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  1. My favorite part is on sailaway day. We always board early so we can explore so we don't go to the cabin for a few hours. Its that time when you go down the hallway to your cabin and your cabin steward pops our and greets you so warmly, as if you are family returning home. That moment always makes me smile and makes me feel like all my cares can wash away because someone has welcomed me home.

  2. LOL, Humuhumu80. You sound just like me. I'm so susceptible to sea sickness I swear I get nauseous in the bathtub! Anyway, I use the scopolamine patch. You put one on behind your ear before you board the boat and you change every so often (I can't remember the timing). It works like a charm for me. Once I discovered this, I haven't had one bout of sea sickness, even when the ship is rocking and rolling. You have to get them by prescription from the doctor.

  3. I agree with cb; take her to the kids club open house on the first night. I have a DD who suffers from anxiety. Her first cruise she turned 3 yo on the ship. I took her to the open house, thinking there is no way this kid will ever leave my side. She fell in love with her counselor (she still remembers her name - Jelly Bean Julie) and wanted to stay right then and there. In fact, I just about had to drag her away that night, promising to get to the center when they first open. All the counselors I have encountered over the years are young teachers or new graduates with degrees in teaching; they know how to handle all types of children.

  4. Don't go to a beach if you are interested in snorkeling. Book a sail on the Woodwind for the best drift snorkeling. All equipment provided with guides and lovely lunch, too. Can't rave more about this tour. Would do it again in a heartbeat. This is a private tour, not cruise tour.

    I couldn't agree more with your recommendation. Woodwind gave a lovely tour. Its run by a husband and wife. When we went, they also brought a underwater photographer, which was nice since my photos from an underwater disposable camera isn't even in the same neighborhood as her professional ones.


    I also agree with others that we both enjoyed this island because it was quiet. No signs of American intrusion anywhere.

  5. I brought my DD on her first Celebrity cruise when she was 5 yo. She loved it! She had been on one prior cruise when she was 3 on NCL. I found the children's center well staffed and full of activities. She loved every minute of it. They had so many activities that I actually had to beg her to spend time with us! I still have fond memories of looking down into the atrium and see her and her group march through all dressed up as pirates and singing some piratey song. She loved it so much, that she declared Celebrity as her favorite. Now 19 yo it is still her favorite, so much so that we sail on March 4 on yet another Celebrity cruise.

  6. If you decide to stay in the Isla Verde section, please visit the restaurant Platos. You can walk there from any of the hotels on the strip. It has a great menu, lovely decor and great staff! We go a couple of times every time we're in Puerto Rico.


    I know I'm a bit late, but I can second the recommendation for the Courtyard. We've stayed there a few times pre-cruise. We went to Puerto Rico last summer for a land vacay and stayed next door in the Intercontinental, which is wonderful.

  7. Kartingmom -


    All good advice. If you are worried about sea sickness, make sure you plan ahead. I'm so susceptible that I just about get sea sick in the bathtub! Anyway, I use the scopolamine patch on every cruise. It works for me, but others have side effects (the only one I notice is dry eyes in the beginning). Others use seabands and some use OTC remedies.


    We love the Summit and her sister ship the Millennium! The first time, we stayed in the aft-facing cabins (Sunset Veranda cabins). Great views and no wind as we sail away. Whatever you choose, you'll have a great time!

  8. Not to throw a monkey wrench in the process, but have you checked out the Marriott on Isla Verde (in Carolina)? Its right outside of San Juan on a lovely stretch of beach. Lots of hotels on this strip and some nice restaurants. Convenient to the airport, San Juan and the docks. I've stayed there a few times pre-cruise and have enjoyed.

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