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  1. The Bayman City Tour in Belize is only offered by RCI and Celebrity. I understand that Belize is a tender port and they may not let my scooter on the tender but had no problem when we were in Grand Cayman on Voyager. This year, we will be on Mariner and it has an excursion called the Bayman City Tour in Belize and they describe it as an air conditioned trolley ride tour with a stop at the Travellers Rum Musuem. It also states that it would be appropriate for people confined in wheelchairs or mobility scooters. My question is, has anyone ever done this tour and do you think it would really accomodate a scooter? I saw a picture of the trolley and it does not look very promising. Is the Rum museum accessible as well? There is also a open air train tram in Belize and I have the same questions about it as well. Any info will be helpful. Thanks.


    I can't believe there hasn't been any interest in this since you posted in 2012!!


    Were you able to try the Bayman Tour? If so, was the trolley reasonably accessible? How about the rum museum?

  2. I am paranoid also and that is why when I saw an ad for the Solax Transformer I ordered one immediately. My wife loves it and I love the fact that it does not have to go below with the luggage. With the push of a button it folds up small enough that I roll it on the plane like a piece of luggage and sit it in the bottom of a closet. See my previous post!


    WOW! This is a great option! I'll share this with my DH as soon as he gets home. Thank you!!! :)

  3. Have a friend that has had 3 scooters damaged by the airlines. Two had to be completely replaced. The 3rd was repaired but never the same since . Thus the reason I do not being my own onto planes and rent one instead.


    Do not check it with the luggage . Drive it to the gate. However make certain that you have affixed instruction's as to how to place the scooter in "Freewheel Mode" as well as that it must be placed back the "locked mode" once properly secured in the cargo bay of the plane. Ground crew are not permitted to drive/ride the mobility scooters and power chairs. So if you don't have instructions as to how to operate it in freewheel mode as well placed back in the locked position securely affixed to it than when the ground crew forces pushes or pulls it the scooter will be damaged.


    THANKS! Great idea...I'll think about attaching instructions (probably with pictures, just to be safe...LOL). I'm still not sure I'm 100% comfortable with taking mine, but maybe I could rent a manual wheelchair (which is a lot less expensive) as a backup. Hmmm.... :rolleyes:

  4. Texas Rices:


    I have brought my Travelscoot on about 15 different flights over the past few years with no damage whatsoever. I drive it right up to the door of the plane and the ground crew carry it down the stairs to the hold. When I get off the plane it is delivered to me right outside the door of the plane (where the strollers and wheelchairs are brought).


    My Travelscoot only weighs about 35 pounds so they can lift it and carry it. Try not to worry too much.


    Thanks! Mine weighs more than that...around 70 lbs. so they wouldn't want to carry it very far - they would most likely try to push it. If it's not in free-wheel pushing will damage the motor, and if it's not taken out of free-wheel after loading, it will roll around in the cargo hold...so it sounds like my situation is a bit more complicated.


    Thanks for the advice! But I'm not the one who is stressing - it's my hubby who stresses every time I ask him to rent a scooter while a perfectly good one is sitting at home. LOL :p

  5. I own a 3-wheel Go-Go Elite Traveler Plus and take it on airplanes land vacations and cruise ships. Buy owning vs. renting it's always available to travel through the airport and other long walk areas. It also pays for itself rather quickly vs. renting one for each cruise. Buy what feels comfortable, but I suggest you take it with you when you travel.


    I had an issue with an airline destroying my rollator once. Now that my mobility has gotten worse I always take my own scooter if we drive to a port, but rent when we fly. The thought of something happening to my scooter when baggage handlers load it onto a plane scares the stuffing out of me - Not so much on my way home, but I can't imagine getting off the plane ready to board the ship, only to find your scooter won't work!


    My hubby says I'm paranoid, and it's very unlikely that it could happen again. So I'm curious...have you ever had an issue flying with your scooter? Do you check it with your luggage and use their wheelchair to get to the gate, or check it at the gate? Any info would be appreciated.

  6. We just reserved Little French Key in Roatan, Honduras for our cruise this coming October. From what I can see, there are boardwalks all over the small, private island. We've been in touch with the owners of the resort, and they have assured me that they are completely accessible and their taxi and ender operators will have no trouble helping with my wheelchair. Please let me know if you want me to fill you in on my experience when I get back!

  7. AWW your are welcome!

    When you reserve your cabana let them know you want one near the entry to the Cabanas...nearest the food set up (its a special buffet for the cabana guests) this way you will not have to walk as far to the bathroom or for the food. When we booked I didnt know I could request a certain one...so I chose from what they had available apon arrival to coco cay....let them know your situation...im sure they will work with you...Royal is amazing! Have agreat trip!!!!!

    Ill be in Coco Cay New Years Day....Ill let you know if anything has changed from my last trip!


    Thank you Blueyes! :D

  8. We have been to Coco Cay several times...needed the beach chair about 4 times....and have never had it taken away. Also there are restrooms for cabana guests right near the entrance of the cabanas so that is super easy!


    That's a relief! I can only take a few steps (assisted) without my scooter - and only 10-15 ft at a time with my walker (which we are bringing for use in the cabin). Thank you Blueyes, you're an absolute angel!!! I'm traveling with my hubby and two of our cousins, and I don't want to put a damper on anyone's trip with my issues. My anxiety just went down about ten notches. ;)

  9. Thank you both so much!


    I found a map of CoCo Cay, and thanks to Blueyes10's directions I quickly located the Island Oasis Cabana area. It definitely looks a lot easier to get to than the Cabanettes on Barefoot Beach!


    I checked all of the sailings for Royal, Celebrity, and Azmara, and the Freedom is the only ship I found scheduled that day!!! I worry about the logistics of getting to the beach and restrooms, because if they take the chair away I'll be stuck like a beached whale!


    I can't wait to pamper my husband (and myself) in a beautiful cabana by the sea. :)

  10. We are considering renting a cabana in Coco Cay, but I'm concerned about accessibility issues.


    I know from prior experience that many parts of the island have a hard pack or paved surface (market, food, restrooms, etc.), so I will be taking my scooter and I'm hoping to snag one of the beach wheelchairs when I arrive on the island.


    My main concerns are:

    Access to the cabanas - soft sand or hard pack?

    Access to the beach - soft sand, hard pack or rocky? And approx. distance.


    I am aware that we may not be able to board the tender, depending on various safety issues. I have also confirmed with RCI that the tender has roll-on capability, so there's no need to address those issues here. But any other helpful hints would be appreciated!


    Thank you!


  11. I can now confirm that the excursion we booked through ShoreExcursioneer is actually an AutoProgreso tour.


    Book whichever is cheapest. I think ShoreExcursioneer was a little more expensive, but we were booking other excursions through them and it was just easier to keep them all in one place.


    Good to know! Thank you!!!

  12. We just booked Uxmal through ShoreExcursioneer. I don't have the actual tickets yet because we just booked yesterday and it can take two days for them to complete processing. If you wait a day or so I can let you know if it is actually the same tour or not. I am suspecting that it is possible that ShoreExcursioneer is just reselling AutoProgresso tours.


    Oh yes, please let me know how it goes! What is your tour date?


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  13. We want to book an excursion to Uxmal. We have narrowed it down to two providers - Autoprogreso or ShoreExcursioneer.


    We are not booking through the cruiseline, because they will not transport my mobility scooter. Both companies have agreed to transport my scooter. We dock at 7am and leave at 4pm on November 6th. I would love to hear your thoughts!



  14. I will be bringing my Momz who uses a scooter to get around. Are there any tours/busses with a lift? Thanks!


    I just found out that the Uxmal ruins are now handicap accessible, but the transportation to & from is questionable. If your mom can do a few steps up into a tour bus (approx. 4 steps - similar to a Greyhound bus) and her scooter is one where the handlebars fold down, she should have no trouble. But I haven't seen anything with a lift at this point. Please let me know if you find one, and I will also let you know if I do. ;)

  15. I think you might want to give some thought to touring Uxmal. I believe it is closer to the port and it is an impressive ruin. It has probably been 15 years since we went on a land vacation and toured Chichen Itza and Uxmal. Other than the grand pyramid at Chichen which I could climb, there is little else I remember. At the time of our visit, my wife had mobility problems but did not use a wheelchair. The distance at Chichen were overwhelming and she could barely make it through the site. At Uxmal, she stayed near the entrance, could see many of the buildings but chose not to walk around while I climbed many of the structures which I believe you still can do. As my wife now uses a wheelchair and I would like to return to Uxmal on a future cruise, I googled Uxmal wheelchair and Uxmal accessibility. I found this information regarding accessibility:



    There is limited wheelchair accessibility to Uxmal. There is a wheelchair ramp to the Pyramid of the Magician and a non-staired soil sidewalk to the Ball Court and the base of the Palace of the governor and Grand Pyramid. Unfortunately for the physically challenged, ancient site usually requires walking up flights of stairs and treading on uneven walkways and platforms."

    This is just one web site that refers to the news article but also has a nice video which will show you some of the site.


    I would encourage you to do some research and see if Uxmal might not be a better option to Chichen simply because of the shorter bus ride giving more access on site.

    DISCLAIMER: I have no personal experience with the accessibility of the site and it has been so long ago that I visited that I can not remember how flat it is. I have been able to move my wife's transport chair (never traveled in scooter) over the grassy areas at other Mayan sites in Belize which had no accessibility features.


    You are an absolute ANGEL...thank you so much! I will definitely check it out!!! :D

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