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  1. I haven't been to Vancouver since 2007. We will be there 3 days before our August Alaska cruise. I've seen snippets here and there about skeevy areas. We're staying downtown at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville and will be going everywhere on foot or bus (taxi possibly). Anyone know boundaries of areas to avoid?

  2. So it appears that RC is going to look at port changes using a four week method. Not sure how far out Carnival is looking. Not sure why these two lines are waiting so long to change st Maarten as it will be months before they return if not longer. SJ and St Thomas are tougher as they could end up returning there by years end, thinking optimistically. I understand the logistics are not easy. You would think that the future cruises, oct thru Jan feb are going to be hard to sell when they continue to say it's going to st Maarten, etc. wishing them the best of luck during this difficult time of planning switching cruises.

    St. Thomas is scheduled to start receiving ships Oct. 15. St. Maarten is scheduled to start receiving ships Nov. 11.

  3. We did Dunn's River Falls (ship excursion) the last time we were there. We had a blast, even though it was crowded, and we're in our 60's. We've also gone to the Blue Hole, but you have to do that with a local tour. It was a great time and we got back to the ship way before we needed to board. I think that one was with Peat Taylor tours. He is very reputable and a lot of cruisers use him. Dunn's River was the only ship excursion we've ever done. All the rest have been with local/independent companies. The only time I wouldn't book a non-ship excursion would be if it was an all day trip.

  4. We just returned from the Valor and stayed on deck 7. We felt very little motion anywhere on the ship, other than the night where it was extremely windy. Even then, the motion wasn't bad. I am very prone to motion sickness. I take Meclizine (Bonine or any brand), rather than Dramamine. I start taking it the night before the cruise. It is a 24-hr pill so you only need to take it once. It will make me drowsy if I take it during the day, but if I take it at bedtime the drowsy effects are gone by the time I wake up. Take it every night and the night after you get back. I get really motion sick, but have never had a problem taking Meclizene (non-drowsy).

  5. We just returned from the Valor. Main pool and aft pool were taken over by kids. Kids didn't seem interested in the pool by the water slide. The Serenity deck had no pool, but did have 2 hot tubs. Unfortunately, if the wind is high they close that area. Aft hot tubs became overrun by small children. There were several children in one aft hot tub, so we got in the other with 6 other adults. When a small child started to get in with us, I told him to go to the one with the kids (politely). The parents weren't around. This was our 1st Carnival cruise (thoroughly enjoyed it), but would appreciate an adult pool.

  6. (Replies to OP in red) We are looking at booking our first Carnival cruise on Liberty in October. I have been reading the forums (50 pages or so now) and I still have a few questions.


    1. Can we bring a box fan onboard? It looks like the Carnival website says it is okay but I read some comments elsewhere saying that fans are sometimes confiscated?


    2. Is there a mini fridge in all rooms? My husband is a diabetic and needs his insulin refrigerated. Yes, but you might need to ask about a medical fridge. However, our fridge on Valor was colder than ours on all our Royal cruises.


    3. Can we punch a hole in our S&S cards to wear on a bungee cord around our wrists? If so, is there anywhere onboard to do that or should I bring my own hole punch? We just returned from the Valor (sister ship) and our cards already had holes punched in them. If not, go to guest services or the casino.


    4. Anything I should know before going? We have always sailed on Royal so this will be a short cruise to try out Carnival. If we like it I plan to book an 8 day cruise for next year. We've always cruised on also and we went on this 5-day with Carnival for the same reason. We like it fine. I would sail on Carnival again on a different class of ship. We like some things about the ship (Serenity adult area), and didn't like other things (lido deck buffet/restaurant set-up). Also, you can take 12-pack of sodas, juice,etc. per person, but no alcohol and nothing (not even water) in bottles.


    Thank you!

  7. Ship - Valor

    Deck - 7

    Stateroom # - 7395

    Stateroom Category – inside

    Starboard or Port Side - starboard

    Quiet Stateroom? Yes

    Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No


    Balcony View -

    Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? -

    Was wind a problem?

    If an aft cabin, was soot a problem?

    Any specific problems with this cabin? - Could feel a lot of vibration.


    Any other comments? - More than enough storage for two people. We split the beds so we could have more walking room. Our first time in an inside. Liked it fine.

  8. #2 is true but you have to go into it knowing that you are only guaranteed the ship will wait for a carnival excursion if something were to happen that delays you getting back to the ship. If you are on your own, the ship will leave you behind if you're not back in time.



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    We have always booked excursions with outside companies with no problems. However, I would only book an all day excursion through the ship for the reasons you stated.

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