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  1. We’re just off the Joy yesterday, had a wonderful time but do agree on a lot of the dining accounts. My only true complaint was the A/C controls (maybe it was only our stateroom?) It will run for 30 mins and shutoff which makes the room hot and uncomfortable and silent and uncomfortable. Karts & virtual reality really are worth the costs. Do yourself a favor and go see Leo in the Atrium Bar in the evenings, hands down best bartender we’ve ever experienced in 25 cruises. Overall it was an 8 out 10 for us. 

  2. Two cruises in a row with CDC reportable cases is definite cause for concern. I’m now wondering what the possibilities are that our cruise this Sunday 12/1 could be cancelled? I know they will refund everything and probably give another credit as well but would they help us find another cruise leaving same date that we could book? I can’t change my vacation dates so I’ve got to find a ship to get on somewhere. 

  3. You can do either but if you are worried about your excursion selling out I would call the shore excursion number and book it. When you call, It will be added to your onboard account, if you prefer to pay for it now on the website you can do that and it will credit your onboard account back $50 for the promo. 

  4. You really were lucky to get them to change anything, once they are ticketed they can’t touch them or there is the chance the flights are cancelled. I’ve read a few horror stories on Facebook about this. You can’t select seats or anything else until they are ticketed and you have a confirmation # But it’s simple to do on the airlines app one you have the confirmation. 

  5. NCL - better food (generally), more choices for bars, food, entertainment, etc. less rules and hassle. Older crowd, less party atmosphere and less nightlife. Better late night food. Ship doesn’t have a funnel. 

    Carnival - better cruise directors, friendlier vibe, better dining service, younger crowd with more kids. More organized with something always going on. 

    we’ve been on both lines (plus RCI and celebrity) and have had the time of our life everytime were on board a cruise ship. 

  6. Home Departure City - Charlotte, NC

    Arrival/Destination City - Los Angeles, CA

    Airline(s) used - Delta

    Number of Connections - 1 each way

    Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 6:00am CLT - ATL arrive 7:15am

    11:10am ATL - LAX arrive 1:02PM

    Return Flight departure/arrival time

    9:00pm LAX - JFK 5:12AM 

    7:40AM JFK - CLT 9:45am next morning

    Just received confirmed airfare at 52 days from travel. Joy departure December 1, we are flying in on Friday 11/29

  7. We also booked the perk and awaiting exact flights. We deviated two days before flying from the east coast to LA for a cruise on the Joy and deviated early so we would have some time to explore LA. We are 98 days out from cruise, I really hope we get different flights, we depart the ship early and flight out of LAX is a red eye 9:30pm to New York and arrive at 5:50am, then a 7am flight to Charlotte. For whatever reason my edocs we’re available and now I can even log in. 

  8. Booked a cruise for December 2019 this week, received the flight info immediately with the cruise reservation but am I given the option to pick my seats? All I can see are flight times but no specific airline so how do you see that also? First time I’ve used the promo so just wondering what I need to do to make sure my wife and I are sitting together. 

  9. Wow! A lot of great info, Thank you very much. I never really thought about the luggage deal of switching hotels so maybe we will pick one hotel and stick with it so Santa Monica may be our best option for both nights. We arrive at LAX around noon on Friday after leaving Charlotte NC at 6am EST, there may not be a lot of sight seeing in our future on Friday ☹️. We were planning to Uber but may consider renting a car, just worried about traffic. I’ve been out there a few times but no one else in our group has been west of Vegas so they have a long list of must see places in a short time frame. 


    FWIW we do have a 9pm red eye flight out of LAX the day we disembark so we would be open to suggestions then as well. 

  10. Small group of us from the east coast coming in two days early for a cruise that leaves Sunday (we arrive noon on Friday) none of us have ever been to LA and wanting to see the MUST visit attractions. 

    Would like to ultimately end up on Saturday night in a hotel near San Pedro port for ease on embarkation morning on Sunday. My question is where would be the best hotel for one night to visit Hollywood, and the hot spots that are must visits? 


    Appreciate any info info on how we can get the most bang for the short amount of time. 


  11. Is there anyone around the dock that sell passes to the Tree Limin Zipline? I want to purchase but the weather is not forecasted to be good this week when we are in St Thomas so don't want to take the chance in getting cancelled with no refund. There is availability online thru their website but none on board my ship.

  12. Last few times we've sailed from Miami I always book an early flight. We are on the escape February 25 and have a 9:28am flight back to Raleigh. If you get up around 5:30am, do self walk off, grab a cab or Uber and you can easily be at Mia by 7:30am. All of this is assuming there are no issues with ship being late but I fly a lot and can get on another flight for free if we happen to miss the 9:28am so I'm not worried, if I didn't have that option I would probably wait and book later.

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