whole 17 day cruise


    Yes, I did give most back, but still managed to do it slowly with help of much friendlier machines than I found on the Eruodam. The casino employees were much friendlier, too.


    Just my impressions. They don't build casinos with winners money.;)

  9. I have done three searches for butler service, mainly, can it be declined if booking a suite? :eek:


    On some other lines, it can be. We would not feel comfortable with the service, but very much would like the extras of a suite.


    We are going to be new to Oceania in 2016


    Thank you.

  10. If you are willing to pay to upgrade, why wait??? Early bird gets the worm. I wouldn't count on a PH1 still being available on cruise day. Have your TA make the call.


    Chances are, if the PH1 is still available, O is already offering upgrade deals to other booked passengers, plus there is always the guaranteed suite people. Also, read my post on what happens when a cruise is undersold.


    Agree with all of the posts, do it NOW! :)

  11. Good idea...I didn't think of that. In a couple of weeks we are leaving on Insignia for 24 days, and coming to MIA two days ahead. We will pick up a jar of her favorite!


    JVNYC...She said that they usually served Smuckers PB. However on a few cruises they went to the crew galley to get the good stuff!


    Don't pack it in checked baggage, when flying..........looks too much like it could be explosives.

  12. No other cruise line we have sailed:



    royal carribean




    have charged for launderette!


    I'm am so disappointed with o for allowing this!





    When was the last time you sailed on Princess? I know for a fact that Princess has charged for launderette use since at least the '90's!


    We were on Star Princess last November, we had an upgraded mini suite across from a launderette and used it; $2 wash and $2 dry. The took quarters.

  13. Usually in March & Sept the new itineraries are announced


    So I would start looking in early March for the summer/fall 2016 cruises


    Of course there are no guarantees they will be doing the same routing you quoted




    Thanks for the reply! I'm counting on the cruise being available for 2016, they had it this year (2014) and 2015. It seems to be their re-postioning out of the fall follage schedule.


    Here's hoping! :)


    Charles and Annette

  14. Quote:

    Originally Posted by sr4mjc View Post

    I wish they had a Scandinavia/Baltic cruise without Russia. Honestly that's why we haven't pulled the trigger yet. And bring back the British Isles cruise.


    I agree. As things stand now I would not go on any cruise that gives Russia any of my money





    I agree with both posts!


    We had planned to book the Scandinavia/Baltic cruise with Celebrity, as soon as the 2016 schedule came out. This was to be our 50th anniversary cruise, not now. Maybe if Putin is gone and things settle down.


    I wonder if travel will be next on the sanctions?

  15. I knew many of the ships had self-service and I did look on the Princess web site, but all it said was they had them....no mention of cost. I did a search on this site, but the cost was several years old and was $1.50.



    Thank you all! :)

  16. Has anyone had this cabin? It seems to be the only Grand class ship with an exstended veranda. We a thinking of booking this, because of the extra room.


    It is very close to aft pool and below buffet area. How is the noise?


    Any opinions would help! :)

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