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  1. 22 hours ago, cherylnj said:

    Myself, son and his girlfriend will be in both of those cabins next Sunday. I can let you know when we get back. 


    14 hours ago, kernow said:

    We had 16010 on Virtuosa last year and loved the location so have it booked again in May. Never even thought about it being below the kitchen but have just checked the deck plan and it looks like it is! Didn't hear a thing, it was very quiet all cruise.


    Thank you to both of you. We will go forward with the booking ! 

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  2. We need your help with a day room in Miami/Fort Lauderdale for January 13. If the hotels is in the beach the better. We are a party of 2 adults.


    We are arriving in the Seaside and our flight departs at 10:30 pm from Fort Lauderdale. Any recommendation would be appreciated.


    Thank you!!


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  3. I been searching for a while and I remember seeing at one of the port where your flying out to a resort type place. For lunch you can have salmon.


    What I remember is that at time a bear come and eat outside where the the salmonnwas cook. Anyone can help ?


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  4. Hello all.


    Thank you in advance for your input:


    We are down to three hotel. We are a group of 14 adults travelling next May and we will be staying 2 nights before our cruise. We are in a budget.


    We looking for best location and near some activities/sights


    Here are our choices:


    Hotel Silvia

    The Burrard

    The Ramada Downton


    What are you views ?


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  5. Yes we are flying from Canada.


    We have been cruising for the last 10 years and never had an issue flying the same day. We can't take the day off before our cruise.


    It is our first time to cruise out.of Miami with flight into Fort Lauderdale. We have direct flight at a really good price.


    Thank you all for your concerns.


    We are fully aware the impact of flying the same day.


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  6. What time do you need to be at check-in? Usually 90 minutes or more before sailing' check your cruise documents.


    The ride from FLL to POM usually takes about an hour or less. What if your flight is delayed? What if your flight is cancelled? What if you miss your connection?


    The smart cruiser always flies in at least one-day early, just in case. Good luck!



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  7. Our Roll Call did it on Oasis in 2010. We just started on the bottom and worked our way to the top. We all wore crazy hats and Hawaiian shirts, it was actually quite funny. People thought we were part of the ships entertainment. There were about 60 of us at the beginning but only about 15 left at the end.



    Love that picture what a way to remember your cruise !!


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