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  1. First buses from cruise line depart at 10 am. They wait until they are full before departing. You are at the port between 10:15 and 10:30. You don't need to worry about your big bags just place your tags on at the airport. You will not see them until your room.
  2. I was invited to the Captain's Table once but declined as they would not give me a different meal then what was offered as I have a special diet. I could not drink at the time as well. It was nice to be offered it . I found a rose in my room that night. At the time I was in an Aqua Suite. I seen the Captain the next day. He was very polite about it.
  3. They do put a hold on the account. They start off with $250.00 per person on the account. They will add another hold if you go over that. As a result you end up with multi holds on the account. You would be better off getting Travellers Checks and using those. Then the last day if you require a bit more cash then use the debt card. That way there is only one hold which would be released in about 2-3 weeks. I have use TC on all my cruises without problems. They have not charged for the use of them yet.
  4. Bon Voyage. Hope you have a great week,
  5. I have always done cash. The last night after 11 PM. I settle up with whatever remained. You do need to put some money down or have OBC the first day (second day if OBC. Then if you start getting in the hole to much they will ask for more money. I have also on the last night given them my CC to cover any more expenses.
  6. The ship does wait if you purchased their air or hotel prior to cruise. They waited 15 mins for us once. Plane delayed due to snow. Ended up on later flight. Got in to FLL at 2:30. Bags came off plane at 3:30. We got to port 10 mins later. There were 40 of us. By the time everyone was checked in we left port 20 mins late.
  7. Passport Problems for Canadian couple. His passport was due to expire in 78 days. Forced to return home. Flight went though London (require 6 months before). You should always renew before the 6 month end date since this is the max most countries ask for. http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/preventable-passport-problem-costs-family-thousands-1.3260678?cmp=rss
  8. ) but had to cancel Anthem of the Seas :mad:. Starting to look for Nov 2017.
  9. Café Promenade has the sandwiches cookies and small pastries. With large coffee and tea area (for free here). La Patisserie is a Starbucks Coffee shop type area. These coffees cost money but could be covered if you have a package that includes coffees.
  10. With Shrek and his friends coming back to Anthem maybe they will have a Sail Away party in 270.
  11. On some cruises it was not enforced. I wish it was as a younger teen was drunk and threw up in the hallway. This was at 2am. I phoned the front desk and she was finally escorted back to her parents room (2:30 am). The hall was cleaned immediately. It was scrubbed the next morning again. On other cruises the 1 am curfew was enforced. My granddaughter was told to go to her room after the Teen Club activated finished. They were served the pizza but they had to go to their room. When she got in she asked if we could go out and get pizza. I went with her to get pizza and we had no problems. A friend and his father showed up for pizza too. There were six of them that got caught and 4 showed up with a parent in tow. None of them missed behaved but as I told her rules are rules. After she filled up we went to bed at 2 am. After this two parents each night met the kids a 1Am at the pizza shop at watched the kids until 2 then everyone was walked back to their room. The last night the Teen Club stayed open til 2 am. They had a pizza party until then. All the kids came back to their room by 2:15. am.
  12. With Royal Caribbean drop your bags at 10:30 or so. Check-in with anybody with an Ipad. They will have name tags. Once you are up in the waiting area it could be opened by 11:15 hr for boarding. Go to Windjammer to eat. Rooms are not available until 1 pm.
  13. 225 days until Anthem of the Seas. I wish I was 72 hrs. Bon Voyage to those with less then a week to go.
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