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    MSC, the other Italian line, gets similar criticisms on its European sailings as Costa does. -


    When I leave my country (be it a land based holiday or cruise) I want to be surrounded by other nationalities, eat different foods, eat at different times and hear many languages spoken and observe different cultural behaviours. I get that on Costa (and MSC)


    We are considering Costa as an option for one of two Mediterranean cruises in 2020. (Yeah, I'm looking early, but it's an anniversary thing.) We have not sailed Costa but we have cruised with MSC and enjoyed it immensely.


    The reviews for the Poesia were about as harsh as harsh could be, but we found the ship to be lovely. Everything was spotless, food was excellent, and staff efficient, friendly, and professional.

  2. I don't know, maybe people who booked a disabled room or who use a scooter? It seems like if a person needs a scooter, then they are more likely to have mobility issues than a person who does not.


    LOL but if they use a scooter it's actually easier for them to get to the dining room than it is for someone who's walking (and I say this as someone who uses a wheelchair)

  3. My son and his fiancee are considering getting married next fall on Carnival, probably sailing out of New Orleans. She's interested in knowing what other brides/grooms, (particularly mid 30's second marriage type brides) have chosen to wear for the ceremony. She's not a satin ballgown type girl and wonders if a simple ivory gown and pants and vest will be sufficient or if the whole traditional formal garb is going to be needed. There won't be a wedding party per se, just parents of both and their combined children (all 11 of them lol).

  4. Fun, Fun:


    I just emailed you the information that I received for my Conquest wedding out of New Orleans, including flower upgrades, cake choices, tux rentals, photo packages, entertainment options, and other like marriage license requirements for New Orleans, since that's where my port is. Hope this helps!


    If you still have this info I would greatly appreciate receiving it. My son is considering a Carnival wedding sailing out of New Orleans and they really need to know their options BEFORE the book. Thanks so much. email

    v dot gelfo @ comcast dot net using actual . and no spaces, of course. Just trying to block the spammers.

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