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  1. Seems the past few weeks RCCL has had some Norovirus problems. But is there one currently on the Indy? :o


    Just received this text message prior to the 12/16 sailing onboard the Indy...


    "INDEPENDENCE OF THE SEAS UPDATE - We have updated info regarding your Independence of the Seas sailing. To best provide you with an awesome and pleasurable cruise, we will be conducting enhanced sanitation and maintenance as part of our illness prevention efforts. Boarding time will now take place between 2:00pm and 6:00pm. We kindly ask that guests arrive no earlier than 2:00pm. As a thank you for your understanding, we will provide each guest with a $20 onboard credit to your onboard account to cover lunch and any incidentals. We look forward to welcoming you onboard for a great cruise."


    Anyone on the Indy now? Do guests seem to be getting sick?:confused:


    They have had the sickness on Indy, quite a few fell ill as far as I can see, it will get even worse when they put even more cabins on her, it will be terrible. No where to sit, it was bad enough before but it will be even worse now.

  2. Firstly I am 55 years of age so I do not fight over chairs and sunbeds, I just think it reasonable that when you have saved after a year of hard work and paid almost £5000 for two people the least you should reasonably expect is a place to sit and have a drink after dinner and to be able to have a nice lie in then have a lounger available to relax during the day.


    Unfortunately everytime I have travelled on this ship these 2 things were getting gradually worse until last year there was a significant increase in the availability of loungers. After all if you are booking a cruise in the sun is it reallyto much to ask to be able to sit or lie in the sun.


    I dotake your point on fighting for loungers because fights have almost happened the last couple of years however I say this year will be a nightmare because there will be the same number of seats in the bars, there will be at least 300 less sun loungers and at least 200-300 more passengers.


    The ship was already overcrowded with a poor staff to passenger ratio so imagine now, also someone suggested I walk away irrespective of the money I will lose. How many people would be prepared to lose almost £5000 , I just need to try to make the best of it.


    Taking public space and replacing it with different activities I can accept even if I don't personally like those activities, replacing it with cabins and not publicising it is criminal in my mind and false and misleading advertising.


    As for the young people they probably already have the best entertainment and activities on the ship, why do they need more. Problem is kids are spoiled these days and a lot of parents do nothing to stop them becoming even more spoiled.


    This is the first time in many years that we have not booked a cruise. We have previously been mainly with Rc but this year they have once again put their prices up, and services down. Food quality is now quite dire, tough meat, nothing really special anymore. Everything revolves around money not the passenger. Its alright if you are able to use trampolines, waterslides etc.etc. I hope the users of these activities have really good insurance that covers sports activities which most ordinary policies don't, unless you pay extra for it. A lot of people do not realise that they are not covered. We know someone who made the mistake, not good.

  3. I have just been reading that certain towns/cities are going to limit the number of ships and passengers they let in. One country has stated that they are going to limit to 1 ship carrying less than 4,000 passengers per day. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea that RCI built all those large ships. There is more than 1 country talking about taking action to cut down on tourists. What do people think about this.

  4. I have better things to do on vacation than to let something so irrelevant get me "really pissed off"....:rolleyes: It would never occur to me to stop while walking and ask an employee to take my glass, the nearest bar is always just around the corner and you can sit it there.


    Half a day into the cruise and the food already sucks? Sounds like your kids are going to grow up as hard to please and bitter as you.


    Well it doesn't take long to see what the food is like. We were on inn June this year and it didn't take us long to come to the conclusion that the food and the way it was served was rubbish, and we didn't change our mind over 14 days. The meat was off very low quality, same veg every day except one. Steak so thin it could float, and if you want lobster or something a little bit special then you have to pay extra for it. Seen better served up in a canteen. At least in the canteen I use the food is served hot and you don't have to fight your way through the grizzle.

  5. First I should say that X is by far our favorite cruiseline. We've tried HAL, Princess, RCCL, NCL, Carnival, and Disney. Disney is a close second. As someone who is their 30's, I feel like the design decisions are completely on trend and inviting. After my husband and I watched the promotional video that they released with Nate Berkus, both of our responses were "Take my money!". To me this means that they are shifting their focus on clientele that are younger and through the preponderance of suites and upgraded options, upwardly mobile younger market. They are running a business that is based on generating profits on margin. We can't fault them for that. I sincerely hope they don't get rid of Cellar Master's or if they do, they offer something similar in a different format.


    One thing I also have picked up on through different communications with X resources is that they are working on improving the child care options. To me this also points to their desire to attract a younger clientele with kids.I am curious if they will reveal improvements in their spa area similar to the Royal class of ships on Princess.


    I think X is acknowledging with their design that their direct competitors are not so much Princess or HAL, but new entrants to the market, such as Viking and Virgin who are competing for similar clientele.


    If you consider that these ships are full of the older generation most of the year, because children are in school throughout the world and the younger generation are having to work harder and longer just to keep a roof over their heads - so are they really right to try and attract a younger clientele. Also have the young got the extra money to be able to afford cruise after cruise. I do ralize that some young people have loads of money.

  6. From what I have seen of this ship it appears too much room has been allocated to the suite customers. There own lounges, pools, hot tubes etc.etc. mind you they will well and truly have to pay for it. There won't be so much room for the riff raff or should I say ordinary passengers to use. Seems to be whole decks assigned to the suite customers. I bet that doesn't last long when then start getting over crowded. Also who is going to pay for all the free drinks they are going to get. Not Celebrity I bet. Time will tell but depending where the ships goes I bet they will not be able to use the platform for half the time. Be either too windy or too rough. Waste of money completely.

  7. I think the magic carpet looks very cool in theory but if its all open, its going to be pretty windy on it.

    The picture looks like its open from the deck rails up. You will not be able to eat drink or have a hairstyle if that it so. I cant imagine they would let that happen. What do you think?


    If the wind can get in then surely water can get in. If the magic carpet is in its highest position surely it will make the boat top heavy, and if it is further down the ship surely if there were large waves, yes they d not happen very often but they do happen then surely it would fill with water.

  8. I think remodeling a cruise ship to keep pace with ADA and remodeling a hotel are very different issues. As for the room service charge being a hardship for those with disabilities, what would your thoughts be if room service was simply eliminated all together?


    I would not book this line or anywhere that was unable to offer me what I need.

  9. What would you like them to change with the ship to make it more accessible? Right now you can get on a scooter at you cabin, go down a passageway, into an elevator, and into the MDR or Windjammer without ever getting off of the scooter. Just where is it that our nation is so negligent on this matter?

    Not all disabled people have scooters, and arriving at the Windjammer etc. and finding that you have to wait in line is no joke if you can't stand for long. There are no chairs to sit on, and if you did find one then you would probably find that you lost you place in the line. Some people do not show disability, it doen;t mean to say they are not however. I have no outward appearance of being disable apart from the fact that I walk a bit funny, but I am classed as extreamely disabled. So if I ask for a chair to sit on I get some pretty bad looks, and no one even attempts to help. Is this right, people are taken for granted and what they look like which is totally wrong. I don't ask for anything special, but if I do ask for something it would be nice to be treated as a human being, which sometimes I am not.

  10. My parents have both passed away now, but spent many years cruising with the family on Royal ships. There were many times that they felt they just couldn't manage an excursion and wanted to stay on the ship. While they didn't have Alzheimers or dementia, they did get confused in the halls and we always helped them find their cabin. If we went on an excursion that went past noon, we always knew they could and would order room service and would eat on the balcony. They considered this a great convenience and it kept us from worrying about them getting 'lost' on the ship. Of course, without a doubt, we would pay the charge for room service now, but I think it's really a shame to add this charge.

    It is my opinon that Royal Caribbean don't care about there older passenger anymore. All there new ships are designed for the younger generation. All the new things to do on board are for the young. As has been stated the older person more often that not likes to go back to their cabin after they have been on an excursion and sit and have something to eat and drink. This charge is just another nail in the coffin for older people, some of whom are infirm and unable to get to the Windjammer or other eating establishment to get something to eat after being out on excursion and coming back tired and probably in pain. (this is me) the last thing I want to do is get up again and get myself to the windjammer. I purchased the cruise and it stated that room service apart from after 12 was free. I would like to have had the choice of going with it or not. Also it appears that people from the UK pay a lot more for the same cruise anyway, I consider this extra payment totally unfair. We had already decided before this charge was put on to change to another cruiseline, the quality of Royal Caribbeans food has gone down, and in my option is no longer fit for purpose. The last few meals I had were terrible, the meat was tough and grizzle covered. It was also presented to us tipid or cold.

  11. Common sense to avoid as much controversy as possible. New room service fee applies only to new bookings after a certain date. Existing bookings not affected. Simple and to the point. Why stir up folks with existing bookings? Any common sense with the bean counters who think up these ideas in Miami?



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    This is not right, it does affect existing bookings, it starts when the new menu is rolled out on ships. So if it is rolled out on the 12/04/2017 then that is when you start paying.

  12. My post to their Facebook page:


    I am very disappointed to see that complimentary room service will be discontinued on yours ships. I am disappointed not because I care about room service itself (though the fee is a continuation of the disturbing nickel-and-diming occurring increasingly on your ships), but because of how the elimination of this amenity is being rolled out.

    This is not a price change, but the elimination of a complimentary amenity that has been standard on Royal Caribbean ships for years. It is a perk that guests booking trips on your ships have understood to be included in the price they paid. At this very moment, it is listed as a Complimentary Dining Option on your website. To eliminate this amenity for those with no financial recourse to make a change because their Final Payment date has passed reveals the very low regard in which you must hold your loyal Guests. As somebody who until this point has enjoyed your product, this has been eye-opening, and extremely disheartening.

    Their reply:

    Hey Brian. Our aim was not to disappoint our guest but to introduce a new premium room service menu in order to enhance your dining experience.


    Are they going to improve the menu's in the Main Dining room and the windjammer. Food in both venues has gone down in quality in the last 2 or more years. The menu on the Indepencence hasn't charged for years. The food is not much better than a cheap canteen. We are on Independence again later this year, but it will be our last time on RCL if things haven't improved. This latest extra charge does not help either, especially as they have put the overall charge up again. This year is the most we have ever paid for a cruise. We are tried for time of the year etc.

  13. Adults like slides

    Don't most pools have those lift chairs

    Hot tubs are used more in every solarium I've visited

    Oasis solarium pool always draws complaints

    Not sure, but does the Harmony solarium have more hot tubs than oasis

    Misting thingy is kinda cool


    Did I say many adults like slides :D


    That is if course if you can find someone to operate the lift. staff in short supply around the pool area, also yes some older people do like the slides, but not all by a long way. Just think what it could do to hip/knee replacements, the insurance is high enough as it is if you mention that you are going to use slides etc. I think the price would probably double. Useless you take a chance that is.

  14. Great to hear! We have just booked to go on the 02/07/16 Indy sailing. We sailed on it in 2012...great to hear food and service still good, anymore comments very welcome!


    Well Topbuzzer we will see if Indy is as good as she was 2014, 2013,2012,2011

    etc. we are on the 2nd July sailing out of Southampton as well. Happy sailing.

  15. Or maybe the OP is just a complainer. ;)


    Oh, I'll bet my platinum pin the OP won't be making a return!


    Well platinum pin member I have returned.


    I seldom comment on these pages but when I think there is something to say then I do.

    My husband and I are Diamond members so we have done a lot of cruises with Royal Caribbean. What I was trying to get across in my rant as it has been described was the fact that the service and food quality on RC ships has sadly diminished, especially over the last 5/6 years. I think this has happened since they have had all their new ships. Well I suppose they have to pay for them somehow.

  16. Having recently returned from 2 Royal Caribbean cruises, I have come to the conclusion that the service and food quality on board their ships nowadays is absolutely terrible.

    Also the way they are treating people who have had their cruises cancelled after booking for the Majesty of the seas.

    Getting back to the service on board some of their ships, the ones I have been on recently 5 in total it is really bad and how they get away with it I am not quite sure. If you ask a question or request something more often the reply is rude and off handish. Also although they keep putting the prices and grats up the quality of certain things is really not good enough. The food must be the cheapest they can possible find, the meat is tough and full of grizzle, the fish pieces are so small it must have been a shame to take it away from its mother. The amount of veg. given on the plate is way to minimal and not very fresh.I am aware that one can ask for more but that is not the point a decent amount in the first place would be nice. Shampoo and bar soap is the only thing given in the bathrooms, no nice smelling articles whatsoever. There is also nothing worth watching on the tv.

    So come on Royal Caribbean start thinking about your customers not just the shareholders who have already got plenty.

  17. I had a blast this weekend on the Majesty. Ate every meal in Windjammer and the staff was 10/10 -- not just attentive but friendly. The food manager was coming around to every table every night and asking questions.


    I had mentioned that the food was better than last year and I was 99% satisfied except for a bit of a messy situation with one of their desserts. He went and talked to someone else and they fixed the problem right away (even though I had my fill of food).


    Pool attendants were fantastic. Cabin steward was on point. Everyone seemed really attentive and friendly.


    I don't think the cruise lines are getting worse. I think the Yelp entitlement factor is at play. People think they're entitled to 5-star service at a 1-star price and feel they're the only ones in the universe.




    Perhaps the cuts have not hit the Majesty yet, the cuts appear to happen at the same time a ship has a make over.


    I do not think I am entitled to a 5 star service, the ships are not 5 star, never have been as fair as I am concerned. I do however expect to be talked to in a civil manor/way, not shouted at. I did not shout or rave just asked a couple of questions. The staff at the deck were down right rude for no reason. They were like that with most people not just us.

  18. When I started this thread I was wondering what other peoples views were, and the replies people have put in are interesting and I agree with most of them. I do however think that RCCI are starting to take the mick a bit, there profits are hugh. There staff are now becoming so overworked that some of them are starting to adopt a no care attitude, some of them are also nearly asleep where they stand. We have actually cruised on Royal Caribbean for several years and have over the time seen service, food and other things go down hill quite a lot. We were on Explorer earlier this year and the food especially in the windjammer was not really much to write home about. They had the same 4/5 dishes everyday, all day. We had to go to customer service on a couple of occasions and the help and service we got was nil. We are not ones to raise our voices and are calm when having to mention things that are not right. Well the reply we got, anyone would have thought we had asked for the moon, we had only pointed out a couple of things. The entertainment by the on board crew was rubbish, they did 3 shows - no real special clothes, some of the singers couldn't really sing, and the songs they sang were the same at all 3 shows, same era. Really boring several people worked out. I do think that RC are putting sll there efforts into there new boats. What I can't understand is that the biggest percentage of people asked, don't like the Quantum class of boat, so why do they keep building them. We were in two minds if we did another one with them, but as Independence of the seas is back next year we have booked one, but we have also booked one on HAL and one on Princess, neither of which we have been on before. We will see, for what RC are asking for a cabin this year it will have to be good for us to stay with them.

  19. Just been reading reviews written about various Royal Caribbean ships, a lot of them are saying the same - What on earth is happing to Royal Caribbean. The service is becoming very also ran, cabins are being handed over to passengers dirty. The food is becoming so repetitive and boring. The quality of the food especially the meat is very poor. Lots of people are saying that they have had enough and are going elsewhere.

    I am sure that there are plenty of people out there that will say they they have had a wonderful time on RC, but the ones that haven't seem to increase rather a lot.

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